Bedroom design ideas for Robert’s blonde vintage furniture

retro modern bedroom design ideasReader Robert has just acquired two vintage blond dressers for the bedroom at his new house. He’s basically starting from scratch and wants to know — should he keep the blonde finish, or refinish these two bedroom dressers in a teak stain. Read on for Robert’s dilemma and our decorating ideas…

vintage dresser

Robert writes:

retro-blonde-dresserI recently found these ultra cool dressers — marked United Furniture Corporation – Lexington NC. The drawers are dovetailed.  The exposed wood is veneer. They are very heavy and well built. My question is, do you feel that if I redo these dressers in a teakish/fruitwoodish tone, that it would ruin them? Should I leave them this blond color or proceed with teak?

I like the 60’s era for furniture the best. Perhaps late 50’s and a tad of 70’s. I just like it all blended together via my finds and redoing them to blend. My hobby is to go to thrift stores and find things and play with them. For example get a mirror in a 1970’s era yellow fake/plastic wicker frame and redo it to look neat in my home today. Or take a cheap plastic brass candle sconce and redo that to look like pewter with black in the crevices. I like to have new modern day timeless things mixed in with finds that I can blend together. I generally do not like the Haywood Wakefield Blonde and their furniture.

For these dressers, they are going into a blank slate bedroom so I either blond or teakish/fruitwoodish, I will just decorate around them.

I am just concerned about the integrity of the dressers.

Kate’s advice: Have a fling with these blondes!

Well, Robert, I think you know what Pam and I are going to say — if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. From what I can see from the pictures, the finish on both dressers seems to be in great shape. I think it would be a shame to refinish them — plus I can imagine refinishing the tambour (rolling slot) doors would be tedious! Instead of refinishing the dressers, I think you should work with them — they are fantastic! Hey, have some fun with these blondes! You mentioned that you weren’t generally a fan of Heywood-Wakefield blond furniture, but these are very different in style and with a few creative decorating ideas, you can make a very 60s-70s/modern looking bedroom room with this blond finished furniture.

If you’re into a 1950s Heywood-Wakefield look, then light pastel wall colors work really well with blonde furniture — however, Robert is a fan of 60s and 70s style — which is why he needs to take a different approach to choosing a wall color for his blonde dressers. To make the light blonde dressers feel a bit more punchy, contrast is key. Placing a light blonde dresser on a mid to dark wall color will make them really stand out in the room. Highly saturated colors — like the two I chose for Robert — will make the room feel lively and modern.

For Robert’s consideration, I made two mood boards — one orange, one blue…

vintage blonde bedroom furniture idea

1.  These white curtains from IKEA really pop off the dark wall. The silver pattern on them coordinates with the grey floor and the curved shapes found in the dresser pulls, hairpin table and headboard detail.

2.  Robert’s ultra cool long and low vintage dresser!

3.  I’d put something eye catching on the wall — possibly this metallic starburst mirror from Crate and Barrel — or since Robert likes to come up with creative projects to transform his thrifty finds, he could find a cool mirror and repaint/refinish the frame if necessary.

4.  A bright orange wall color for the bedroom is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it works well with the grey rug and really makes the blond dressers pop off the wall. Personally, I’ve had two orange bedrooms — waking up in one is like having a glass of orange juice before you even get out of bed!

5.  This vintage lamp from Etsy seller AustinMetroRetro is a lovely shape and would also work well with the orange and grey color scheme of the room. (Blue and orange are complementary colors.)

6.  This mid century inspired bedding from Crate and Barrel really caught my eye. Not only are the shapes colorful, but they also add a playful aspect to the space.

7.  I went looking for non-Heywood-Wakefield style blond bed frames to fit in Robert’s bedroom and found this lovely vintage bed frame on Ebay from seller buckscounty. Even though this retro bed frame has a blond finish, the style of it is very 60s & 70s — right up Robert’s alley.

8.  With all of the thick wood furniture going on in the space, I thought it would be nice to inject a lighter-legged nightstand into the space, such as this hairpin leg stepped end table from ebay seller pjzredskins13. The shape of the hairpin legs echos the pulls on the dresser drawers and the iron detail in the headboard nicely.

9.  Robert’s tall vintage blond dresser!

10.  I love this retro alarm clock made by Newgate and found on The shape is fun, and it fits right in to Robert’s room — which is sprinkled with little bits of black and white.

11.  I’m not sure what type of flooring Robert will have in his new bedroom, but he could either do an area rug with this silvery grey FLOR carpet tile in Fog (if his floors are wood), or even wall to wall if needed to replace any flooring that doesn’t go well with his style.

Now I realize that not everyone loves orange as much as Pam and I do, which is why I made a slightly tweaked alternate plan for Robert.

retro modern bedroom design ideaThe idea board above uses many of the same components as the orange version, with a few changes:

4.  Using a dark blue — similar to Pam’s 2012 Color of the Year, Bitossi Blue — for the wall will make Robert’s bedroom feel cozy and act as a striking backdrop to the blond furniture in the room.

5.  This white and orange and mustard mid century lamp from Etsy seller lavintagefurnishings will also pop off the dark wall and coordinates well with the blond furniture while also adding more color to the space.

6.  If Robert is not a fan of patterned bed linens, this simple and silvery quilt from Crate and Barrel is simple and sophisticated while coordinating with Robert’s room.

KateSo there you have it Robert, two ways to design a room around your retro blond dressers without refinishing them. Of course we’ll be interested to see what you decide and as always, would love to see pictures of the final results!

Readers — what’s your 2 cents?
Would you keep the dressers as-is — or refinish them?

design dilemma

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  1. gsciencechick says

    I agree with Kate, if the finish is in good condition, I would not do anything with it. The pieces are beautiful as is, and I also agree refinishing the tambour doors would be an enormous pain. I like the orange and blue colors Kate chose, but I would probably go with the blue for a BR vs. the orange that I would use more in the living areas.

    • says

      Thanks gsciencechick! I agree, not everyone wants an orange bedroom — but they are fun! I’ve had 2 different bright orange bedrooms before! I think I’m partial to orange because it is my favorite color, but yes the blue would be nice and relaxing for a bedroom. :)

  2. lynda says

    I think the blond looks great. If the veneer was chipped or something, I might say refinish or paint. However, I think original finish looks best. You could also go with a bookcase headboard. They were popular in the day. That could be painted a color, if you want. I like the blond with the blue. I like orange, but just think the blue looks right with the furniture. The rest of the accessories Kate chose look very nice. To me the light Heywood Wakefield furniture has a bit more of an orange or yellow cast to the wood than the blond furniture that was popular at the time. The blond bed Kate has chosen looks very nice. Also, a padded headboard with the right retro print might be nice. I think this furniture will make a very pretty room.

  3. says

    Keep the dressers as is and put all your energy into recreating the mood board with the blue walls! The furniture is gorgeous; there is plenty of teak around but not many beauties as these, IMHO. And I love the mood board Kate created with the blue walls. I’m partial to blue and the splash of orange really livens it up.

  4. says

    I love orange, and my house is full of it, but those blue walls really set the blonde dressers off. Yum. I’d add some more color to the bedding, though. (I really like the bedding in the orange mood board, maybe not with the blue walls, but just in general. I have a bed linen addiction, though.) Also, unless the finish on the dressers is worse than it looks in the pictures, I would leave them alone. They’re really cool pieces.

  5. says

    I really like the blue mood board. We painted our living room a dark blue last year and it looks great with vintage/mid century accessories. great post (and I agree with the others–I wouldn’t mess with them if they are in good shape!)

  6. Sarah G says

    Don’t feel like it’s one or the other when it comes to decorating. In my master bedroom the dresser and vanity is blonde and the bed and end tables are teak. No one has ever said ‘oh no your woods don’t match!’
    The furniture is lovely as it is, it’s in beautiful condition, and it’s ORIGINAL. I’ve watched antiques roadshow enough to know it’s better to not mess with it. Save that elbow grease for projects that really need it.

  7. ChrisH says

    I grew up with some blonde furniture in the house and for me, well, it just doesn’t move me. It’s not my thing. So I understand your desire to blend it with your other furniture, but….

    If you really don’t care for the blonde furniture sell it/trade it to someone who does. Get yourself something darker, if that is your preference, but don’t ruin the blonde look so that no one else can ever enjoy it. Once it’s stained teak, it’s very unlikely it will ever be put back to it’s original look.

    We can appreciate the beauty of things, even when they are not exactly to our taste. Don’t destroy the beauty. Work with it or let someone else have it.

    If you do refinish be very careful of the veneer. Nothing will look worse than damaging the veneer then wiping dark stain on it.

  8. Mark says

    BLONDE!!!!!!!!!! I’m restoring my Storybook Ranch house & plan to build kitchen cabinets and wall paneling in BLONDE mahogany..! LOVE that finish — nothing says “retro” or “MCM” than BLONDE… 😉

  9. Rick says

    Those are great dressers, but unless I missed it, how DOES one clean up, freshen up a blond (blonde?) ’40s, ’50s piece to it’s original glory? I’ve spotted a couple of blond(e) pieces I’d maybe like to get, but they are kind of dull, tired and dirty looking. I’m hoping for an answer too that helps Robert leave them with their original finish.

    • ChrisH says

      If there is no damage to the veneer, just a very light sanding (and I do mean light) then a clear finish. Since you would not be re-staining you don’t need to take all the old clear finish off. You just need to dull it.

      Clear shellac would probably be my choice (stay away from the amber, you don’t want the orangey tone- though it looks great on knotty pine) A clear polyurethane would also work. Then use either 600 grit sandpaper, or #0000 steel wool and any spray wax (lemon pledge for example) to smooth the finish. Spray on the wax (after the clear finish has dried, obviously) and rub very lightly WITH the grain. Don’t go across the grain.

      • ChrisH says

        Forgot to mention that a satin finish (sheen) is probably closest to the original. These blonde pieces were not usually super shiny.

        • Rick says

          Thank you Chris.
          I was wondering if say, Murphy’s Oil Soap could be used for starters to clean up a blonde piece and then decide about using your suggestions.

  10. Lynne says

    I wouldn’t refinish. You could potentially end up with a mess. The blond finish ruined, and the darker stain lifting the veneer. Then, you have nothing!

    Personally, I like a dark green with blond furniture. I can’t really tell from the pictures, but what is the finish on the handles/hardware? Maybe you could go with a metal headboard. Wrought iron black, or a brass? That would bring in your 1960’s flair, as well as year appropriate lamps and artwork. Same goes for the bedding, bring in your 60’s there. The slightly 50’s look of the dressers will fade away.

    • Sierra says

      I agree with Lynne. I wouldn’t do blue or orange but a vivid deep green or even a deep purple. Check out Sherwin Williams 6733 Grasshopper, 6925 Envy, or Benjamin Moore 1386 Purple Rain. For a much lighter feel, Sherwin Williams 6435 Gratifying Green would be nice.

  11. The Atomic Mom says

    If the finish is still in tact, I say keep it as is. The funny thing is, I aquired a blond wood dresser this week from a friend before she freecycled it. It reeked of smoke, and I mean the Marlbourogh Man was living in there. I’ve spent the last few days un-smoking this dresser, which has ruined the finish …. but I’m sure I will find a retro enough solution to the problem.

  12. Carla says

    How many blondes dye their hair brown? Save the Blonde Furniture!

    I have a blonde Johnson-Carper set (a.k.a the “I Love Lucy” bedroom furniture) — bookcase headboard, long dresser with mirror, highboy and nightstand. I like girly, so my walls are a muted retro pink. Bedspread is vintage pink quilted satin which slides off all the time, but it’s a small price to pay for yum!

    Love the blue walls with the blonde!

  13. Denise says

    I can see that the style of the dressers would take well to the teak look. Plus teak is so uber-hip now.
    On the other hand, why take on such a big project when there is so much else to do in life? I admit to being a Heywood Champagne addict so my opinion is quite slanted but agree that blonds do have more fun.

    • Janet says

      Denise, I totally agree with you on the Heywood-Wakefield champagne finish. I never cared for the wheat finish – too yellow for me. Those of you who dislike Heywood Wakefield have maybe never seen the champagne up close and personal. It is almost a pinkish hue like on true red oak. Most pieces are stamped on the back with the finish so when you see a piece that looks different from wheat, check the back – it is probably the champagne, which I believe is harder to find and was maybe less popular back in the day.

  14. says

    Keep the blonde, you may find after working it into your home decor that you find an affinity to it. Variation makes a house interesting. My guideline in decorating/redesign is that if the finish isn’t compromised, work with it. The creative challenge brings inspiration in so many other ways.. Jump even further out of the box.. there is are a million and more ways to make it work! Have fun with it…

  15. says

    Fantastic! These are no bottle blondes, so keep them original, please, and use some of Kate’s great ideas for working with them. You have a couple of sweet pieces here, and although I’m not a Hey-Wake color of blonde fan, I would love these gorgeous originals in my home! Those tambour doors are amazing!

    A question for Kate: what app or software do you use to make your mood boards? They are so useful for planning, and fun to look at, too!

        • Janet in CT says

          Jane, I have to ask, is that your kitty? I love kitties and mine looks alot like yours does! Does she have little smudges of color by her nose and mouth? Mine has the same and although her name is Rascal, we call her Dirty Face! She looks like a little kid who is eating oatmeal! I know this is way way off-topic but just had to comment on your precious little kitty!

    • says

      Thanks Jane! I’m a trained graphic designer so my favorite tool to use for mood boards is Adobe Photoshop.

      It is fun to make mood boards and “try on” a look before committing to changing the room! :)

      • says

        Thanks, Kate! I hoped you had a line on a cool new app or software and that it *wasn’t* PS, because it costs so much. I guess Adobe will get their chunk of change out of me someday!!

  16. Katie says

    I agree with everyone else, leave the blonde finish alone, its gorgeous.
    I think that blue is the way to go, but I think that a lighter, more aqua shade would be the best. it would really make the wood ‘pop’, and it would also make the room feel bright and open.

  17. says

    I’d leave them blonde as well having personally refinished some of these blonde pieces to a darker set, I can tell you that this is more than likely to turn into a long term train wreck. I love H/W but these veneered blonde pieces are a real challenge to refinish!

  18. Lydia says

    I say, if you not happy with them, change em! They are your pieces and you’ll love em for years to come Im sure if you get over the fear of “ruining” them. I have my parents 1957 blonde dresser set.. over the years they yellowed.. but my dad refinished them a BEAUTIFUL cherry and wow.. they are a million times more amazing now!! The hardware JUMPS off the darker color and I wouldn’t change it for the world!!
    Do what YOU feel is right, you bought em, you own em. =)

  19. Dulcie says

    I picked up a blonde dresser for $5 (!!!!) at an auction this spring and put it in my daughter’s purple bedroom. Awesomeness! I like Kate’s blue scheme as well. I’m all about bright, vibrant colors, so would would definitely play up the blonde wood with eye popping wall colors.

  20. Daniel says

    I like the blonde colored furniture – I definitely wouldn’t want to change the finish, especially since it looks like it’s in great shape. I like the two colors suggested by Kate, although personally, I would use a lighter color – maybe light/mint/jade green – since I would rather wake up or go to sleep with a more mellow/calming type of color, and I think that green would go pretty well with the blonde furniture. I also really like the retro alarm clock! I’d definitely incorporate that in a room design. I wasn’t aware that they made clocks like that, although I’m not surprised since retro is becoming the “in” thing now-days. But it’s definitely nice!!!

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Daniel, I agree: That blonde furniture is very versatile in terms of colors it can coordinate with. I bet there are many greens that it would look great with!

    • Michael says

      I second the idea of combining with green (although the blue and orange also look great). My house came with a few blondish Harmony House dressers, which I’ve put in my light/mint/jade green bedroom. The effect is very mellow.

  21. lisa says

    How about more of a teal shade of blue — there are some beautiful pictures on Pinterest of the Behr shade “Hallowed Hush” that seem to me would look great with these pieces.

  22. Hillary says

    Blonde furniture in good shape seems harder to find than darker finishes and it also seems way harder to restore, so I definitely wouldn’t change a piece that’s great! As someone said above, if you really don’t like them, sell them and get something you do like. I love blonde, but I’ve never seen a mint bedroom set.

  23. Vanessa says

    I would leave them as they are, I think with the right color scheme they will really shine and if after a while you really aren’t in love with them keep an eye out for some in the color you want and when you find them sell what you’ve got now, or vice versa. Refinishing furniture is no easy task, and I can only imagine the “fun” it would NOT be to refinish the rolling portions of that set. I think original is best unless it’s in really bad shape, so if it were wrecked already I’d say do whatever strikes your fancy, but in this case love it as it is or find another. Nice set btw, I think it’s going to look lovely with a room designed around it.

  24. Jenny says

    Blue is so soothing. We used Behr “Underwater” which is a beautiful deep teal and could totally work with the blonde furniture.

  25. RetroSandie says

    KEEP!!!! I have a gorgeous early 60’s bedroom set that I bought to replace the blond bedroom set I had as a child. It’s so beautiful, and I love it!!!! Even with bumps, bruises, and a few scratches, I wouldn’t put one drop of paint on blond furniture for the world!! :)

  26. says

    I’m afraid that I have to agree with those who say ‘leave them alone’.

    There are some lovely greens that the blonde wood would coordinate with very well (as well as other colors). Go out and bring home those paint chip samples!

    Assuming that those pieces are as fabulous looking as they appear in the pictures, I would live with them and love them exactly the way they are. I’d love to find a piece like that upright you’ve got!

    My reasons are personal.

    Years ago, in my early twenties, I was given my mothers Cavalier cedar chest (given to her by my father in the late 1940s), blonde wood, veneer finish, and I couldn’t wait to strip the piece and stain it a dark color. It simply did not fit in with my decor at the time.

    First off, the finish was extremely difficult to remove. It does not come off evenly, or well, and took a lot of time and work. Secondly, the dark stain that I replaced it with never has looked quite ‘right’. I don’t know if that’s because I remember the piece as it was, or if I truly did ruin it (as my dad told me I had).

    All I know is that I wish I had never touched it. Now that I’m older and wiser I can appreciate it for what it was, but it’s too late to go back now. To top it off, I’ve ruined any value that the piece may have had (Cavalier was considered the Cadillac of cedar chests at one time).

    That said, they are your pieces, it’s your house, and you have to do what works for you, but if you’re going to change them, I would suggest having them professionally refinished.

    Good luck with your decision.

    • Janet in CT says

      I vote with Carole and the others not to attempt to darken the blond finish on this lovely set and to leave it as is. And my father who was in the furniture business for fifty-five years would totally agree with her father, that it would ruin the piece. Those old veneers, for the most part, just were not made to be refinished. Repairs on them were difficult too. My husband totally refinished a forties Hoosier cabinet with a tambour roll-up and he said he would NEVER attempt that again! They have to be removed and disassembled and done each slat at a time, and reinstalled. And it wasn’t easy to get them all to match stain-wise. I would suggest keeping it as is, and reselling or swapping for what you really want rather than going to all that work when someone else would want it all original.

  27. Susie Q. says

    I would try living with them as they are. You can always decide to change them on down the road, whereas if you changed the finish immediately, you wouldn’t be giving them a chance to “grow on” you.
    I’m sure in the (near?) future you’ll find another piece that’s in bad condition that will truly require a bold, creative solution on your part–save your ideas for something that really needs a facelift.
    I vote for the blue wall, though green sounds good too. Look for some cool prints that have that blond color + other colors for inspiration.

  28. Brian T says

    I like both of Kate’s color suggestions, but if Robert wants something more relaxing, with less contrast, may I suggest Behr’s “Eucalyptus Leaf”? I put it up in the main hallway of my house. It’s grayed-out enough to be restful, and it functions practically as a neutral in my house, with just enough color to keep from being blah. I think it would be a sophisticated and calm take on ’60s aqua to go with those dressers (which should stay blond, in my opinion).

    My parents had a Heywood Wakefield bedroom suite when they first got married, and I would be kicking myself for not snagging it when my mom died 8 years ago, except it would clash horribly with the 8-foot-tall Gothic German bed I got from my aunt. The other posters are correct in noting that a lot of the Heywood stuff looks almost pinkish gray instead of having a yellow undertone. When I was 6, my parents banished the Heywood stuff to a guest room in favor of their new bedroom suite: a very heavy, thoroughly Mediterranean, highly carved look that has never come back into style.

  29. RosemaryMartin says

    I vote for blonde. I grew up with blonde furniture and wish I had some now. I think ChrisH made an excellent point in that if you don’t care for the blonde, let someone else have it and get some darker pieces.

    As for the wall color, I vote turquoise!

  30. jmb says

    Great find and so nice that you sought second opinions before putting these pieces under the sander! I would not refinish these pieces, since the finish seems to be original and these pieces are very complex, making it hard to achieve a professional looking end product. Even professionally redone can be trumped by authentic. Once the original finish is gone there is no going back.

    If you don’t love them “as is” perhaps you can sell them to someone else, but the mock-ups shown are quite striking, especially the blue one and maybe some additional color, on the walls or fabrics, will make these pieces more appealing to you.

  31. Megan says

    Leave it blonde. I love blonde furniture. It is difficult to change the color, since most of it has some veneer on it. If you have several blonde pieces, you can make an attractive room. Blonde furniture gives a light, bright, retro feel.

  32. says

    I love the dark blue! I would have never considered having the lighter wood. Always been more of a dark wood person. But against the blue the light wood looks so yummy! Well done!

  33. Amy in Sacramento, CA says

    I think they are gorgeous just the way they are, so I agree with those who say “don’t change it” and “sell it and buy what you love” if you just can’t live with it. Someday, your tastes may change, and if you still have the pieces (and went the refinishing route) you will kick yourself hard for changing the pieces.
    I say, if you can’t live with them, then sell them to someone who will love them for what they already are — and with the money, buy something you love! :) It’s a win-win that way!
    And by the way, if you’d asked me this question 20 years ago, you’d get an entirely different answer. (Wisdom has, indeed, come with age.) 😉

  34. Jordanna says

    Well I think I would either keep them blond and keep them, or sell them and get something I liked more.

    The Bitossi blue is appealing, but I’d like it more, I suspect, with green. I’m all about green though, and that’s a very predictable reaction for me. Could be pretty much any green – jadeite, chartruese, even avocado!

    But the orange is kind of fun. I think I’d like a lighter shade, though. Or maybe just broken up with more white. The white bedspread of the second is nice. But I’d even consider a white bedframe, maybe one of the slim and relatively simple white four-post beds. Just because even a blond can use some highlights. 😉

  35. tammyCA says

    Cool furniture…I echo the sentiment “if it ain’t broke” leave it blonde. Think of it as the cool blondes that Hitchcock favored, Grace Kelly, Tippi Hendren. Sounds like a great idea to saturate the walls with a deep blue, but I’d choose a rich turquoise…yep, think blue-eyed blondes.
    And, I think it is a great idea to turn the cheap plastic, and beat up objects into something nice with paint and leave the fine furniture & objects with integrity alone.

  36. Robert says

    Thank you all for your comments. Looks like everyone decided on blonde.

    I had to smile at the orange bedroom as I had orange shag carpet in my bedroom growing up. In my house I just sold I never got to redo the kitchen that the previous owners did in the 1970’s and it had burnt orange walls and linoleum. I can’t get away from orange LOL. I do happen to like it, as I was never too pressed to redo that kitchen.

    I also loved that bedding from Crate and Barrel.

    Sorry it took so long to get back, I just now this past Sunday got re-hooked up with Internet. In reading through the comments a few things were constant. One was that they were in relatively good shape. The cell phone camera’s do, do wonders. Maybe I am overly picky but there is a fair share of dings and gouges. On the tall dresser, on the left top side the finish is coming off and on the right top corner the veneer is gone. You do not have pictures of the tops, which are pretty rough. However for as old as they are, they would be considered in pretty good shape probably for the average populous.

    One person mentioned they would like the upright one. I just love the height of that, as it is a shorter upright.

    One person mentioned or asked what metal was the hardware as to get metal pieces around that. The hardware I think was a brass. It is rough and lots is rubbed off but I plan to keep that patina and not re-brass it.

    No worries for all about redoing for now as winter is around the corner and I have to place to tackle that, so it will be put to use in my bedroom.

    One person mentioned the difficulty in redoing the tambour. That is my worry too. The Tambour is basically in good stead but it does catch and need some stiffening to roll better or some sort of repair as you have to pull the direction you want to go (open or close) and then out towards you as if you just pull sideways, the first slat will immediately turn inward and “jamb” the track. If anyone has any ideas on how to repair this please let me know. Hopefully an easy repair.

  37. says

    Hi..been reading about all the blond furniture….mostly dressers….well I have a blond “bar” it locks and unlocks with a skeleton key…opens up and even has a small drawer in it for storage and when u open it…there are a few openings as to put your bottles of booze in there…then below are 2 shelves…but u have to unlock the top to open it up bar style then the 2 cabinets below to get at your storage…anybody have any idea how old this could be…no one else has ever seen one or heard of one around here..ty

  38. Joe Felice says

    Why, on earth, would you want to change the color of the furniture? It’s gorgeous in its original splendor! And would go well with any color you paint the room.

  39. kyle says

    What did you decide? I have mostly Lane blonde mahogany furniture in my “rest” room with faint mint green and ivory. It is very feminine though.

    • Robert says

      I am still leaning toward teak or light walnut but I feel that lack of time for refinish will keep it blond as I really don’t have time and don’t see time to refinish. It is still in storage waiting to be brought over.

  40. Jan says

    I have a set of blonde (formerly) furniture. Unfortunately, I stripped the blonde veneer off. What is underneath is a light, nice wood. It was very easy to strip. However, I say, “do NOT strip it off if you don’t have to.” The blonde finish keeps the retro look and it is lost once it has been stripped away. I really like your furniture, by the way.

  41. says

    I have never been a big fan of the Mid Century blonde furniture, until…

    Hubby and I spotted a 5 pc Black Blonde bedroom set with chrome hardware displayed on a cheetah carpet.

    Our bedroom already has a full wall accordion closet door which we love.
    We are stumped for the carpet and bedspread. Can you direct me towards a period bedspread that is not chenille?

    Our carpet dilemma: we will need new carpet but cheetah is too busy for us. Shall we go solid? Our present carpet is brochade/toile in gold and cream. Extremely cool, but a bit too Hollywood regency for us. Is there a mid century specialty trade/sell board anywhere? or else it’s Craigslist.

    Pinch pleate drapes will be our window covering option, just might keep our burnt orange set. Not certain.

    I love the two tone irredescent look of the blonde black, I just don’t see a lot of it here or on any other site.

    Can you give us some eye candy?

    When we first saw our set it was displayed on a black/gold cheetah carpet.

  42. Pat Wieneke says

    I have bedroom furniture that is blond walnut and in like new condition ( except a stick person and dog drawn inside one drawer). I would never change them.
    My bedroom is very dark. I have north windows that are the high up awning style of the 50’s, And the neighbor has a big evergreen that adds to the darkness of the room. I don’t think I could live with the intense wall colors shown above, even though they are lovely. My daughter painted one of my bedrooms a lovely light ferny green, I was thinking of a spread and window shades in some sort of print that includes brights and the fern color, or a similar light, airy color.
    Any thoughts?

  43. Judy says

    I love the both rooms, although the orange is my fav. I bought a coffee table and end tables set earlier this year and my family thought I was crazy. Growing up, our furniture always seemed to be 20 years out of date. Little did I know that type of décor would be my favorite at 53! Ha!

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