Shopping at the ReStore Habitat for Humanity — East Coast Edition

When Kate told me she was taking a quick run to scope for affordable home remodeling finds at her local ReStore Habitat for Humanity, the bug right bit me, too. So same day, I took a quick trip up the road to see what was new/old at my ReStore in Pittsfield, Mass. As usual, there were some terrific buys, if you have the need — some lovely vintage lights… mirrors… bathroom sinks… kitchen cabinets… lots of bathroom tile in a soft classic off-white… and more. Following is my slide show, with each image captioned. Click on any thumbnail and it will enlarge, use arrows below each image to move back and forth.


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    • Allen says

      Eartha! where in Tennessee do you live? I am in Chattanooga and have TWO wagon wheel lights that I would like to sell if you are interested.
      I will check back later.

  1. Janet in CT says

    Pam, I think what you say may be a lamp base in photo #11 is a part of a wall pin-up lamp but not knowing the size, I can’t be sure. The arm comes out from the sconce piece on the wall, and this piece is on top of the curved arm and under the brass or white piece that holds the bulb socket. Purely decorative. I have one just like it but smaller and that’s what I think it is, probably upside down in the picture. Love these pix and I have to go up there and look around for stuff for my house. I also see the chest I need for my old Moosehead set in photo #17!! Thanks!

  2. Jay says

    Ok Pam, I seriously think you have the mother of all Restores. A veritable wharehouse of RR goodness. I think the problem in my area is that the really older vintage stuff went to landfills eons ago and mostly what is showing up now are the 80s/90s castoffs. I like those ruffly ceiling diffusers. If I find something I really like for my kitchen you can be sure the new light fixture I just installed last year (can’t stand it) will go to the Restore. The local HFH opened another Restore, I will have to see if it’s any better.

  3. Robin, NV says

    I might have to convince my aunt in Connecticut to go down and buy me that toilet seat. Haha. Yeah right.

    I’m SO going to the Restore tomorrow. Perhaps I’ll find the wall hung blue sink I’ve been looking for. Or maybe a big mirror for my bathroom. Or a sweet swag lamp for the living room. But mostly I’m just curious to see what’s there.

  4. Savannah says

    So this post urged me to go to my HfH which I found a few kitchen sinks! A couple awesome 3 compartment ones, and one decently sized cast iron double compartment with..a dish master!! I’m not sure how old/new the dish master is, but it’s awesome! It was $49..with 75% off!! So.. $13 for a sink and faucet!! So excited!

  5. Sara says

    Wow! You guys have some amazing Restores! Our is ok, and I’ve picked up quite a few little things there. But nothing like what you have in your pictures! Ours has more contemporary stuff, like 80’s or newer. Very little vintage or retro, which is kind of surprising considering this town is chock full of houses from the 40’s-60’s. I want those metal kitchen cabinets!

  6. TappanTrailerTami says

    Just a side note on the clear hobnail lamp base pictured –

    These were also used to “spiff up” the old chrome round kitchen light fixtures that had the two circular exposed fluorescent tubes. I have an original one and it has that exact piece in the center, inside the smaller bulb and the down rod comes through the hole of the hobnail piece and has a screw on cap/finial.

    If someone wants to repeat that look, Home Depot and Lowe’s still sell circuline light fixtures for dirt cheap @ about $20. The chrome fixture housing isn’t near as heavy duty as the original 40’s and 50’s versions, but hey, it is a vintage look on the cheap!

  7. Sarah g (roundhouse) says

    The restores by me are Houston, Beaumont, Baton Rouge and New Orleans… Has anyone been to any of these and can testify to their decency? Since they are all 1-3 hours away

  8. Marta says

    Love that sink, (#30), too. The offset tap is perfect for a bathroom since, honestly, there’s a tendency to smack ourselves in the head with the bathroom faucet trying to wash our faces without splashing water everywhere in the usual arrangement. Or is it just me?

  9. Marta says

    I just found out our local ReStore (Salem, CT) is moving! The huge garden center they were housed in went out of business and the building was sold. They’re moving to a temporary location at 82 Boston Post Road in Waterford, CT.

    The better news is that in looking it up, I see there’s a new ReStore in Putnam CT. Atleast I think it’s new. I haven’t been there before.

  10. hannah says

    I visited our Re-Store the other week (Portland, ME) during lunch looking for an electric range. Nothing. Ours is rather smallish – and not much of great interest to me there. Of course naturally, before I got the house there were two NOS electric stoves but they were built ins, and they had a sign on them that said “Not for Sale at this time”. They had a vintage (Big Chill??) fridge too – but that was too large for our space.

    We did come home with a box full (exact amount) of spade hammered copper hinges for the kitchen cabinets. So, that made me happy.

  11. Pat says

    I used to love our ReStore, now it’s so expensive, I rarely go there. They are also getting in alot of new pressed board furniture (NEVER in my house!) with new prices). So sad

  12. Brian says

    Pam – we went here not too long ago. Wonderful place, and we knew about it because of you. If you ever make the trip there again in the future, drop me a note on FB! I’d be great to meet you.

  13. Pat Wieneke says

    OOOOH! I think I saw some of that Marmoleum at my Restore in Appleton Wi! I have a tiny 3/4 bath that would be spiffy in.
    But how do you glue it down? Right now, there are cheap self stick vinyl tiles ( they pop off every place BUT the wet bathroom).
    Under it is most likely worn out 1950’s bathroom vinyl or leno.

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