Rich lime green from vintage David Hicks — fresh sitings of my 2013 Color of the Year

david hicks wallpaperLuscious, rich, key lime green — as found on 1970s Broyhill Premier Chapter One furniture — is my 2013 Color of the Year. Which means I’ll feature sightings now and again all year long, as the Retro Decorating Gods serve slices up to me in my live and virtual travels.


What a pretty color. I contend that all the LARGE scale geometrics we see in rugs and painted on walls circa 2011-2012 and continuing into 2013 are all very derivative of David Hicks, only dramatically enlarged. Ginormous chevrons everywhere in contemporary design, still. These designer are all just channeling David Hicks.

I am a fan of the original Hicks and have written quite a few stories about him:

david hicks tie

I have been creating an archive of David Hicks necktie designs (because I am an insane collector at heart buhahaha!) and added the “A” just this week! It’s also for sale on da ebay right now:

Oh! I see there is an “M”. I need to chase permissions to archive this one, too!

green-wallpaper-vintagevintage-green-wallpapervintage-wallpaper-1970sBack to rich lime green my color o’ the year: Ebay seller nelford, discoverer of the David Hicks wallpaper, also has this flowery green for sale. The flower power colors are just lovely.

Broyhill-Premier-Chapter-One-Green-Dining-Room-Set (1)Finally, following my original story about Broyhill Premier Chapter One, I receive a thoughtful email from reader Mitch, who had just found and purchased the complete dining room set. Just awesome, absolutely carpe 70s. Yes, I am lime green with envy.

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  1. nina462 says

    this is my favorite color – back in the 70’s we called it Jungle Green. My bedroom was this wall color with white furniture, while my best friend had the opposite – white walls with green furniture.

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