DIY Putz house #3 — midcentury modest ranch house — download the pattern

putz houseRetroCraftyArtsyFartsyOne is a house, two makes neighbors, and three is a neighborhood — which is why I didn’t stop at just two mid century inspired putz style houses. Here for your viewing and building pleasure — retro ranch house number three — with link to my free downloadable pattern at the end of this story. Now we can all have mid century neighborhoods on our mantels this holiday season. I’ll make more designs for the subdivision in 2013. Click on through for House #3 and the rest of the patterns –>

retro-christmas-ranch-house-putzThis retro ranch home has a few additional fun features — like the wrap around corner windows shown above.

retro-christmas-mid-century-houseWe have this style of window in our house — making it a fun feature to add to the latest mini ranch.

retro-christmas-house-cardboardAnother fun detail — the doorway is set back further under the roofline. This creates a little porch area and gives more dimension to the house. (Note: when scoring the cardboard for this fold, you’ll have to do the backside instead of the front — see note on printable pattern.)

Three-mcm-putz-housesThe three of these mid century mini houses make a lovely little neighborhood, don’t they?

retro-putz-houses-on-mantelMaybe I’ll do a few of these mid century style putz house patterns every year until the whole mantel is full.


Who else is building all three? You can download my third and final (at least for this year) pattern below.

Click here to download Kate’s free Putz house pattern

I’d love to see how your mini ranch putz houses turned out — if you built your own house or mini neighborhood, email me a photo at

Make a whole neighborhood of mid century “Putz” style houses:


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  1. Liz Lemon says


    My friend and I made ranch #1 and the A-frame last weekend. Both were so fun and most of my friends and family are wanting them for Christmas, haha! I am loving this final installment and look forward to expanding on them next year! I’ll send photos shortly…


  2. Lynne says

    Kate, these are adorable! However, this will probably be a summer project. Do you have a instruction sheet compiled that I could print out?

  3. says

    I love these. Though I haven’t ‘built’ the other two yet, I’m hoping to this weekend. I’ve already saved up my building supplies! I’m now adding this third house to the list. This inclines me to design one or two of my own. Such fun. Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

    I don’t have a mantel in my house yet (another one of those things that’s coming), but will display them on a bookshelf until then.

  4. Bea says

    Kate – Just finished A-frame! Ready to start next week on Ranch #2 and I can landscape A-frame and ranch #2 at the same time. On the hunt for more trees!

  5. Nikki says

    Thanks for the patterns and tutorial! I love these. I just finished cutting out one and two then just discoverd Three! These little dudes are going fit right in here at our 1957 home. My fireplace looks just like yours!

  6. JeanE Brannon says

    I made an A-Frame glitter house and I love how it turned out! I am thinking of selling my glitter houses…what do I need to do to be able to use these templates for that purpose?

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Jean,

      Thanks for asking, but these patterns are only for personal use. We are simply not set up to license them for commercial use. Sorry.

      Glad your A-Frame turned out well!

  7. says


    I appreciate your asking, because most people don’t.

    As a person who has published instructions and plans for dozens of putz house project for his friends, I have to say, I get a little sick to my stomach when I see their clones on Etsy, or, even in some cases, coming from China where someone has stolen all of my friends’ hard work and paid someone else slave wages to reproduce it.

    I have to warn you that it’s hard to make much money making putz houses anyway, but if you make putz houses that look like other people’s, you’re not only cheating the true artists’ whose work you admire, you’re also making houses that will have a lot of direct competition.

    It’s not THAT hard to come up with your own designs, and everyone, including you, will be better off if you do.

    And I know a number of folks that love to see original putz house designs so much that they would post links to your site if your houses are truly original.

    Hope that helps,

    Paul Race

  8. says


    I’m working building this set of houses for my mom for Christmas and I have a question about This house in particular. How do you resolve the little stair step where the door sits back when you put on the roof? There isn’t a jog in the roof but, if I leave it as is, there’s a gap between the roof and the top of the wall on that section. What did you do?


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