Make an adorable Shiny Brite ornament tree in just 5 minutes – Adorable DIY video, too!

Golly, this is Kate’s cutest darn video yet. And the project — Genius! Are you a blogger? Or active on Facebook or Twitter or Google+? Can you help us make this one go VIRAL? It really deserves it! Read Kate’s instructions after the jump:

Kate writes:

Here I am, back with yet another Retro Crafty holiday video — this time inspired by Retro Renovation Facebook fan Melinda — who scored a vintage Shiny Brite ornament tree at an estate sale for mere pennies and shared photos of her seasonal score on facebook. Almost instantly, Pam emailed them to me and suggested that I try to recreate the charming vintage holiday decoration. It didn’t take long for me to fashion a replica of Melinda’s vintage tree — which is great because Christmas is next week and time is running out to get your holiday crafting and decorations finished.

Making this ornament tree was so easy — there are only three steps — and probably most of you have all the necessary pieces just laying around the house.

Materials needed to make a Shiny Brite ornament tree:

  • Wire hanger
  • 20 ball ornaments — 8 large, 4 medium, 4 small and 4 teeny tiny (optional: depending on the shape of your tree topper you may want an additional teeny tiny ornament that you can modify, if made of plastic, like I did in the video)
  • Tree topper (mine was a new, plastic one from Target — it was $1 and was in the mini tree section of the holidays stuff)
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire cutter

VintageStyleornamentTreeThe best part about this project — well other than how quick and easy it is to make — is that you can use your treasured vintage ornaments without marring them with glue or making other permanent changes. Then at the end of the season, just disassemble the ornament tree and make it again next year, or switch up the colors to match your decor. If you have a lot of vintage ornaments, you could make a whole “forest” of these in varied heights and sizes — the sky is the limit.

This morning, Pam pointed out that reader Michael uploaded a picture of his two vintage Shiny Brite trees to our recent holiday decorations uploader — this makes me want to make another in order to get a matched pair.

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  1. Janet in CT says

    Kate, cute as can be and so simple and cheap to make! Just a warning to be careful with those danged coat hangers. I got the bright idea from a magazine article to bend four or five of them into the shape of a reindeer and then twist little lights around it. Those hangers can be tricky and one twisted on me and impaled itself in my thumb. I ended up going to the doctor for a tetanus shot! And after all that effort, my son said it looked more like a pig than a reindeer. So my Christmas Pig hanging in the window was famous in the neighborhood!

    • lexavline says

      Lol, oh no! I hope you’re finger wasn’t hurt too badly, but this is hilarious!
      This is the first thing I’ve read this morning and the thought of a “christamas pig… in the window” made me almost spill my coffee laughing. I hope you saved it!

      • Janet in CT says

        It certainly made for alot of laughs and was pretty embarrassingly pathetic looking! But I hung it for years! We moved eight years ago and I haven’t seen it since, so unless Phil hung/hid it somewhere in the garage, it must have gotten discarded. It would be kind of fun to make another one, but it might come out looking like a reindeer!

  2. Diane says

    Oh my –I’m glad some ones brain never stops working—–love it–and I posted it to my facebook page—Love your necklace too Kate! Now off to find more ornaments!!!!!!

  3. Marta says

    This was such an easy fun craft, and the video was great! Kate, you keep getting better and better. Although, I missed seeing Leo. Was his agent holding out for more treats? Maybe he should have his own segment giving advice about MCM dog houses. Also, I did not notice the RRTV symbol in any of the other posts. Am I just slow to notice or is it new? Either way, love it!

    Anyone not having wire coat hangers, you can buy appropriate wire by the foot at a hardware store. You can also pick up clear plastic tubing in the plumbing section if you want to slip a few inches over the base of the wire to protect your table/counter. Kate, you’ve inspired me to see if I can make smaller trees to go around my 50’s musical church. With all the tabletop trees around now, maybe I can find graduated sizes using the smallest regular balls as the biggest size.

    • pam kueber says

      Click on the RRTV logo and you get to all our videos on YouTube! Isn’t the logo cute! Kate made that, too, of course!

      • Marta says

        Of course she did, lol! Thanks for letting me know about the youtube link. That makes it so much easier to find the videos!

    • Kate says

      Thanks Marta!

      I have a feeling Leo will be back in the picture next time. He was too busy napping while I was shooting this video. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • MarilynH says

      Or you could buy shrink tubing from the electrical supply store–it comes in colors–and put it on your wire to make it colorful and non-marring.

  4. Jeanne says

    A++++! You gals keep outdoing yourselves! Fantastic video (I just shared on my FB page). Maybe I can squeeze creating one of these this week, in-between baking cookies, work and holiday cards (yikes!), but I think it just might be doable. :-)

  5. says

    Oh my goodness, this is a FABULOUS project. Kate I’m in awe that you also came up with a way to make it all non-permanent. Not only do you not have to permanently change any vintage ornaments, it makes it so much easier to store them. Or change up the theme from year to year. I am totally doing this next year! (Too much pre-holiday trip prep to try this year, alas. lol) This and glitter houses are totally going on my 2013 Christmas to-do list, thanks to RR!

    p.s. Kate/Pam, since I know you may see these before an email: in the interest of spreading the word, is it alright to pin the photo to Pinterest?

    • Kate says

      Hi Craig,

      Found the star at Target, next to the display of “mini trees.” It is a mini tree topper — came in silver and gold and was only $1.

  6. Leslie says

    What an adorable tree, cute gift idea too! I would also love to know where you found the star, it’s Christmas Kitschy perfect.

  7. Jay says

    Gosh! That Pam is such a slavedriver. She comes up with the ideas and passes them off to Kate to create. Honestly though, there are no bounds to your creativity – your end result is beautiful. The closest I come to making something out of ornaments is stacking ornaments up in glass vases and bowls.

  8. says

    Next year I’d love to have a Christmas tree in every room and these little ones would be perfect for a kitchen island or a dresser in a kids room. Very cute and easy to make! Love it! I’ll pin this and hopefully some of my followers will repin!! :) Merry Christmas!!

  9. Nancy B says

    This is such a wonderful, space saving idea! When you first showed the original I was like, I should be able to find something around the house to use as the base. I stole my husband’s stand for his carafe. So easy, just slipped the ornaments down. I didn’t have the perfect sizes but just used some old tinsel to fill in the little gaps. I have so many very old ornaments that I have not been using & this is the perfect way to display & enjoy them!! Such a great idea!! Thanks & Merry Christmas!

  10. Jana (Berniecat) says

    What a fun project! My mom is in a nursing home and I’m going to make a Shiny Brite tree for her today. Just the right size and lots of cheer! Keep those great projects and tutorials a’ comin! :)

  11. Shane (Trouble) says

    Huh. I have to admit, that’s pretty cool. Maybe there’s enough time yet to whip one out this weekend as a centerpiece for the otherwise junk-piled “kitchen table”. I’ll surprise my wife with it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks Kate!

  12. Karen says

    on hearing the bells, I thought I’ll bet you could slip a few bells on there too.. At least you’d hear it if it got knocked off:)

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