5-minute Kitschmas: Make a mini Evergleam Peacock tree out of pipe cleaners

This holiday season has been a particularly crafty one at my house. Between making the three mini putz houses, the yule log centerpiece, and the shiny brite ornament tree — I’ve been busy. But with Christmas only a week away, and one more great idea for a quick and easy holiday craft dancing around like sugarplums in my head, I just had to make one more retro crafty video to share with everyone.

gold-aluminum-peacock-treeThis project was inspired by reader Lori’s fabulous vintage aluminum Evergleam Peacock tree. I was inspecting every shelf at the craft store looking for materials for a different project when I happened across silver, glittery pipe cleaners and mini ornaments — and it hit me like a tightly packed snowball: Why not make a mini peacock tree to display on the mantel with my putz house neighborhood?

peacock-tree-with-putz-housesIf you have a few materials, about five minutes and are willing to risk cuteness overload — why not give this quick holiday Retro Crafty project a try?

Materials needed:

  • Pipe cleaners — 10-15 depending on the size of your tree (I used silver sparkle)
  • Mini ornaments or beads (I found mine at Michael’s)
  • Wooden shish kebab skewer
  • Base — I used a hunk of wood with a hole drilled in it, but you could use a piece of foam, some clay or whatever you have handy.
  • Scissors
peacock-trees-on-mantelThis is one of those great crafts that isn’t messy and can be finished in one sitting — making it the perfect last minute holiday project.


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  1. Annie B. says


    I adore the way you can take the simplest materials and make something so endearing and special. Your talents continue to amaze!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    • Kate says

      Aww thanks Annie B.

      I have lots of fun dreaming up and making these retro crafty projects to share with you!

      Happy Holidays!

  2. hannah says

    Kate, you’re the best!!! I remember the days when I was as creative and busy with crafts as you. Sadly, that was before the INTERNET! lol

    I didn’t know pipe cleaners came in silvery glitter styles. Where did you purchase them? This, is a project I just might tackle for next year. Easy little gifts too! Everyone at my work knows my style and MCM bent, so I think they’d dig getting their own little aluminum tree. Especially the people from my generation.

    Thanks, Kate!

    • Kate says

      Thanks Hannah!

      I got my pipecleaners at Michael’s. They also had gold and I’m pretty sure they had a multi pack with gold, silver, green metallic, red metallic and blue metallic! 🙂

  3. tammyCA says

    I’ve made pipe cleaner trees before but didn’t know about one-dimensional Peacock trees…very cute…and, way easier to pack away since they’re flat. 🙂 And, the mantle is picture perfect with the echo of colors.

  4. says

    Very cute idea, Kate!!!! Once again, loved your video!! Hey, too bad they didn’t make GIANT chenille stems … then you could make a full sized tree!!! LOL Anyhoo, your mantel is perfectly wonderful!

  5. says

    My husband makes something similar, though ours aren’t flat and he doesn’t use dowel for the center stem (I like that idea). Adorable trees! And yes, you’re mantle does look fabulous! Love those glass trees too!

    I haven’t had a chance to make the houses yet, maybe today.

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