Happy 5th Birthday, Retro Renovation!

imaginary houseRetro Renovation 5th BirthdayCall Betty Crocker, it’s time for cake! Yup: Today is the fifth birthday of the blog. On Oct. 26, 2007, I moved from my first site — which was on blogspot and where I filed stories occasionally — over to my new .com name, on the WordPress platform. When I started, it was all a grand experiment. I was guided by this idea I came up with called “blogging with the Buddha.” Essentially, it means: Just try to provide valuable information to people, work hard at it — but don’t be attached to the outcome… I tried not to anticipate or to get excited

pam's kindergarten picture

Pam, circa 1964, St. Christopher’s School, Carlsbad, Calif.: While preparing this 5th birthday story, I came across my kindergarten photo — from when I was 5 years old, too. How’s that for a co-inkydink? Hi, Mom!

about “where it all might go” — I just kinda kept blogging, went with the flow, and let it become what it wanted to be.

Today, five years, later, it’s gone pretty well (jinx). We have lots of readers — more than 200,000 unique visitors a month. Moreover, we have a super lively chatty helpful tribe… yes, it sounds so goofy, but it is like “family”. Mid mod style is more popular than ever. We put the spotlight on the mid century modest… we saved some pink bathrooms… watch out knotty pine hehe.  And, the blog has now grown enough to support not just me, but also Kate. I assure you we do not make big time money. But, we make “enough”, and we get to do something we really love and believe in.

kate pre school

Here’s Kate in preschool (Age 5) *cute overload*

Still, it’s a journey. We are trying to be playful at the same time we work hard, to see what we can come up with next … and where it might lead. We’ve only gotten to kindergarten, when it comes to this blogging thing — no joke. So fun. Won’t you come out and play with us?

I am also really happy that blog seems to help people. Not just in getting their projects done — which is the fundamental thing we set out to do every day, but more importantly, more richly and more deeply, it’s turned out that the blog has helped some folks to “Love The House You’re In.” Even if your house is a little house, lacking in bling, chances are it is also “enough.” In fact, I think it’s likely better than living in a big blingy house with lots of strings attached. It’s funny, little houses just… call to me. See the painting at the top of this story? It’s from an estate sale… the Mrs. painted it… it was one in a series … the other paintings the houses are “done”. But this one? This one makes me super teary eyed, I am such a sap for little houses just waiting to be loved.

A great big THANK YOU, dear lovely, creative, thoughtful readers! When I started, I never ever contemplated how important the community aspect of the blog would be. A surprise and delight of infinite happiness. Today, the heart and soul of the blog has become the stories that you share about your experiences, along with all your other contributions. You’re showing how it’s done! We use your questions. You send product tips, time capsule tips, woddity tips, ebay tips, cultural story tips. And photos, galore.  Each and every day, you keep the blog lively with your comments — supportive and civil, too. And just when I’m feeling all isolated and crazy down here in my computer cave, I always seem to get a little love letter by email or in a comment that reminds me “why”. Thank you.

“What should we do to celebrate the blog’s birthday?” I puzzled. How about just: Be happy. Or, if that is too mushy for you: Eat more pie.

Happy birthday, Retro Renovation family!

Retro Renovation 5th Birthday with song


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