Breaking News: 4 new reproduction vintage atomic lights from Rejuvenation

atomic lighting

I’m supposed to be taking the week off, but here are four new vintage reproduction lights just introduced by Rejuvenation: Meteor, Gamma, Luna and Photon. Do we read: Atomic influences? Yup. The news release has been added below, it says:

Based on a series of originals made between 1953 and the early 1960s, they embody the era’s fascination with space travel and the optimism of the post-war years. … [also notable:] The large glass outer saucer – produced by the family-owned, Indiana-based manufacturer that made the original shades – features a lively “spirograph” pattern screen-printed on the glass.

I’ll add more info when I get it. Meanwhile, take a look at the additional photos after the jump. AND: Thanks reader Christopher for this news tip!

vintage atomic retro midcentury ceiling lights

Update: Here is an advance copy Rejuvenation’s news release, first on the web, I think!

Four New Additions to Rejuvenation’s Mid-Century Modern Collection

Double Saucers, Brass Rods, and Crystal Spheres Convey the
Optimism of the 1950s and Early ‘60s

 PORTLAND, OR, August 21, 2012 – Rejuvenation expands its Mid-Century Modern collection with four new ceiling fixtures: the Luna, Foton, Gamma, and Meteor. Based on a series of originals made between 1953 and the early 1960s, they embody the era’s fascination with space travel and the optimism of the post-war years. With their distinctive design, these lights are unlike anything else on the market: both retro and contemporary, sophisticated and spirited.

The Meteor and Gamma are pendant lights, defined by their striking crystal-sphere-tipped rays. A description of these fixtures from the early ‘50s still rings true today: “Radiating brass rods, capped with crystal spheres, add to the verve of this design.” Both lights have hang-straight joints that make them suitable for use on the vaulted ceilings common to mid-century homes.

All four fixtures share an unusual double-dome construction. The large glass outer saucer – produced by the family-owned, Indiana-based manufacturer that made the original shades – features a lively “spirograph” pattern screen-printed on the glass. The glass is then heated in molds until it “slumps,” resulting in the graceful half-dome shape.

For the inner dome, Rejuvenation offers a choice of etched glass (Luna and Gamma) or metal (Meteor and Foton). The choice will influence the type of light: etched glass will produce a diffused semi-indirect light, while decorative pinholes in the metal bowl create a subtle starlight effect.

Elegant and functional, the Luna and Foton are beautifully proportioned semi-flush fixtures that can carry a large space while their smart, compact design also makes them well-suited to accommodate rooms with lower ceilings.

All four fixtures are available in Polished Chrome and Lacquered Brass finish. Prices range from $300 to $550.


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  1. pyrexmaniac says

    Wow….what a memory jog! My parents had an identical chandelier in the house they built in 1958. Sadly, they replaced it with an ornate Strass crystal confection. *sigh*

  2. Deb says

    We have a similar ceiling light in our master bedroom. Our house was built in the 50’s. We kept all the original lighting.

  3. Annie B. says

    Yea!!!!!! Pam’s back!! (At least for the moment!)

    Those fixtures are fabulous. I adore anything Sputnik-y.

  4. Jamie says

    I can’t decide how I feel about these. They are definitely super cool…But, my husband and I are likely going to be building a house (*insert retro-house-lover groan*) and I just feel overwhelmed by trying to pick out things like this. I always expected to just buy an old fixer upper, and you use what’s there, gradually changing one thing at a time if you don’t like the existing stuff.
    So…I had zero opinions about light fixtures, and I just realized I’ll have to pick out a kitchen fixture, a dining room fixture, living room, office, mudroom, bedrooms, bathrooms….*heavy sigh* How the heck do you decide?? I feel like the light fixtures here belong is a completely retro themed house. Mine will be a mix of decades: porcelain sink from the 40’s, turquoise stove from the 60’s, possibly an 1880’s store counter for an island (if we can figure out how to get it out of my parents’ attic), a free fridge from the 90’s (repaint turquoise to match the stove?)….so where the heck do I go on light fixtures? Completely mismatched cool ones? Completely neutral ones that no one will notice?

    • says

      There’s a time for DIY and then there’s a time to leave it to the professional. You might want to invest a bit of time with an interior designer. They can be surprisingly affordable.

      • Jamie says

        Nope, we won’t be hiring an interior designer. Heck, we’re living in a camper for the summer so that we can save up to buy or build a house in the first place. Everything in our house will be free or cheap items that we picked up here or there. As far as light fixtures go, I just don’t know which ones to start collecting at yard sales and junk shops…

    • Erin says

      I have been trying to pick light fixtures for a while now and these are my personal guidelines after making some mistakes:

      Would I want this light if I wasn’t renovating? ie is it like a piece of art that I can’t live without or am I tired of looking at lights and just filling space?

      Does this light give enough light? Can I use efficient light bulbs? Does it make ugly shadows?

      Does this light seem popular? If it is -then is it a unique version or just another made in China clone? If so would just a bulb fixture be okay for now?

      Will this light be ever be looked at? or is it purely utilitarian?

  5. Andi says

    Oh my gosh—I have a fixture in my home office (once a downstairs bedroom) identical to the third one (opaque globe, goldtone metal). House was built in 1952. I thought the light was cool-looking but who knew Rejuvenation would think so!

    The two bedrooms upstairs also have similar original fixtures, same size and shape, but the glass is etched with a delicate all-over floral design instead of the criss-cross pattern.

    The house is a very traditional Cape Cod with Colonial-inspired woodwork, etc. Not at all a mid-century “atomic” type house.

    The original dining room fixture was long gone when we moved in—now I can’t help but wonder if that amazing atomic chandelier was there!

    Thanks Pam, and enjoy the rest of your “fishin’ trip”!

  6. says

    Ooh, those are all fabulous! I don’t have anywhere that would be appropriate for the Meteor though I love it. But Luna could be great in our hall or foyer!

  7. JohnnyBerry says

    The “Foton” would be perfect for the living room. Why didn’t they have these three years ago?!? Let’s see… Tree removal in the backyard, or two new light fixtures…

  8. lynda says

    The new lights are very pretty. However, the practical me thinks these look like major dust collectors in the glass bowl. I always analyze the care of an item before I buy.

    • Lynne says

      I have to agree here. I can just see that upturned bowl full of dead Illinois moths, gnats, and flies in no time flat during the Spring and Summer. It would be a constant upkeep. An issue to consider.

  9. gsciencechick says

    Although I love our cobalt blue hanging fixure over our dining table :) , I dream of the luna for our hall.

    Also nice to see the shiny brass making a comeback.

    Pretty much any glass overhead light fixture will get bugs and dust.

  10. Susan says

    I, too, love all the mid century lighting and hardware that Rejuvenation is bringing to the market. Their latest catalog with this fixture on the cover was waiting in my mail today.

    When we remodeled our whole house 2 years ago, I scoured our local recycling centers, garage sales and the like for various lights to use in the entry, dining, family room, hall, and back laundry. I have an marvelous assortment of pierced shapes which were originally either brass or copper. I stripped them all and refinished them in a Rust-o-leum platinum. Each shade is just a little different. I paid $12 for my dining room pull down and most were $2.

    While I love the Rejuvenation lights, I am so happy to have brought mine back to life in a fresh way!

    • pam kueber says

      Yes: Buying vintage is still likely way less expensive, although as you said, it can take lots and lots of time. Be sure to have the wiring checked out by a pro.

  11. Jamie D says

    Hm, the pricing is weird on the links. When I first clicked through your link, the price of Luna was showing up as $195. And I see the same thing on the Rejuvenation web page I have pulled up in another tab right now.

    But then when I click on Luna, it’s suddenly $300.

    I was planning on buying it for $195…but at $300? I’m not so sure.

    • Jamie D says

      I emailed their customer service – if you go to the mid-century modern lighting page, Meteor is listed at $355 but if you click on it, the price jumps to $550! I know it’s probably just a glitchy web page, but wow, that’s really disappointing to see an almost $200 increase.

  12. midmichigan says

    Really, really nice! I see that they’re either flush mount or drop pipe mount. It would have been good to somehow offer a pull down feature, at least a faux one that you can attach to a cord.

  13. Rick S says

    Erin and Jamie,
    My wife and I built a house years ago and did so on a budget. I would suggest you determine the size and type pf fixture needed in each area and get the electrical boxes in place. you can put a $5.00 fixture there and replace it as money or bargains become available. Make sure you plan for heavy fixtures just in case. Wife and I came across many fixures that were being sold for cheap because owners were updating house. Restore can be great when house is up and you are able to take more time deciding and have better idea of style or finish.
    good luck rick

  14. Christa says

    I love all of these lights, however, they are a little too Atomic for my house. I wish Rejuvenation would do a wider variety of styles. I have several original fixtures that I would like to match but can’t find anywhere. Mine are all simple cylinders and domes made of solid brass and some sort of plasticized parchment material.

  15. M says

    If you have. Light you are trying to match rejuvenation has many old fixtures as does hippo hardware and school house also makes great stuff. Just bring them into the store as I have or call, get a contact and send an email. They really have been helpful with my 1950s house.

  16. aundra says

    I have the original atomic light fixture that these are patterned after. It has half a lable on it. The readable part of the lable is marked “lite”. That is the last letters to the word. I am trying to figure out the name of makers of the original lamp. Mine does not have the glass and the rest is made of brass. If anyone knows the original maker please let me know. Thanks Aundra.

  17. Panzyzz says

    I have an authentic one of these! Scored on etsy! Everyone loves it – even those who don’t appreciate midcentury style.

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