Retro Renovation 2013 Color of the Year: Broyhill Premier Chapter One Lime Green

Let’s hear it for the family of flower power greens!

drexel greenFor the past several years, just for fun, I’ve named a Retro Renovation Color of the Year. In 2011, my first year, it was simply “Orange“. In 2012, I fancied things up and chose a color with reference to something classic vintage: Bitossi Rimini Blu aka Cobalt blue. This year, I’m continuing the vintage honor roll tradition, declaring the photo Retro Renovation 2013 Color of the Year: “Broyhill Premier Chapter One Lime Green“, after the color of the plastic doors on the bright white Broyhill furniture line, shown above. The color I’m talking about also could, I guess, be called just key lime green, maybe even grass green, or acid green. More or less. Unlike the folks at Pantone, who will make their big 2013 color of the year announcement within the few weeks, my color pick is more of an “idea” of a color — the flower power family of greens — rather than one exact, single color chip.

So why did I choose this color?

broyhill credenzeBecause I like it! The photo directly above is from Furnish Me Vintage — Thanks, Jackie! The first photo at the top is my own, taken of the same piece at Furnish Me Vintage this summer. How dark is the green? Depends on the light.

lime green wallpaperMy big fat crazy retro office remodel included vintage wallpaper squares with shades of this color.This is when the 60s and 70s lime green really started to seep into my brain. Note: The richer green used for the ceiling trim is “Houseplant” from Sherwin-Williams. It coordinates really well. The whole room (now furnished) absolutely positively hit the funkadelic vibe I was aiming for.

ikea shelvingThe lime-washing continued when I found these Ikea kids storage units and transformed them into legs for my crafting countertop.

green carpetWhen I was renovating my office, I thought I might replace my gold carpet. My contacts at Shaw sent me a sample of the Citrus colored carpet from the HGTV line. I really like the color. But, I ended up just reinstalling my existing gold carpet, out of frugality and because the adjacent family room has the same carpet.

penny round tileModwalls makes a porcelain penny round tile called Key Lime. Yum.

rosenthall netter pottery

Now that I am looking, I spot the color in vintage items on ebay. The Rosenthal-Netter bull plate above. (Photo used with permission of ebay seller; listing now ended and link removed.)ikea chairThis Ikea steel chair is powder coated in a green that’s in the vein of what I’m talking about. Close enough.

green shelving ikeaYes, I was saving images from my recent travels to Ikea. This shelving green also is close-ish. Green is such a friendly aid green appleYup, the Kitchen Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer (<-affiliate link) is one nice looking hunka steel. These mixers come in 24 retro colors — and golly, I could name any one of them a Color of the Year, they are so beautiful. Above: Apple Green — not as acid as Lime Green, but all in the flower power family, as far as I’m concerned.

celery green

Marimekko Lumimarja Celery sheets, from Crate and Barrel.

loudmouth golf pantsAnd you know I luv me some Loudmouth Golf — Magic Bus pants, all new. Have a Nice Day!

So, what do you think my 2013 Color of the Year, readers?
Do you have rich lime green anywhere in your house?

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  1. puddletowncheryl says

    Go flower power. Let the sun shine, let the sun shine in, the suuuun shine in. It’s the dawning of the age of Aquarius… It’s required that you sway to the song.

  2. Joe says

    This sure brings back childhood memories of the 1970s for me! My parents painted their living room walls this color (it was called “limelight” – and, trust me, there was nothing “light” about it). It certainly caused visitors to stand back and go “WHOA!” I grew up with walls painted in shades of “flamingo”, “mandrake”, “orchid”, “spanish red”, “ole orange”, “smiley face yellow” and “mod blue (turqoise)”. I give my parents a ton of credit, because it seems everyone they knew was afraid to break out of the boring off-white walls and neutral decor. When people wonder why I favor colors like orange and lime, I have to remind them of my “past”. My retro tastes run conservative, because when I finish my retro restore on my kitchen it will have knotty pine on the walls, a coppertone gas range, and rounded out with sears merry mushroom and corning spice of life. BTW Pam: do you remember that this shade of green was ALWAYS paired up with that bright lemon yellow back then? You may want to keep that in mind when you select your next color of the year!

  3. sarahjaneb says

    I have various shades of green spread throughout the house, starting outside with the shutters and doors, which are SW Lime Granita.

    Kitchenaid used to make mixers in a much limier color than that Apple Green, but I think it was discontinued in 2005ish. IIRC I got mine on clearance because the color was like soooo last year. The color was called Lemongrass, and it coordinates well with Le Creuset’s Kiwi.

    And right now as we speak, I’m stripping my master bathroom cabinet doors in preparation for painting them green. Not very limey, but pretty green – Farrow and Ball Cooking Apple Green.

  4. Marta says

    I’ve always loved these colors. In the kitchen of my first apartment (on the main floor of an old victorian with ten foot ceilings), I painted the cabinet doors lime green to match the Holly Hobby shelf paper I picked out. It was mainly lime and sunshine yellow. Then Tupperware came out with the measuring cups in lime, yellow, and orange with a matching wall rack. Sigh. Sooooo long ago.

  5. Ima Pam says

    Oh, the retro greens!! I sampled so many beautiful ones before settling on three perfect for us. All are from Sherwin Williams. Tupelo Tree in the kitchen, with original birch cabinets and grasscloth covered soffit. It’s repeated in the adjoining room of all natural grasscloth except for the green accent/divider wall. SW Hearts of Palm is in the kids pink and green retro bathroom. SW Parakeet will eventually be used in the basement tiki bar area. For bar and/or tabletop, I plan to use gorgeous mosaic tile scored from the seller Pam K alerted us to a while back. I have a stash of small pebbly aquamarine, which would be fantastic with the Parakeet, and some green/black pebbly ones. This basement project keeps getting back burnered…but someday!

  6. Cynthia says

    We have an entire room painted that color….been that way since long before I discovered Retro Renovating. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We just picked it because, as Pam said, we “liked it.” It’s such a happy color. We call it the Green Room, and I am sitting in it as we speak.

  7. says

    I love how your “retro” color of the year burst out and became THE color of the year, period. Especially orange, but cobalt blue came roaring back into popularity as well. (You must’ve subconsciously inspired me, since I have an orange-ish living room with cobalt blue lamps!).

  8. Lynne says

    My new sectional is that limey green. Actually, I think the fabric swatch was called “Lime”. The carpet, soon to be purchased with a promised Christmas bonus, is called “Seaweed”. My accent color is gray. I have found that people either love my house decor, or they hate it.

  9. Jay says

    I like green very much but my greens are more conservative. I just painted the hall bath mint green. My last house had bright apple green bound carpet in the living room left by the seller. Although certainly not new it wasn’t worn / stained and was very soft and plush. I wish I knew what is was made from. When I sold I left it for the owner who intended to rent the house and twelve years later, wish I had taken it. It would look nice in the basement with the dark 70’s paneling.

  10. says

    LOVE IT! We’re going to be using FLOR tiles as an area rug in our kitchen, and we’re going with a lime green (and royal blue). Such a cheerful, gorgeous color.

  11. Wendy M. says

    I have a few splashes of this color in my kitchen- some in the curtains (it’s a retro-inspired Michael Miller fabric from a couple of years ago.) Also, I recently painted the back walls of my pantry closets, and one of them is what I call “granny smith apple green.” I painted the other two sunny yellow and aqua and it really works with both colors.
    What Iove about the green you chose is it actually compliments many other colors and it doesn’t take much to make a statement!

  12. jeanne says

    I do have this green (and yellow) in my home. I use my third bedroom for a computer room/office and parakeet room. :-) It is paneled in a light wood – not sure what kind, maybe light maple or birch? The carpeting is the same color as the wood. So, for a pop of color, I found some pinch pleat drapes on ebay made of a 60s-ish pattern of two tones of green and yellow & gold on an ivory background. They really look nice!

    I also still have the ripple pattern afghan my mother knitted (not crocheted, like most ripple afghans are) in the EXACT green you feature, yellow and ivory – which was for my groovy early 70s bedroom done in yellow and white daisy wallpaper with pinch pleats made in the matching fabric. My mother was an awesome sewer/knitter/crafty lady! I have a plethora of quilts and afghans that she has made.

  13. says

    This has always been a favorite color of mine, too, since I was quite little I loved the chartreuse dishes that were in my mom’s Branchell Colorflyte set. I would always make sure I got that color plate or dish. In the 70’s a friend redid her kitchen with the darker shade of lime green and navy blue. It was quite striking. It’s a good color, Pam. YES!! I like it!!! :)

  14. Robin says

    The original owner of my 1962 rancher loved lime green as evidenced by the occasional peek of green under the layers of paint in nearly every room of the house. The exterior trim was also lime green – you can find the occasional glop of paint on the original siding.

    I love green too but I’m more into the “pistachio” end of the scale. Kind of a subdued lime green.

  15. tammyCA says

    In the ’70s my dad’s wife had a lime green and yellow kitchen…it was fresh & pretty and I remember it was featured in a magazine. I have some splashes of what could be called lime in my house (have those Ikea leaves curtains). I like Chartreause, like what you see in ’50s lamps/pottery. The shade of the KitchenAid mixer is pretty (I have the aqua called Ice)…but… the other Broyhill green shade is just too harsh & I just don’t like it. I remember when it was called Acid Green in the early ’70s…along with Hot Pink, Neon Orange…we sure glowed back then!

      • tammyCA says

        I never saw the magazine, was only told this info…but, I remember there was lime green paint, flowered lime, yellow, white wallpaper, white wicker and it was an older home so it seemed more “radical”. I do have some ’60s magazines with similar colors in room photos in it. I hope to learn soon how to scan & post photos to flicker or something for people to reference.

  16. says

    I painted the stairwell to my basement in that color. I love the color but I’m still on the fence about trying to tone it down a bit because it is so bright. Maybe I’ll keep it and tell everyone that it’s the color of the year, 2013. For once, I’m ahead of the curve ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Annie B. says

    I’m channeling 1974: lime green walls with brilliant white trim; spider plans, scheffleras, jade plants; ornately scrolled white wicker furniture, bentwood rockers; sissal rugs; white wicker shaded swag light fixture.
    Seems as if I remember blue and white Delft pottery as accent pieces.

    Those were the days, Edith!.

    • tammyCA says

      Don’t forget the macrame…I made macrame plant hangers back then…plants were very popular (and, ahem, other certain plants).

  18. tammyCA says

    Speaking of lime green I just remembered my brother’s car in the ’70s…lime green El Dorado! Looked like this:
    Honestly, I miss those big boat cars..they rode so smooth you never felt the pot holes..and, you could lay across the back seat (well, we didn’t wear seat belts back then & people drove the lower speed limit). I also miss the COLORS of cars..I am so tired of black, silver, white cars & I once got into the wrong car that looked like mine.

  19. Janice says

    I love all shades of green and have it in several places in my house. I think of it as my version of beige – I can put it with anything and it looks fabulous. Excellent choice Pam!

  20. Jamie D says

    I’m such a fan of chartreuse and this vivid green! I have the Apple Green Kitchenaid Mixer – it was the big shower gift from my bridesmaids, specifically to go with all my Fiestaware. My living room sectional is upholstered in a fabric they were calling lime green, but it’s sort of in-between this shade and an avocado color, it’s not quite this bright.

  21. Marianne says

    How do I send you a picture? I have to share a pic of my recliner, upholstered in lime green naugahyde. Somehow my sister convinced my Mom to reupholster it in the brightest green I’d ever seen, until I read this post. Of course, this was in the late 60’s or 70’s sometime. We just gave it a place of honor in our cabin – I’d been hiding it in my bedroom, waiting for the appropriate spot for it. Little did I know that this green would ever be back in vogue!

  22. Martha says

    I love this color. My living room and dining room are both done in combinations of this green and cobalt blue. I love this color green, it is so cool and refreshing and goes beautifully with many other colors.

  23. says

    This was my childhood bedroom, picked out by ME:

    While all the other girls wanted pink, I had groovy 70’s green SHAG carpet, buffalo checked groovy green curtains, linens & matching desk. It was a limey 70’s green bonanza!

  24. says

    We just finished the kitchen in our house a few weeks ago. Our entire back splash is done in key lime subway tiles. We probably would have gone a little more kelly green if it wasn’t going to cost an arm and a leg. My husbands office is Retro Avocado (a darker lime color), and we have the most amazing couch in kelly green. We LOVE green!

  25. Nicole says

    Love,love, love this site!I redid my kitchen a few years ago in lime green to match my lime green 60’s dinette set.Im happy to know that I am so stylish,lol

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