Hip Haven bullet planters — nifty gifty holiday idea

hip haven bullet planterIt’s the busiest selling season of the year for many retailers — including the blog’s sponsors — but my bad, I pushed the wrong button, and the ad for Hip Haven — the go-to place for iconic fiberglass bullet planters — hasn’t been running for the past 10 days. So, I wanted to immediately do a special reminder to readers looking for gift ideas to keep this company in your sites. My favorite item from Hip Haven: The Retro Bullet Planter™, which is “an authentic reproduction of the vintage originals, in shape, size, and the distinctive texture of molded fiberglass.” The company has more products, as well. Thank you, Kelley, owner of Hip Haven, for being so gracious about my mistake. And readers, be sure to check out all our advertisers (right-hand column) for gift ideas this holiday season. Along with the google, they are what keeps the blog boat afloat.


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    • sjaustin says

      I noticed that too. I love that house, and I love that a mid mod house is being presented as an awesome rich people’s house. Usually the rich relatives on a sitcom have either a traditional style home, or a more contemporary modern home that looks a lot less livable.

  1. Sheila says

    Thanks for bringing this up. I just ordered a red one. Merry Christmas to ME! If it arrives quickly, hope to use it as an ice bucket for holiday parties and then decide where to put it.

  2. Ryan says

    My girlfriend ordered one of these for me for Christmas. Can’t wait to get it! Anyone know what kind of houseplant that is in HH’s pic? I’m not a horticulturalist 😉

    • Kate says

      I would suggest a “snake plant” or “mother-in-law’s tongue” aka S. trifasciata laurentii — I have several of these in my house. They are easy to care for, thrive in low light and from neglect and are a very mid century appropriate choice!

  3. jennymotts says

    Saw an awesome planter in Peggy’s new apartment on Mad Men this past week. Slightly more angular/geometric than these bullet planters. Was hoping to find out more about it. Anyone have a a tip? Nice mother-in-law tongue planted in it.

    • pam kueber says

      Hi BK, click the bright blue hotlinks to get to Hip Haven’s online shop. I believe they have screen door inserts (not entire doors) as well. Good luck, Pam

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