230 photos of readers’ thrifty vintage finds — Upload your photos, too

nutone in wall stereo system imageEvery six weeks or so I like to do a plain ole uploader potpourri — upload photos of your thrifty vintage finds. Last time around, readers uploaded 126 photos, including MsKittyMuses’ treasure. She explains:

Nutone in-wall stereo system, with radio, intercom, pull out record player, record cabinet and 5 speakers. Craigslist – guy unistalled it himself from an estate sale. $100

Wowza. Just the kinda bigger-than-four-breadboxes I’d try to sneak into the house. So… treasure hunting going, readers? Let’s see yer stuff, it’s easy peasy, uploader is ON –>

Upload photos of your most recent thrifty vintage finds, belowTips:

  • If you can figure out the settings, please set your camera to no bigger than “medium” images, so files aren’t too large — large files really slow down the slide show.
  • (2) Uploader DOES work but message you get on screen *may be* funky and confusing. Upload ONCE and trust the image it there — I just need to “set new photos free” from my control panel and will be checking throughout the weekend to do so.
  • (3) Terms of Use apply. Plus: Keep those toilet lids DOWN!
  • (4) If you are taking a room shot and want to improve your photo skills, check out Kate’s tips on taking great room shots.

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Tips to view slide show: Click on first image… it will enlarge and you can also read my captions… move forward or back via arrows below the photo… you can start or stop at any image:

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  1. Diane in CO says

    Had to laugh at the Couroc “drink” tray – I have that…. somewhere in boxes in the basement. I’ve been stockpiling lovely perfect-condition Couroc for years, because you see them for a couple of bucks all the time. Lots of people got them for wedding gifts in the late ’60’s and ’70’s, I think. Popular as commemorative gifts. They are made of a phenolic resin, similar to bakelite — very quality stuff made in CA. Couroc also made cocktail glasses decorated with some of their famous icons, like the roadrunner etc.

    I’m waiting for the day they become collectible and sought after – lol. Then I’ll sell! (But keep my couple of favorites which I have on display in the kitchen.)

  2. Susan C. says

    I really like the aqua phone, aqua oven, anything aqua. I live in LIttle Rock, and have never seen anything as cute as aqua appliances.

  3. hannah says

    Pam, those Vanguard fire alarms are AWESOME! What on earth are you going to do with them? Will they work like current ones in homes?

  4. Ada says

    OMG! I just found a Nutone wall stereo system demo record in my grandfather’s collection while moving into his mid mod. The family never had the system, so I have no idea what he was doing with it! It’s got great graphics though (very mid century interior scene with a very mid century man and woman enjoying their Nutone system!),so I’m framing it to hang above my stereo.

  5. Mandy says

    We recently had the privilege of helping to empty the house of 89y.o. Aunty Aud who passed away this year. There were so many wonderful things from the past, so I have posted a few. Too many to document. The bathroom tile, paisley speakered radiogram, the “love is..” pillowcase etc are all from “Aunty Auds”. We are in Australia, so it will be interesting to see if anyone else has the same things anywhere else in the world.

    • Janet in Ct says

      Mandy, loved it all and I certainly have never seen any of it here in the US. The plate with the pregnant woman, “I should have danced all night”, is absolutely hysterical! Thanks for posting them all as they are unknown and unusual here in the US.

    • tammyCA says

      It’s cool to see what was Mid-century in other countries…the LOVE IS looks like it was based on the popular newspaper cartoon of the same name by Kim. I remember always checking the newspaper for the latest drawing in the 70s. Also, I remember back then a friend of mine found a girl’s wallet at a toll road diner with a bunch of the cartoons inside.

    • Shirley Joiner says

      Mandy, your plate brought back memories. My mother didn’t have a plate, but (as I remember it) she had a plastic plaque that read “I should have danced all night” that my dad bought for her in 1959 when she was expecting my brother. That was in New Jersey. It hung in her kitchen for years.

      • Mandy says

        Thank you all, isn’t it fun to “show and tell”! and share memories too. I will try to do it again next time; I have photographed my laminate ready for that upload when it happens; and goodness knows there are LOTS of other things in our house ;-)

  6. says

    I love the weekend uploader parties!! It’s fun to look at everyone’s treasures. I LOVE the pyrex sign, the Thunderbird couch, the walnut collection, the “Love Is” pillowcase, the Sears catalogs, the… Really, I love them all ;-)

  7. says

    I’m enjoying looking at everyone’s finds. There are some awesome pieces of thrifty goodness on this uploader.

    I had a successful day of thrifting yesterday morning. Very excited to find the Morse sewing machine and yarn/needlework carrying fold-up basket. The gnome embroidery piece is weird but in cool way.

    • tammyCA says

      Denise, a few months ago I bought one of those knitting carrying baskets at the neighbor’s yard sale thinking I might give it a make-over & sew another fabric into it…but, I still always want to preserve original things so I stalled. It is not in my colors (florals in browns, golds & oranges) from the 70s. My MIL is into those colors so I might give it to her for her needlework. The thing is – can it ever be cleaned since it is sewn onto the wooden rods?

      • says

        I have an upholstery cleaner that I would use the handheld part of…just because I have one. But, I think that if you sprayed it with a gentle cleaning solution and let it soak for a minute or two and then used a shop vac to vacuum up the moisture, that would work. Getting the wood wet isn’t a terrible thing unless the finish is really worn off and the liquid would soak into the wood. I figure if placed out in the sun or near a not too hot heat source for quicker drying, you’d be OK. If there is a no-rinse cleaning spray that could be used, that would be handy, too. I think the sucking-out-the-dirt is more of what I’d be after. I’d probably spray/soak it from the inside rather than directly on the print, not sure if it would matter, but it makes me feel better.

        Apparently no one thought about cleaning these when they were designed! LOL A good solution if the fabric is replaced is to use velcro or snaps to hold it around the wood bars. Then there’s easy removal and cleaning to be had. I’d probably choose snaps because of how fibers stick to velcro, even if it is well hidden!

  8. Shirley Joiner says

    For the person who posted image 87: the pattern Is Royal China Crystal. It’s often confused with Royal China Star Glow, but it actually predated it. I learned this when I started collecting the Star Glow pattern and ran across a cup and saucer like your’s. The Star Glow pattern has a solid mustard color cup with the starburst pattern on the saucer. I actually like the teacup from the Crystal pattern better, but I already had the Star Glow cups by the time I found this out.

  9. Christa says

    The “mystery clock ” I have some info…Made by Elgin Clocks, it is just like the clock that the Boy Scouts gave my grandfather in the late 50’s early 60’s for being a troop leader for many years. As of the 90’s Elgin Clocks was still in Elgin IL,.Grandpa’s clock stopped working sometime in the 70’s. My parents took the clock in the late 80’s, back home to Chicago, and delivered it to Elgin clocks to fix it. Then after Grandpa passed in 1990, the clock came to stay with my parents, and as far as I know, still is. Just thought you would want to have some info

    • Dani says

      On closer look though, it looks a little different to me. On mine, the paint on the starburst is a metallic gold and they have little dots at the tips of the rays instead of the horizontal hatch marks.

      • Shirley Joiner says

        Yes Dani, I do have to say that a closer look seems to show that your stars have a more metallic look and look a little different at the ends. This really is odd because I would be really surprised to find a third pattern that was so similar. In fact, I can’t find anything to indicate that a third variation was ever identified. I guess there’s no manufacturer’s mark on the bottom of the saucer or cup? Even among my Star Glow dishes, some have a pattern ID while others don’t. It even makes me wonder whether it’s possible that someone copied the pattern variation onto the dishes themselves and fired them. Definitely has me stumped. I’ll keep looking to see if I can find an answer. If you ever ID them, I would love to know.

  10. says

    I wrote to Homecrest about replacement cushions for my two 1963 high back swivel rockers and what do you know? They still make them. I need 71360S and can go to a nearby dealer and pick out the material.

    • says

      Thanks Elaine, for this info. I have two of those chairs, also, and the table that goes with them. I had no idea who made them. I got the set about 7 years ago for $12, only one cushion came with it, always planned to use it as a pattern to make two new ones…HA! good to know I can get them somewhere ‘cuz the sewing goddesses are obviously not working around here.

      • says

        They are not cheap, but I think it will be worth it to have the actual cushions to fit. One cushion is more than I paid for both chairs. I tried to find them on the site, Homecrest.com, but it is really hard to navigate.

        You can look at the catalog archives and find these in the 1963 Summer issue. You can also look for them under Replacements, but I got so lost I finally wrote to Homecrest and they found them for me. So, you can now go to Replacements on their site and plug in the numbers to see the offer.

        There is no way to see all the fabrics available apparently so I plan to hike in to the nearest dealer to see what is there. There is also a dealer locator on the site.

        • says

          I just went to the website and the replacement site. I found a dealer that is about an hour from me. I didn’t figure they’d be cheap. I’ll go check out the fabrics. Since I do have one cushion, I can compare it to a very good upholsterer I know to see what kind of a price difference there is. It would be cool if there was some old stock vintage fabric.

  11. Debra R. says

    I am blown away by your site.

    Hope you can direct me to someone in search of MCModern pull-down Eames style lighting. I bought three (two matching) a few years ago for a remodeling project but the husband said no. I can’t live through another remodel and I hate to think about these just collecting dust. Happy to pass along and just recoup my costs.

    Thanks for any help. Keep up the good work.

    • pam kueber says

      ebay or craigslist are likely best places to sell these, debra r. thanks for your nice comment about the site!

  12. Debra R. says

    I found a Gunlocke swivel/tilt chair on a dumpster. The wood parts are immaculate but the tilt mechanism has “issues.” I’m working on a repair, but it probably needs to be replaced. I have had no luck at all finding replacement parts for the mechanism. If you have suggestions, I’d be happy to hear them

  13. Shadytrake says

    Love all of these finds. I found a sweet MCM Broyhill Premier Forward 70 breakfront and credenza today. In very good condition from the thrift mall.

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