Clive and Mike’s 1952 Florida ranch house with pink terrazzo floors

“We bought from the original owner’s daughters….
Luckily we got here when we did —
anybody else would have gutted the place.”

clive and familyClive — shown above with dog Chloe, and his partner Mike — reached out to us to share pictures of their awesome mostly original 1952 ranch house — with pink terrazzo floors. Clive grew up in Florida and always remembers playing and running around on cool terrazzo floors — but he had never seen the pink variety until he found them in his house. Pink terrazzo?! Yup, we will add this to our list of woddities. Continue on to see the terrazzo treasure, along with 10 other photos of Clive’s Florida paradiso –>

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retro pink-terazzo-floors


front-door-exterior-retro-ranchClive writes:

Hey Pam,

I read Retro Renovation all the time, and I just love it. I’ve been into mid century style for quite a while now. My partner and I have a 1952 mid century ranch in Florida. It’s all original with clerestory windows and pink terrazzo floors. We have the original tiles in both bathrooms. It was quite the find. I have some great 50s furniture as well.


My house is a modern style for the time, it has open beam ceiling with clerestory frosted jalousie windows which needed many new rivets. The moment I walked into the house the open wood beam ceiling with the jalousie windows made me fall in love.

Then we saw a room that still had the terrazzo floor. My god it was pink. I grew up in South Florida and I had never seen pink terrazzo I had to have it. We bought from the original owner’s daughters. (Both parents had passed away and they were holding on to the house for sentimental reasons.) Luckily we got here when we did — anybody else would have gutted the place.

Pam was curious to understand more about the jalousie windows… Jalousie clerestories?, she asked Clive. He responded:

Yes they are frosted jalousies I had to repair some of the rivets , they work beautifully. I love having them open in the winter. You can feel the breeze though the whole house. It’s a  shed style roof so the heat rises and flows out. Good design for the time before home air conditioning.


Clive continues:

I did some research on the architect who built our house and found out he was a prominent architect here in Florida in the 50’s. He designed a wonderful hotel in the 50’s near me called the Entrada.


I own a small pest control company and have been in the business for 30 years. A lot my furnishings came from old houses in Florida. What people give to the bug man! I’m not shy — so when I see something I’m interested in, I ask. Sometimes they say, “Oh that old thing? Take it!”



I once got a 1965 baby blue Plymouth Fury 3 (garage kept with only 50,000 miles) from a little old lady. She had passed away and I was doing inspection for the estate, and I asked the Realtor about the car in the garage. She gave me the information for the lawyer handling the estate and I bought it for $500 back in 1984. I got it home and found the original delivery receipt for the car as well as gas receipts from 1965. I think that was my all time best find.

Thanks for your great site!



Regular readers may recall the bathroom above: We recently spotlighted Clive’s artful use of shower curtains in one of his original tile bathrooms. Using two shower curtains in the tub here not only frames the window in the shower nicely, but also lets in more light. An ingenious idea for the many homes that have bathrooms with windows in the shower.



Clive, your house’s chartreuse exterior is dreamy. Luv the Formica dining room set. And of course, I love that you furnished your house (and even filled your garage) with stuff that people were getting rid of and “gave to the bug man.” Quite often, the process of acquiring furniture and accessories is just as interesting as the pieces themselves.

Clive, Mike and Chloe  — What a happy home you have — thanks so much for saving it — and for sharing it with all of us.


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  1. hannah says

    Wow! I REALLY love the kitchen table and side boards! I’ve never seen anything like that and would love to see more pictures of them. *loves*

    • Clive Taylor says

      I picked those up at an old house here in Hollywood Fl They were in excellent condition I believe they are from the 50’s or 60. I have seen this formica pattern although not usually in grey.
      I traveld to Cuba in 2001 and went to dinner in the modern section of Havana in a beautifull mid century home and almost fell over when I saw the excact same formica in the home. If you like mid century Cuba is absolutely a treasure trove. Time stopped there offically in 1958

  2. says

    I love this house! Vintage and homey! I grew up in a Florida mid-modest ranch, so the look is very familiar to me. I especially love the dining room, the green in a number of places, and those wonderful floors!

  3. RudigerVT says

    It’s all fantastic. But it’s the fearless interplay of the chartreuse and the pink that makes my heart soar. What love. Much appreciated.


  4. Mike Wochner says

    And Clive and I would also like to creditand thank Tracy Bowden Lowery for her expert photography. She may be reached at her Facebook profile.

  5. J D Log says

    Hi congratulations guys the bar area looks perfect to relax in on a nice hot afternoon and the bathroom is fantastic I own a 1965 Plymouth Barracuda

  6. says

    I like a lot about this house. The front door is exactly what I want for ours.. and I know from this blog where to get it! And the chartreuse color of the house is exactly what I want to paint the front door! I love chartreuse green. The pink floors are bea-u-ti-ful.

  7. says

    It’s all fantastico!! What a yummy home! I would love to wander through and look at all of the knick knacks, lamps, curtain, furniture. Oh, such treasure! I had never seen the grey Formica – your set is a stand out! And that atomic shadow box! Ooh – gorgeous!! Great job, guys, that is one happy house!!! 🙂

  8. Deb Gould says

    Hi Guys,
    So great to see pictures of your house again! Mike showed me a few
    when we were in Staniel Cay…You’ve done a great job with colors and
    furnishings!!! I love your place!!! You are so lucky to have found such a Gem and that the tile in the baths were in such great shape!!! I know you worked hard on Restoring it and it shows!!!
    Going to look up Florida Highwaymen Paintings and Alfred Hair…not
    Familiar with either??? Love the Tropical Flair!!! xo Deb

  9. Susan says

    What a gas! Thanks for sharing! If anyone runs across a jalousie window(2’w X 4’L) to insert into my patio door- I would be most appreciative! Thanks

  10. Lori says

    There is an antique mall in Wichita, Ks that has the coolest coffee table that would match your dining room furniture. In all my days of hunting, and believe you me I have been to many estate sales I had never seen that color before. Then 3 days later I see a complete set.

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