Readers’ vintage collectibles — from shadowboxes to Sundrellas to sofas, and more

Kromex-canisters-pink-and-aquaAfter taking a look back at our recent thrifty finds uploader, I noticed something — thrifty finds were appearing in twos. Sifting through the photos of all your goodies was doubly exciting this week. The reader above was lucky enough to find two sets of vintage Kromex canisters — one in pink and one in aqua. How’s that for double the fun?

retro-shadowbox-Shadowboxes were making a big showing on the uploader as well. Amazingly this fun retro Turner shadowbox from reader RetroSandie (which she notes was her 3rd shadowbox found that day) is the exact same shadowbox uploaded by reader Scott (below) who scored his at a neighborhood garage sale for $1 — twins. Oh, and Pam notes that she used to have one of these — also exactly the same. She sold it to Becky at Circa in Pittsfield as part of the everlasting quest to “lighten the hoard.”


Groovy-Shadow-box-Gents-bathroomHere’s a great retro shadowbox on display in reader LarsErik’s Gents room. With so many retro poodle filled, girly pink bathrooms in our retro homes, it is neat to see one for the guys. What a great idea. I do wonder if this reader has another bath with a ladies theme though.

clawfoot-tub-and-hardwareHere’s one for the ladies — this reader scored this fancy clawfoot tub and all the hardware for her antique feminine themed bathroom.

retro-sofaAnd finally (as far as the shadowboxes go) readers Lauri and Mitch have been looking for a couch like this for years — and they finally had their lucky day. I think the lines of the couch and the lines of the shadowbox work well together, don’t you?

Flexsteel-thunderbird-sofaReader Stefanie scored a very cool green thunderbird sofa — with surprisingly similar lines to the brown one above — from a cabin “up north.” She doesn’t think it was ever sat on. Doubles — I’m seeing doubles…

1961-Divan-sofa-before-afterHere’s a couch transformation that will make you do a double take. These thrifty readers found this 1961 LA Divan couch in shambles and did a great job restoring the sofa to its former glory. Bravo.

seeburg-jukeboxHow’s this for double the fun, two Seeburg Jukeboxes — which I’m guessing are a rare thrifty find — in one uploader.


1970s-pillow-case-and plate with humorThese risqué and humorous finds from a reader’s Auntie Aud’s attic in Australia got me giggling. I’m digging the illustration on the 1970s pillowcase — and the decorative plate is so funny — I’m wishing I could meet this reader’s Auntie Aud. I bet she’s a blast.

Steel-clothes-hamperAbove: Reader Robin S. found this vintage pink metal hamper and gave us two fun views — though I do have to wonder what the skinny compartment is used for. Any ideas readers?

retro-wicker-chairsTwo more fun vintage finds — these cool wicker looking retro patio chairs. The reader who bought them (for $5) wonders — does anyone know who the manufacturer is?

Vintage-Sundrella-resort-umbrellaFinally, the last set of two from the uploader — my two favorite finds. The first of which is the vintage resort Sunbrella aluminum umbrella above — found by a reader in Arizona. Look at that shape and the fun stripes. Pam did a big story on Sundrella umbrellas a few years ago.

1950s-chips-&-dip-setMy other favorite was this 1950s chip and dip bowl set one of our readers scored at a flea market. Not only is the aqua and gold pattern to die for — but look — the dip bowl hooks onto the chip bowl for easy carrying and minimal use of table space. It is genius.

Thanks to all who participated in our Thrifty finds uploader — it’s always so fun to see what you are finding out there!

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    • Robin says

      I’m guessing it’s for hangars? But yeah, I could see how it might be for storing stain removers or static guard. The top looks like it could be used for folding clothes. Wish we had some dimensions on it.

  1. says

    Hi Pam! Thanks for featuring my newest shadowbox! I was going to paint the wood gold (leaving the cool side graphics alone, of course!) But … it’s up on the wall and filled already! Not REALLY that bad with my blonde bedroom furniture!! Oh, and I have a “sorta-twin” to that chip bowl! Except it has white panels with gold fleur de lis around the sides. Otherwise it has the exact same holder on the side for the smaller dip bowl. And I use it!!! It’s great!!! :)

    • Kate says

      Hmmm good guess! I would have never thought of that, but it just might be. Or as Tracie above says, clothing brushes and pretreat solutions also make sense.

  2. Molly says

    This is just a guess, but, in regards to the pink metal hamper; could the side cupboard be for a box of laundry detergent?

    • says

      Hi Robin, I took a look and I think it probably WAS meant to be just a wall clock and sconces. Probably another Turner item. Wall unit items were popular back then, it made for easy decorating!

        • says

          Yes, that would be a good guess. Or maybe over a long modular sofa. My mom had one that was quite long, probably the whole length of her sofa, but it was Colonial. I think I saw one once on either eBay or CL and it was super long, too, but too big to fit in my place! LOL

    • Hillary says

      The colors and diamonds on the clock remind me of the diamonds on those upholstered barrel chairs and bars. I wonder if it was part of a larger set?

  3. says

    Oh Kate… you’ve found us out!
    Its true, that while I felt compelled to upload the fantastic shadow box we put in our gentlemen’s washroom, our guest bath has a vintage pink tub and is adorned with vintage poodle artwork, including the most amazing oil painting I have ever seen of a poodle (which also happens to be a thrifty find, but from a few years back). Once we get the pink toilet we found at a ReStore installed, I will have to send you some photos.

  4. says

    Regarding the two white wicker chairs, I do not know the manufacturer, but my wife and I purchased the table from this set along with 6 of the chairs recently on craigslist for. The table is like a giant version of the chair’s base with a glass top.

  5. tammyCA says

    What a coincidence that I just walked in the room and saw on the t.v. teen show my daughter was watching a green Thunderbird sofa! The show is called, “How to Rock.”

  6. joan says

    I have to write to say that I found that same bowl with chip dip that clips on. The exact same one. At the time I purchased it at a Thrift Store for a friend who was redecorating her living room. She had bought a rug that had some flecks of aqua in it.

    On the laundry hamper question, I think it was probably in a kitchen set up originally and the side slot was used a box of detergent on the bottom and iron on top shelf.

  7. Catherine says

    We had that chip-and-dip set in another pattern, but without the holder. I always thought it was a serving/individual bowl set, except we were missing three or seven bowls! It was a green pattern with crosses that struck me as being 70’s (perhaps not) and Goth. We used the bowls for distributing Halloween candy and gave them back to the thrift store the last time we moved.

  8. Ginene says

    Regarding the pink metal hamper. Maybe that isn’t a hamper. Maybe it is a kitchen cabinet. Looks like the cutting board could be stored on side and the bin could be for potatoes and root vegetables. I’ve seen lots of bins like that in antique wooden free-standing kitchen cabinets and they were used for vegetables if they had holes drilled in them. I don’t know, but it is an interesting piece. I just can’t see metal being used for a hamper.

  9. says

    FYI –Naples Florida has the most amazing Salvation Army filled to the brim with mid century treasures at affordable prices. You will think you died and went to heaven.

    The Salvation Army
    FAMILY Store
    2255 Davis Boulevard
    Naples, FL 34104
    I just visited it this weekend and found the most amazing ‘Regal’ coffee percolator

  10. AJ says

    Hi. I’m not sure if this is the proper spot to place this, but I’ll give it a yell.. Pam, I love this website. It has inspired me to keep true to the age of my house (1898) and restore the architectural and design elements that were stripped away in the 60’s and 70’s….but was wondering if you can help.

    I’m searching for an odd piece of kitcsh that both my mother and grandmother owned from the 1950’s. It was a resin and or plaster model of the spring at Lourdes. It had a mountain, running water, lights and a music box that played Immaculate Mary (an old Roman Catholic Hymn). It fascinated me as a child and we were never allowed to play with it…..I would do anything to get my hands on something similar…perhaps some of your readers would know what I’m talking about. Constant searches on Ebay and Etsy have yielded nothing. When I asked my mom the only thing she remembers is that she bought from a door to door salesmen (would love to see an article on that) that they used to call the “Saint Man”

    Thanks in advance,

  11. Jeanie says

    Regarding the pink metal cabinet–I think the skinny side was for boxes of laundry detergent–powdered & softner–powdered.

  12. Christine says

    I think the pink metal piece is a changing table with hamper and the skinny side is for folded cloth diapers, yes CLOTH. The drawer is for powder, diaper pins and other necessities.

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