1956 time capsule house with original curved sofa, wallpaper mural, and more — 12 photos

Here is another absolutely charming time capsule house brought to us by Pennsylvania real estate agent Jeffrey Hogue. See the previous one — with the beauty shop basement and totally fantastic bar — here. I sure do love it when I meet real estate agents who are great marketers … who see the value in these homes … who get great photos … and then send me the photos stat! to feature here on the blog. But guess what? I didn’t get these photos up fast enough. Jeffrey sent them to me on Monday … here I am loading the story for Friday … and there is already a pending offer! That is a well-deserved sale, Jeffrey. Above: Jeffrey tells me the gorgeous curved sofa sectional was custom-made for the original owner. My favorite photo, though, is next: A living room with a wallpaper mural, I love wallpaper murals. I neeeed a wallpaper mural. 12 photos in all –>

Here is the listing information:

It is rare to find a one owner home that was built in 1956 but here it is. There have been upgrades to the home but it is relatively the way it was back in the day. The kitchen and appliances have been upgraded. The mechanicals, roof , flooring and fixtures have also been replaced. The large living room has an open beam cathedral ceiling with a fireplace, Phillipine mahogany walls & large glass doors from front to rear. It is also open to the dining area. The eat-in kitchen is quaint and has a door leading to a large covered, screened-in patio with a ceiling fan. The yard is well landscaped with the theme being privacy. Back inside is a master bedroom suite with a full bath that has a tile shower. The other bedrooms are reasonably sized and have good closet space. The family room is located adjacent to the study. Entering from the garage is a laundry/mud room. The home has radiant heated floors throughout and central air. If you are a fan of retro styled homes you will enjoy this!

Thank you, Jeffrey — and congratulations, lucky new home owners-to-be. We hope all the furniture conveys, and that you keep the lovely wallpaper mural. Pretty please, seriously, keep that mural!

Link luv:

I spy a bunch of wonderful little details in this house.
What are your favorites, readers?

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  1. joan says

    Pam, Thanks for sharing this fabulous home. Boy people really knew how to take care of what they had. I could move in there and not change a thing. What I thought was cute was the little area which I think is off the kitchen. It has what looks like a built into the recess of the wall cabinet? It caught my eye as my son Adam’s travel trailer has the same orange plastic as a divider between the kitchen and back of the trailer. It is only small about 2ft x 2ft but too cute. Have a great weekend Pam :)

  2. lynda says

    This is a lovely well taken care of home. Also, I will say that the realtor’s site is great. Jeffrey sounds like a realtor that really “gets” how to sell houses. His pictures of houses are great, no matter what style the house is. I enjoyed reading his philosophy about taking interior shots. Just a quick look at other realtors listings and you can see they do not have the same level of understanding.

  3. Nate says

    Wow! They have Broyhill Emphasis in the dining room. Emphasis is my ‘dream’ furniture. And that Cado wall unit is beautiful. That house is definitely a FIND!

  4. Janet says

    What a beautiful house! I was thinking this morning how impressing it is to see these well taken care of houses. I think the deep soffit with the lights under large plastic panels over the kitchen cabinets is neat and I don’t recall ever seeing anything quite like that before. And I admired the same little area Joan did!

  5. Annie B. says

    What a charmer. Love it all, but especially the wall unit, the light fixtures, and those rich, warm mahogany walls.

    Question about the kitchen cabinets: is the middle section mirrored?
    Love that kitchen wall paper, too.

    Hope the new owners enjoy many happy years in this remarkable home.

  6. Hello Jodi says

    What GREAT realtor photographs! I mean it. After buying our house last year and looking at a million terrible photos that used a fisheye lens, making the room look like the ends were being sucked into a black hole, I really appreciate a photographer who can really show a space beautifully and accurately.

  7. Wendy M. says

    The mahogany walls are stunning. Wow! I would love to be able to look at those every day. Happy to hear they have an offer pending…

  8. Michael says

    Holy cow!!!

    First off, that sofa is off. the. charts. I’ve never seen one like it.

    I also love that table/bench/lamp combo in the living room. Also have never seen one of those.

    he whole house just has a great vibe. Thanks for sharing!

    • Barb S. says

      Yes, who knows about that table? Is it a lowriding coffee table, or really for seating? I love it!

      Those were the two things that caught my eye as well. I am obsessed with these long couches!!

      • Rachael R says

        I used to own that table. We used it as a coffee table as it has two drawers that run the length of it. It had no markings for a maker on it. We bought it at a used furniture store and it did not come with cushions on it at that point. Were they used originally, who knows?

        It is a long table at I think 6.5 feet long. It went perfectly with our almost 8 ft sofa. We moved into a much smaller space and rehome both. Boohoo! It’s a great table if you find one!

  9. says

    Gorgeous! That sunroom is unbelievable.

    I recently discovered a wallpaper mural in my own house–does anyone have advice on how to restore it? A former owner put mirrors up over it and ripped giant holes in it!

  10. gsciencechick says

    Wow, what a beautiful home full of beautiful mid-century treasures!

    Was also hoping to see the bathrooms. :)


  11. Brian T says

    The agents comments about the rarity of finding a single-owner 1956 house make me feel even better about buying a single-owner 1954 house last summer.

    My favorite thing was the paneling: more elegant than knotty pine but still casual. The photographer made good use of the technique of taking pictures from a lower vantage point than one’s usual standing position.

  12. says

    I have dreams about houses like this! Literally! It had me at the wallpaper mural and giant lamps! I’m also eyeing that pull-down light above the kitchen table. So cool. Awesome photos, too.

  13. Karen Sasinowski says

    Great house. Do the furnishings come with it? And I love the blue/green lamp in the room with the mural. I want it!

  14. nina462 says

    What time is the cocktail party to welcome the new owners? I love what I think is a hifi in the pannelled room. Lovely house.

  15. Lisa says

    so perfectly intact…..almost eerie. Like going back in time. The white sofa is amazing! Can’t imagine what that would cost today.

  16. hillary says

    I would commit some crimes to have a screened porch with such amazing vaulted ceilings. That is a heck of a house, and so unassuming from the outside, too.

  17. Chris says

    Oh, I could so live here! Awesome! Love all the little details in each room and how the furniture is placed perfectly to maximize the use of the space! Such charm! Loooove it!

  18. Dana says

    I love the oceans of wall-to-wall carpeting, the beautiful curvy sofa, and the touches of yellow throughout the decor. And the presence of the people who so obviously loved their home over the years.

  19. says

    Hello All,

    Thank you all so much for your comments regarding the home photography. I take great pride in my trade and in today’s home selling environment the photos are a must. Every time I walk into a mid century home I think of Pam and all of you. I let the seller know of the interest and love there is for the type of home they are selling. Most of them are up in years and have everyone telling them they have to change their surroundings in order to appeal to the masses. This site is a blessing to them and me. I am now running ads to list mid century homes in the area. I will be featuring a small reference blog on my site that links back to retrorenovations.com (if Pam is ok with it). Again, thank you all!

    • Jamie D says

      YAY! Thank you! There are some great midcentury homes here in Berks County, I’m so glad you’re showcasing them! I was so sad when we were looking for houses and saw original kitchens and bathrooms renovated. We bought our 1950s house because it was still mostly original, and absolutely pristine.

      I thought the layout of this listed home and the light fixtures looked familiar – I have friends who recently moved to this same neighborhood. Sadly, they renovated. I tried *so* hard to convince them their house was cool as-is, but it just wasn’t their style. To each their own, I guess.

    • Jamie D says

      PS. If the sellers or buyers are getting rid of any of the furniture/lamps, I’ll gladly come pick them up and take it off their hands. 😉

  20. says

    My fiance has spent the last 7 years restoring a 1957 house in a suburb of St. Paul. He is selling it now before we get married. We are really hoping to find a buyer who appreciates all the work he has done.

    Check out the photos.

    And if you are interested here is the MLS listing # 4182883

    • Wendy Oborne says

      Lisa – this is, quite simply, jaw-droppingly gorgeous! Seriously! My mouth hinged open as soon as the house interior came into focus, and only got wider when I saw the finished basement. I have no plans to buy another house anytime soon, but if I did, this would be on my radar! Thank you for posting this.

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