Woddity watch: Rare vintage medicine cabinet, pink pyramid Eljer kitchen sink and ummm….

pole lamp medicine cabinetThis blog is fundamentally about helping owners of mid century and older homes “find the resources they need to get their projects done.” Layer on top of that: I am a total cheapskate… Love the hunt… Love the quality of the vintage…. And maybe most of all, love the odd… the weird… the eschewed… the failed underdog that was disdained by fashion, (likely) then, and (likely) now. Oh pooey on fashion. Here, we love the weird vintage — the inventive, but failed, dream — but hey, at least someone was dreaming. See our entire wonderful oddity — woddity — archive here. And today, a threefer: First, a kind of “pole lamp” style medicine cabinet. Wodd!

pink-kitchen-sinkSecond, a vintage Eljer kitchen sink that’s a kind of double upside down pink pyramid. Influenced by Madonna’s brassieres in her 1980s Material Girl days, perhaps?

il_fullxfull.414473858_ch0fAnd third: Speaking of brassieres, all you boob light aficionados out there, aren’t these just the best boob lights ever? They are the latest additions to the ginormous stash of 200+ New Old Stock lights from Moon Lighting Vintage

Both the pole light medicine cabinet and the Eljer sink are available from this seller, who gave me permission to use the photos yadda yadda yadda:



Alas, a chippy

Alas, a chippy

eljer-labelHave a nice day!



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  1. Annie B. says

    Sink Pink! Never have I seen one with such a shape. Put your soap dispenser over the chippy and who’s to know it’s there?

    Those boob lights are real hooters. They need golden tassels hanging from their…….what should I call them?? Pointy ends??

    • pam kueber says

      Thanks for the alert, JamieAbe. Two days in a row the carousels did not publish. I will keep an eye on… It’s in there now.

  2. TappanTrailerTami says

    LOVE that medicine chest light combo! That Eljer sink is like it moved out of the bathroom. There was a period when the sink companies designed shapes like this for bathrooms, but I’ve never a design like this applied to the kitchen sink.

    The Booblights are too funny! Pam, if you are “on it” at all….the last two days have seen an explosion on Twitter of boob photos (cleavages) posted by colleges – it has become an official “boobment” apparently. It was started by someone at Kansas University. Now there are twitters for #bamaboobs, etc. KUboobs now has 19,000 followers already.

    I think you should throw these on twitter as RRUboobs (retro reno university)…..and just show everyone what RRUboobs really look like, LOL.


      • TappanTrailerTami says

        I get that Pam, it’s just the timing I guess, because I just read that article last night and then lo and behold, you posted the B Lights this morning – made me laugh. I much prefer these over the others!!!

  3. TappanTrailerTami says

    The computer gremlins are at it, sorry for the double post.But, then boobage usually comes in pairs, so there ya have it.

  4. says

    Sorry, me too Pam! Your remarks on the lights had me laughing out loud!! But that’s what came to my mind when I saw them! Right down to the “pasties”! Lovely pink sink, though.

  5. Jay says

    Well Pam, see what you started…. I never thought of these globe fixtures as boobs but now that you mention it what with the add on leaf shape pastie things that’s all I’ve been thinking of. It’s certainly been a good laugh for Friday.
    Seriously though, I was wondering how that medicine cabinet thingie works. Hard to tell from the photo but it doesn’t look like the pole goes to the floor, and do the lights plug in? Well! Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. Mike S says


    Wow, never thought I’d find a place to say that. Now that I have, it’ll be just like when you’re thinking of buying a particular model of car: you see them everywhere.

  7. Hillary says

    I can totally see that medicine cabinet used in a situation where there’s a window over the bathroom sink. Very cool!

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