9 places to find aluminum Christmas trees — vintage and reproduction

retro Aluminum-Christmas TreeWith the holiday season fast approaching, it won’t be long before it is time to put up the decorations. Other than a live Christmas tree, a retro aluminum tree — like reader BusyBhive’s tree, above, from our uploader Tinselmania: 73 vintage aluminum Christmas trees — is one of the most authentically vintage ways to decorate for the holidays. Golly, do we love our aluminum Christmas trees! Unless you are lucky enough to have one that’s been in the family for years, you’ll have to do a little searching to locate one of these tinsel beauties. I’ve scoured the internet and racked my brain to bring you this list of 9 places to find vintage and reproduction aluminum Christmas trees to add a little — no, a lotta! — sparkle to your holiday decor.

Please note, my list only includes real aluminum trees – not tinsel ones or ones made from plastic with some sort of tinsel coating.

1960s-pom-pom-treeAbove: Reader MrsErinD’s retro 60’s aluminum tree.

Where to find new reproduction aluminum Christmas trees

Yuletide-Expressions-Aluminum Christmas trees1. Yuletide Expressions — drats, now out of business:

This seems to be the best place online to find new reproduction aluminum Christmas trees. But you better act quickly. I emailed the company asking for more information and the sad story is — they have stopped production of these fantastic reproduction aluminum trees at their plant in Cooperstown, North Dakota. They will be selling off their remaining stock and once it is gone — it’s gone forever.

There are two styles — the classic aluminum Christmas trees and slimline aluminum Christmas trees — which are each available in several sizes from four- to nine-feet tall. Yuletide Expressions also offers replacement parts for their trees and color wheels to help you achieve the complete retro holiday experience. Another fun treat –they seem to have found a vintage Alcoa guide to decorating your aluminum Christmas tree <– and they have made it available as a handy downloadable guide.

Yuletide Expressions trees are also available through their resellers — Oak Tree Vintage and Elements Gifts and Decor — two more places to look for the remaining stock of these aluminum trees.


2. Amazon

On Amazon, I could find just one Genuine Aluminum Christmas tree available (shown above). It is less expensive than any offered by Yuletide Expressions, but note, the reviews are mixed about the quality of this tree. I also can’t find anything in the description or reviews about where this tree is made.

Where to find authentic vintage aluminum Christmas trees

Alexander-Girard-ornaments3. Ebay

There are — of course — a wealth of vintage aluminum Christmas trees to be had on Ebay. Many different styles, heights, colors and branch types — For example: Vintage Pom Poms, like reader Drew’s above, are hot hotter hottest. While there are still some bargains to be had on Ebay, be prepared to shell out some of the green stuff — some vintage trees can fetch several hundred dollars at auction.

*the search box above is an ebay affiliate link. Buy any item from ebay when you click through our links and we get a little spiff.

aluminum-tree vintage

4. Etsy

A variety of vintage aluminum trees can also be found on etsy.com, and you bypass the frustrations of an auction. Once again, sizes, colors, styles and price points vary widely.Above: Reader modshawn found his gorgeous vintage hunka metal on etsy.


aluminum christmas-tree

The hunt: Estate sales, yard sales, vintage shops, Craigslist & “Mom’s attic”

I can’t say for sure, but I’m guessing blogger Uncle Atom probably got his aluminum Christmas tree (above) from one of these sources. There are some real deals to be had on vintage aluminum Christmas trees — most likely you will find the best deals available when you are on the prowl at estate sales, yard sales, vintage shops, craigslist and everybody’s favorite — family attics and basements. The best time to do your aluminum tree hunting in the off season — when prices aren’t driven up by holiday demand and folks are doing their annual house purges.

Pam adds that, while she generally does not go to estate sales early (because she has way more than “enough” stuff already, if you are on the hunt specifically for vintage Christmas, this might be a reason to get up early, grab a cuppa and get in line. Conversely, though, in the dead of summer, when folks just aren’t in the holiday mood, she often sees vintage Christmas decorations still available in the final hours of the sale at half-price, or better. Throw everything in a big box and ask very very nicely, “How much?” and you might be surprised by the price you are quoted to take the stuff off the estate sale organizer’s hands.

No matter where you find your vintage (or new) aluminum Christmas tree — REMEMBER — these types of trees were not made for electric lights. Remember: NOELNO Electric Lights on aluminum Christmas trees.

Readers — Do you have an aluminum Christmas tree?
Where did you find yours?

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  1. Jukebox Jim says

    I’ve been kicking the idea of finding an aluminum Christmas tree, I guess this article is meant to be a sign!

    • john tayloir says

      When you least expect to find something, that is when you usually find it. Keep looking on a regular basis, I have discovered that many of my friends for some unknown reason other than fear don’t like to venture out to Auction Sales, they have plenty of them in our area, and they are a hoot to attend. You might find a tree there, and also make a few new friends. Remember those that attend these are as off the beaten path as we are when it comes to treasure hunting. Good luck in your search. JT

    • says

      Tracie, I love the ceramic trees as well! My grandma always had hers on top of her tv. When she died, I was the only one of her 11 children and 40 plus grandchildren who had any any interest in it. I have been happily displaying it and thinking of her for the past 11 Christmases!

  2. PF Flyer says

    Kate, check out Lin’s Antiques and Collectibles. They usually have a good selection of aluminum trees in their Holiday section.

  3. says

    Found ours on eBay (the color wheel too) several years ago. We had one when I was a kid for many years. My father ditched the color wheel after a couple of years and hung C-7 bulb strings all over it. What with the aluminum branches and nylon/rayon carpet, if you came within about an inch of it a spark would jump (from built-up static) that sounded like a cap-gun & would actually hurt..! Oh, those were the days. I prefer the color wheel anyways. We have collected quite a number of vintage & retro-inspired ornaments… 😉

  4. kitschywoman says

    I’ve got 6-ish or so vintage aluminum trees in varying shapes/sizes. Most were bought through local sellers (antique shops, etc.), got one from family, and I may have picked up one or two small ones on eBay. I also have several styles of color wheels and revolving tree stands, purchased through the same venues.

  5. Sarah g says

    Went to an estate sale… Was digging around the garage and came across a peice of a color wheel… Kept digging and found all the parts and assembled it. I was so excited! Went and put it in my pile by the checkout (the people saw me, in fact urged me to make a pile!) I come back to checkout and they took it out of my pile and sold it to the person who was buying a Xmas tree bc they said it went together. I had to call BS on this! They didn’t have them priced together, they didn’t have them in the same room, in fact they didn’t even know there was a color wheel in the GD house! I was sooooo angry I think I didn’t pay much of anything for the rest of my finds to try to appease me.

    • Rebekah says


      You might be able to buy a color wheel at your local Walgreens. My mom bought a silver X-mas tree a few years ago and two years ago we went into Walgreen and bought a color wheel there of all places. Last year I went into BigLots at X-mas time and they were selling the color wheels as well. Good luck to you in finding one.


  6. Kendra says

    Shoot. Guess i’ll put some lights on it and cross my fingers? Just keeeeeeding. Wal-mart had some fabulous 7 ft. tinsel trees last year at a great price-$90, I think. That’s our usual tree of fabulousness.

  7. Kayla says

    Grew up with my grandparents having the 5 ft aluminum tree and color wheel every Christmas of my childhood. Once they passed on, I inherited the task of cleaning our their home… and low and behold, in the attic in it’s original box, all branches ‘sleeved’ and in wonderful condition, sat the Christmas Tree! Was a life-saver for us the year our holiday party was on December 26 and the ‘real’ tree we purchased early in the season turned brown! Out with the brown and up with the silver! Was quite the ‘conversation starter’ that year! A year or so later, my daughter found the color wheel in the bathroom cabinet!

  8. The Other Robin says

    I didn’t really appreciate aluminum trees until this post. They’re very pretty actually. A few years ago I bought a little 3′ fiber optic tree. I’ve become very fond of it. We like to turn the lights off and watch it spin its colors. It reminds me of the fiber optic ball my dad had in the 70s, so I guess technically my tree has some retro roots. I don’t see myself getting an aluminum one, I wouldn’t want to hurt my tree’s feelings.

    • Kate says

      I’m glad you have an appreciation of them now — I have a silver tree, but it is not aluminum. I like putting lights on my tree too much to have an aluminum tree, though if I decided to put up a second tree in my den, I might spring for a 4 ft aluminum tree….I’d have to find the perfect one first though… :)

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