1965 time capsule house with basement beauty parlor, Reading, Penn.

1965 with beauty parlor in the basementWhat a fabulous week it’s been — topped off last night with a great phone call with Pennsylvania real estate agent Jeffrey Hogue, who gave me permission to feature his photos from his listing of this fabulous 1965 time capsule house. Yes, complete with a professional beauty parlor in the basement. Thank you, Jeffrey. Snaps, too, to reader Jamie, who sent me this tip. Luv.

basement bar in 1965 time capsule houseThis fun and fabulous in-home bar makes it on to the homepage, too. Golly, did I just use the word “fabulous” a third time? I guess I’m excited by the orange-and-brown (wood?) stripes … the tic-tac-toe wine bottle holder … the scalloped indoor awning designed to hold can lights … those yellow shelves behind orange arches. Who thought this space up? They were fabulous.

Above: Setting the scene before I further amaze you with…

… the kitchen. Are those authentic Saarinen tulip chairs, do ya think?

 The ceiling in this kitchen has pushed me over the top: I neeeeeeed to wallpaper a ceiling, stat. I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna.

The living room is sedate, by comparison. Love the chartreuse upholstery. S0 1965. So 2012. And the window treatments: Please, new owners, don’t change them! Fortunately, Jeffrey says that houses like this — retro time capsules with style — usually find appreciative buyers. This house is in Reading, Pa, about 50 miles outside Philadelphia. I was so pleased to talk to Jeffrey, who said he tells sellers of houses like this not to change anything. Buyers either want completely renovated — or completely original; no middle ground, he said, because a house can’t be half-one and half-the-other. It just does not compute. Love the house you’re in. Sell the house you’ve loved.

Original 1965 George Nelson bubble light — on a pulley? Any experts out there to confirm?

The green chairs! Swanky!

You know what else Jeffrey said that made me really happy? He said that very typically, the owners of these older homes … original or longtime owners … almost always took care of the houses, impeccably. “If anything broke, they fixed it right away.” Theirs was not a disposable, “oh if it breaks, I’ll just get a new one” generation. Stuff was made to last if you took care of it, and they took care of it.

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    • pam kueber says

      michael, this is not a DIY site in the sense of your question. Consult with a properly licensed professional… Good luck.

  1. Jenn C says

    I live less than 2 miles from this house and it is so awesome! I swear I stalk the website at least three times a week and drive by the house at least twice a week on purpose. Despite showing my husband this house (repeatedly) and explaining to him how awesomely cool it is, he does not grasp the concept and love of kitsch.

    I do think it should come furnished. I wish I could just move right in….and invite the Ropers over. ;)

  2. Carolyn says

    I am 95% sure I bought something off craigslist from the sellers of this home a few years ago. I think it was a trio of Lane Acclaim tables? hmmm, trying to think of what else it could have been, but I definitely purchased a piece of vintage furniture from a home in Reading with that beauty parlor in the basement- sadly I did not get to see the rest of the home!

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