Formica recommends 6 products for cleaning and restoring laminate countertops

cleaning formica countertopsVirtually everyone with original Formica or other brand laminates is eager to find the right cleaning products to restore or brighten up their kitchen and bathroom countertops. Previously, we’ve heard from one expert about using Countertop Magic — which she used to bring the original 1959 countertops at the historic Ralph Sr. and Sunny Wilson House back to life. Now, over on Formica’s blog, Formica has added five additional product recommendations to our renovation arsenal –>

Formica’s list of go-to laminate cleaners includes: 


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  1. Lauren says

    We just rescued a gorgeous blonde laminate mid mod telephone table and I’m hoping someone may know how to remove what I believe is a mold-like discoloration? Also, it looks like a box from a kids toy got wet and sat on the surface of the table. I used a mixture of white vinegar and water with a paper towel to scrape off most of it. Will any of those products listed above help me fix these issues?

    Thank you!!

  2. Sally says

    I used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on my 10 year old Formica Counter tops. It took the shine off and left a definite mark that is still very noticable-3 years later.

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