Gerber toilets and sinks in vintage colors — made new — still available today

Do you know about “crowd-sourced journalism?” That’s when people in a community have their eyes and ears open and provide invaluable tips about hot news on the street. The internet facilitates crowd-sourced journalism, and have no doubt — is driven by it, big time. The tips I get from all you awesome readers — invaluable. And it’s the hugest part of what keeps me going. So Fun! Today’s latest: Super snaps to reader Victoria who discovered this Amazing News I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Know After 5 Years of This Blog: Yes: You can still get toilets and bathroom sinks in some vintage midcentury and later colors. Yes: Colors including Dawn Blue, Powder Blue, Dresden Blue, Bahama Pink — even Spanish Gold aka Harvest Gold. And more. All from: Gerber. The info on makes and models with these colors is not readily available on the Gerber website, but just like Victoria instructed me, I called Customer Service and got the 411. Need a low flow toilet in Jamaican Beige etc. etc. etc.? It may be your lucky day –>

First, Victoria’s note:

Hi Pam,I am having major angst over replacing my blue american standard toilet. It is original to the house and matches our sink, tub and tile but it has unsightly stains that can’t be removed and is a water hog. I had all but given up but my plumber just told me about Gerber toilets, which makes colored toilets to match regency blue, dresden blue, avocado, venetian pink, and autum gold toilets. Of course they don’t make their ADA toilets in color, and unfortunately we have decided to install an ADA toilet to accommodate aging parents, but perhaps your readers would like to know that they can purchase a new toilet to match an existing bathroom. And if Gerber gets enough interest, perhaps they will decide to increase their colored offerings in the future.

Thank you again, Victoria, and good luck with your project. Yes, ADA is a good idea.

Models of Gerber toilets and sinks still offered in colors:

  • Viper toilets 21-502 and 21-512 are still manufactured and come in a variety of colors.
  • Toilet 21-012 and 21-312 is discontinued, but there may be colors still available until they sell out.
  • Self-rimming drop-in sink 12-894 is discontinued, but there may be colors still available until they sell out.
  • Self-rimming drop-in sinks 12-848 and 844 are discontinued, but there may be colors still available until they sell out.
  • Pedestal sinks 22-598 and 22-594 are discontinued, but there may be colors still available until they sell out.
  • Pedestal inks 22-578 and 22-574 are discontinue,d but there may be colors still available until they sell out.

Plug these model numbers in the Gerber search bar here to see the various makes and models and their colors as available. If you find what you need/want, you can then call Gerber to verify availability. Then, you buy via a local retailer — note, prices listed on Gerber are MSRPs, I am sure you can do better in real life. And finally: Golly, as with anything related to these vintage colors, I recommend you get a real look-see before committing — ask real nice to see a part, at least, I guess…. DO NOT depend on online chip colors! Tip: Click on image below, and it will open in a new window; hit “back” to return to my page.


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  1. Janet says

    Pam, excellent information! I am sure alot of people have no idea these colors are available. I only ever had white and this problem is why. I have always tried to “back up” anything I think I will have trouble getting in the future as far as parts are concerned. When I had sport model cars back in the seventies, I found out after a few years that the tape stripe trims were no longer available when my sister-in-law had an accident with her car and couldn’t get the matching stripe. I ran right out and got a set for my car when I heard that and was glad that I did after it was needed to finish repairs after a collision with a deer. I still have three quarters of the stripe kit but no longer have the car! When we built our house, I made sure to get extra basket strainers for my kitchen sink because those aftermarket ones never fit right! And I even got three extra toilet tank lids should I chip one and the toilet is no longer made! I have even gotten extra curtains if I really love them, should they get ripped (cats) and I need a panel or two. I save extra carpet should repairs be needed, and linoleum too. All of this comes in very handy, especially since when I do something, it will stay that way forever as long as I own it. I am NOT a person who changes often. I am happy with old vintage and original and don’t need new fangled stuff. Oh, we sold our 1979 Ford with the sport trim but I loved that car so much, I bought another one back in 1999 and I still have it!

  2. Jay says

    A little caveat about Gerber. The quality is not that great in my opinion. I wanted the same Kolher toilet that I had in my msater bath for the hall bath because the original blue toilet was in disrepair. The Kolhler

    • Jay says

      (sorry my computer is acting weird) would not clear the baseboard heat and the only thing that would fit was a Gerber. Not the greatest flushing action and less then a year, it leaked and the guts had to be replaced. Also it has a curved top, what designer would do that to a toilet. Everything rolls off.

  3. mimi says

    Jay-That’s what I’m scared of. My BIL, who’s a carpenter, is wary of most toilet brands. I had good luck replacing the “guts” of my toilet. Works like new.

  4. Alan says

    Pam- I had emailed you about this a while ago. Gerber also makes a pink toilet that was an exact color match for the original one in my bathroom. My plumber knew about it and found it.

    Pics are at: – I will try to take some full-on photos of the new one tonight

  5. CC in Virginia says

    Thanks for all this great information, y’all! I just noticed yesterday that the old white Quasar toilet bowl in our half-bath is cracked. Not sure why it would just randomly crack like that but I guess it happens. Now’s the perfect time to replace it with a pink toilet!

  6. Tyler says

    Does anyone know where I can find a jade-ite green toilet? One of my bathrooms is done in this color and I love it but the toilet is cracked. I really don’t want to stick a white toilet in a green bathroom and also don’t want to have to replace everything. The green toilet is a Universal Rundle

  7. Amber Rhea says

    Searching Gerber’s site, it looks like the pink color may not be available anymore? Does anyone know anything? I have to replace a pink toilet in an all-pink bathroom and would love to avoid a white toilet which will stick out like a sore thumb!

    • pam kueber says

      I looked a few weeks ago, and could not find it. You should call their customer service – when I talked to them, they were very helpful.

      • Amber Rhea says

        I re-read the post and see that you said that very clearly. Duh! I am going to call them. Thanks!

          • Amber Rhea says

            I called Gerber and they do make a pink toilet! It is Bahama Pink (not Sea Shell as in the image in this post). I asked if they could send me a sample and she gave me the number of the local rep, who I will be calling today after I get off work! As I told my husband… I am hot on the trail of a pink toilet!

            • pam kueber says

              Wow! YAY! I just asked Kate to try and wrestle this to the ground by calling Gerber. We need to know WHICH Toilets — and how about other fixtures, too?

  8. Janet in CT says

    My husband replaced an old toilet with a Gerber and we are very pleased with it. It flushes very fast and well and I believe although it is not really low for water usage, that it is lower than most. I don’t know what the model number is but I would definitely purchase another one. They sure do have some interesting colors available.

  9. Margareth says

    There is also another website selling really nice colored toilets, I bought a dark brown one and matches the old americana brown from american standard… we are so lucky we do not have to redo the entire bathroom!!

  10. Donald says

    Thanks for the great information here! Just ordered a Spanish Gold toilet and two sinks for my Spanish Revival style bathroom. 6-8 weeks lead time on the toilet, but the sinks were in stock at the warehouse. Paid $205 for the toilet at my local Gerber dealer. Sometimes I just prefer to deal in person with a local business rather than ordering online.

    • pam kueber says

      send me pics when everything is installed! so glad to see a happy ending — and in Spanish Gold!

  11. Martha Brown says

    I am looking for a harvest gold or spanish gold commode or any color gold. Can you get this color?

    Thanks for reply,
    Martha Brown

  12. Cyndi says

    I had a “white” Maxwell wall hung toilet acquired and installed by a plumber. The toilet is not white. The white toilet seat does not match the toilet. The color sample bolt caps from Gerber show the color to be bisque, not white. Gerber says the toilet is only manufactured in white. The flush lever is very beige. The plumber said the box said white and it looks white enough to him. Dare we try to order another, hoping it will truly be white?

  13. greg the plumber says

    For Pam; I am licensed master plumber. I just purchased a dawn blue Gerber ADA commode. Purchased from a plumbing supply company I frequently use. It matches the Bemis Dresden blue seat (plastic, they’re the best) My price: $300.00 for commode &$52.00 for the seat

  14. Dan Parks says

    I am looking for a vintage olive green toilet.
    Do you have any. Please feel free to call 810-908-0184
    Dan Parks
    611 Thayer St.
    Flint, Mi. 48503

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