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    farmhouse drainboard sinksWith the discovery of a reproduction 1950s style drainboard sink now on the market, I decided it was time to put Everything You Want to Know about Farmhouse Drainboard Sinks But Were Afraid to Ask all onto one page. Well, it’s everything *we* kinda think we know, here at Retro Renovation. Check out our new Farmhouse Drainboard Sinks page here.

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    1. Sometimes I wish I was just starting my renovations. And sometimes I wonder what I could do to my breezeway…….with a different window…. and a Formica yellow cracked ice table…..I haven’t had plaster dust floating in the air for almost 2 years. Must be time to change something.

    2. Just to report my restored pink Naco kitchen sink is still going well after 2 years of use.

      • pam kueber says:

        That’s great to hear. What process was used?

        • I know this website does not recomend painting. I checked with a lot of people I know who had their bathtubs restored by painting it worked out to be a 50% sucess rate. So I went with a company recommended to me checked out what was said on the web about them which was pretty good.
          I was a bit worried that they only offered a warrantee for bath tubs and not kitchen sinks. I followed their instructions on use and cleaning methods and have not had any problems since. I always check carefully for the slightest sign of deteration as I am a bit paranoid about it but it still looks as good as day 1

    3. Not sure if this is the right spot for this comment but… We just recently bought a 1956 fixer upper and are remodeling with the intent of preserving the original design of the house. I was looking for a sink that would seem period correct and not cost me an arm and leg or be a complete pain for my husband to install. Camoe across this stainless steel sink with drainboard at IKEA. Anyhow just an idea if your trying to do a retrorenovation on a very small budget as we are.

      • pam kueber says:

        Thanks! We’ve spotlighted these Ikea sinks before, but have on our list to do a round-up story of “drop in” stainless steel sinks like this. Also: Try the Re-Store, you may be able to get a real deal on an original.

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