Ski lodge colors are hot for 2013 — four colors for your knotty pine interior

Behr Paint — the paint available at Home Depot — posted its 2013 color trends recently. This one, called “Apres Ski”, includes four rustic “woodland colors” that go great with high altitude soft woods like cedar, redwood and, yup, knotty pine. What goes around always comes around, and could be that the larger design world is liking the comfy, cozy woodsy again. I think that these four colors would look great in rooms panelled with or otherwise featuring knotty pine.

The first color mentioned is Pine Cone Pass, and the Behr presenter notes: “Forest Green is making a comeback.” This 1980s color has been virtually demonized in years past. But golly, what is wrong with the color of a forest! The only color in this palette that bores me is — you guessed it — the light taupe — that is: greige — called Timber Town. But yes! to: Gnome Green (love this name), Folk Song blue and Ski Patrol red “that feels as cozy as your favorite wool sweater.”


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  1. Janet in CT says

    Nice idea for “rustic” colors, but it is the old “comes around” thing again! That forest green is just what was still apparent in the closets of the early sixties ranch in Maine that we wanted to buy! I like the name gnome green, perfect description, but I don’t like the color itself – too much of a reminder of the avocado of the seventies – been there, done that, got tired of it fast. Also wanted to comment on that coffee table/dolly/scale base thing on wheels in the first featured living room. Sure, it’s rustic lodgey looking, but that thing just made me cringe. I can clearly picture myself banging my shins on it or better yet, tripping over it and breaking a leg! Sometimes I wonder what these decorators are thinking! Certainly not of us elderly people whose eyesight is failing!

  2. tammyCA says

    The Woodland/Gnome/Owl theme is hot now in the craft world (I’m stitching handmade owls for gifts)…this goes back to the early ’70s when I was a kid and Earth Day was instituted, Woodsy the Owl on t.v. told you not to pollute…I don’t remember Gnomes (hee-hee my 1 yr old nephew was a Gnome for Halloween), but I had a little Forest green ceramic elf I LOVED. I like the Woodsy, cozy, pine paneled cabin, chalet feel…I wish I had a mountain getaway cabin.
    I like how they gave the room some ‘history’ with the vintage books…love my vintage books and I like the colors. I don’t mind gray in small amounts (it was prevalent in the ’30s-’40s fabrics but always mixed with other colors or backgound to cheerful colors), but I hate it when it is only with browns, blacks, granite, stainless steel…then it has no soul.
    Speaking of cabins…my in-laws had a mountain cabin in the ’80s that was totally vintage ’60s-’ shag, beads hanging in doorways, orange metal fireplace (that I now know are SO popular now..who knew?)…the cabin was like Mary Tyler Moore’s apartment. 🙂

  3. Jeanne says

    Timely, as I’ve been trying to decide what color to paint in my upstairs attic-style knotty pine bedroom. I hate to call it attic-style, but my house is a story-and-a-half and has angled walls in the upstairs bedroom. The knee-walls are knotty pine and the two ends of the room are knotty pine. I also have built-in bookcases (that I use for shoes) and an open shelf/room divider done in knotty pine.

    The ceiling and angled walls are white right now. At first I thought of keeping it white and using orange as accents in the room. I love aqua and have a beautiful aqua/black/white quilt that my mother made so I’ve decided aqua is my preferred choice. Do I paint the ceiling white and the angled walls aqua? Do I paint ceiling plus walls aqua? Do I paint the backs of the bookcases (shoe shelves) a deeper teal? Do I paint the open shelves a color or leave them wood? Oh, the decisions!

    One thing I know for sure… I do not want a “lodge” look. I will not be skiing anytime soon. 🙂 I do like the warmth of the knotty pine – It’s really grown on me. Can wood rooms be called something else besides “lodge” like?

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Jeanne, you can submit this as a Retro Design Dilemma if you want us to help (or confuse further, as we realize is the likely outcome 🙂

      • Jeanne says

        Sure, I could use some other opinions. I will take photos Sunday during daylight hours. The more confusion, the merrier. 🙂

    • tammyCA says

      I’m jealous that you have a room like that…my dream house would have a cozy knotty pine, angled walls, dormer window seat…pretending I live in a treehouse.
      Aqua/turquoise/robin’s egg is also my favorite color and I could see that next to the paneling…see how BettyCrafter’s kitchenlooks…it works together. White walls/ceiling just doesn’t seem to go with knotty pine to me.

  4. Suzanne says

    Nice ideas. My husband & I are going to put up knotty pine paneling on the wall in our office. I contemplated what color to paint the remaining walls.

  5. Andi says

    The color I saw when they said “Forest Green” in the video (“pine” something or other) wasn’t the deep “forest green” I recall from the ’80s, but rather a softer version of what might be seen in a forest! I think the room walls are the color they are calling the “new forest green.” Nice color, though, whatever they call it.
    No knotty pine (I’d love it if I had it) or anything else “rustic” in my house, but I do like the deep red and greens they showed.

  6. Laura in PA says

    We have a little ranch house in the woods and call our style “Atomic Camping Trip.” Lots of aqua and orange with our wood, stone and squirrels. Winter is dark, I need the zing of happy colors 🙂

  7. says

    I’m with Andi–I don’t think their pine is the 90s forest green. I kinda liked the one they featured, though I like Gnome lots better.

    I had a house built in the 90s, and I chose the real forest green for carpet throughout the whole. entire. house. I think my distaste for the color now is about more than trendiness (or lack thereof)!

    Thanks for sharing this–I also really loved Ski Patrol Red.

  8. Trudi says

    I’ve been trying to find the just right red and gray to go with the couch we have ordered. Even though the look we’re going for is not ski lodge (not a popular design theme in southeast Alabama) when I saw this morning’s post I had to get over to Home Depot for some sample pots! Ski Patrol and Timber Town are the perfect shades! Thanks so so much!

  9. JACKIE says

    I got a sample 8 oz. jar of the Pine Cone Pass color at Home Depot today. First, these are so new, there are no color chips for any of the the colors mentioned above, so you have to ask for it and have them look it up on the computer. I put some on the wall of my kitchen and it is very dark in color (my hubby thinks too dark) although it does dry a little bit lighter than when wet. It does not look like the green color in the video above

  10. lisa says

    Personally I love knotty pine best with white. The gnome green and red accents are great for textiles in a knotty pine room, but I’d paint all the non-pine surfaces white.

    I’m with everyone else in loving that color name — want to find something to paint green just to buy a little can of Gnome.

    • Michaela says

      What color white? I’m using Devoe paint and need a good ceiling/wall color to go with the mostly knotty pine walls in my house. Please help!

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