70 vintage Wilsonart laminate samples — including 17 glitter sparkle laminates

vintage-wilsonart-aqua-glitterHold on to your horses Retro Renovation readers — thanks to a tip from reader Hannah, who is constantly alerting Pam to fabulous vintage items listed on Etsy (xoxox we love you Hannah — will you be our Valentine?) — we were able to get permission from Etsy seller MichelleAndHerDog to bring you 70 pictures of vintage Wilsonart laminate samples — now being offered as key rings. There are several gorgeous patterns — including 17 sparkle and satellite colors. Oh what I would give to be able to order that aqua glitter laminate today. So c’mon folks, the gallery is loaded up with 70 samples to see — let’s take a cheery walk down retro laminate sample lane, shall we?

vintage-wilsonart-aqua-gold-satelliteFrom what I can gather, the difference between glitter and satellite seems to be that satellite has some “veins” of glitter intermixed through the sparkles.



Below is a listing of the names from the swatches featured in our slide show, sorted by category:


  • Aqua glitter laminate
  • Beige glitter laminate
  • Charcoal glitter laminate
  • Cocoa glitter laminate
  • Coppertone glitter laminate
  • Flame glitter laminate
  • Frosty pink glitter laminate
  • Powder blue glitter laminate
  • Pumpkin glitter laminate
  • Red glitter laminate
  • Wintergreen glitter laminate


  • Beige gold satellite laminate
  • Aqua gold satellite laminate
  • Frosty pink gold satellite laminate
  • Powder blue satellite laminate
  • Primrose gold satellite laminate
  • White gold satellite laminate


  • Blue spinet laminate
  • Charcoal spinet laminate
  • Coral spinet laminate
  • Grey spinet laminate
  • Light yellow spinet laminate
  • Pink spinet laminate
  • Light green spinet laminate


  • American walnut laminate
  • Black walnut laminate
  • Bleached mahogany laminate
  • Blonde Ash laminate
  • Blonde Maple laminate
  • Brown pickled birch laminate
  • Flaked limed oak laminate
  • Light grey ash laminate
  • Maple laminate
  • Oriental walnut laminate
  • Light American walnut laminate
  • Platinum walnut laminate
  • Rattan laminate
  • Red striped mahogany laminate
  • White birch laminate
  • Tan limed oak laminate
  • Spice brown walnut laminate


  • Dark grey pearl laminate
  • Green pearl laminate
  • Light grey pearl laminate
  • Red pearl laminate
  • Yellow peal laminate


  • Green Irish linen laminate
  • Grey fine linen laminate
  • Grey Irish linen laminate
  • Red Irish linen laminate
  • Yellow Irish linen laminate
  • Tan fine linen laminate
  • Tan Irish linen laminate


  • Grey and coral marble laminate
  • Light pink marble laminate
  • Light tan marble laminate
  • White marble laminate


  • Solid beige laminate
  • Solid black laminate
  • Solid charcoal laminate
  • Solid cocoa laminate
  • Solid flame laminate
  • Solid powder blue laminate
  • Solid pumpkin laminate
  • Solid red laminate
  • Solid white laminate
  • Solid wintergreen laminate

Other patterns

  • White batik laminate
  • White festival laminate

vintage-wilsonart-beige-gold-sattelite vintage-wilsonart-charcoal-glitter vintage-wilsonart-cocoa-glitter vintage-wilsonart-coppertone-glitter vintage-wilsonart-flame-glitter vintage-wilsonart-frosty-pink-glitterAny way I could get some of this frosty pink sparkle laminate for my bathroom remodel? Pretty please?

vintage-wilsonart-frosty-pink-gold-satellite vintage-wilsonart-powder-blue-glitter vintage-wilsonart-powder-blue-satellite vintage-wilsonart-primrose-gold-satellite vintage-wilsonart-pumpkin-glitter vintage-wilsonart-red-glitter vintage-Wilsonart-White-gold-satellite vintage-wilsonart-wintergreen-glitterThe gallery below is all loaded up with these sparkle and satellite patterns as well as the popular Irish linen, a cool spinet pattern, pearl, marble, wood and solids. Let the fun begin.

A huge thanks goes out to Etsy seller MichelleAndHerDog for letting us feature the photos of her fabulous laminate samples.

Tips to view slide show: Click on first image… it will enlarge and you can also read my captions… move forward or back via arrows below the photo… you can start or stop at any image:?

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  1. Robin, NV says

    Oh my gosh, I so want Aqua Glitter for my kitchen. This stuff is exactly what I want to buy. The colors are fun but not crazy, simple but not subdued. Is anyone else imagining those wonderful pinks in a bathroom?

    Let’s launch a letter writing campaign to Wilson Art begging them to bring back some of these great colors and patterns. I’m so tired of faux marble/stone laminates.

  2. Sara says

    Ooooh, I like the Spinet ones! Especially the light green and coral, and of course the pink. So sad that most all of these are unavailable today.

  3. says

    had an opportuinty to meet the owner of the place years ago, was an outside rep for industrial supplies, he was sweeping the back area of the facotry very polite, nice man. We chatted for a bit, after a little while I asked him of he was the guy in charge or the plant manager with a soft laugh he said I am the janitor, president, owner and some times the bottle washer, & oh by the way I sign the checks arround here! I laughed & said I figured that since you had the time to talk to me! Your ded give away was your Rolex watch and expensive loafer shoes, thought the plant workers did not dress like that! He laugh then gave me a wonderful tour of the factory, it was a great sales call. I was also looking for a small piece of Wilson art to put behind the tiolet as the wall in the old house I was living in at the time had crumbled, when I told him I was the one putting it on not myex he looked at me with big eyes and said “You” well ,well missy in that case you can have it for free, I don’t get many women who even know how to hadle this stuff much less install it!” (LOL) Needless to say when on the way home just smiled and enjoyed the comment! It was not sexist on hispart I gather his wife does not do an remodel (this was about 30 years ago) Love love the pinks and the turquoise blue speckles samples shown! He also appreciated the fact that I treated him with respect wheile talking to him (I did not see his watch and clothes at first, (long pants, long sleeves) said most sales reps ignore the janitor, trying to get to the plant manager, I replied most janitors will introduce me to the plant manager if I treat them right. The other thing i used to do was bring homemade choc chip cookies ya know the one with the burnt egdes in a zip lock plastic baggie look them right in the eye tell them it was bribery and that I want their business! LOL Ya know it worked! Lot cheaper and faster than those “business stupid lunches” LOL Cant wait to buy some more Wilson art but this time will go through the front doot not the loading dock!

  4. Jay says

    Oh wow! Imagine my surprise when I saw the very first picture – Aqua Gliiter. Brought back some memories. In my last house, this was on the counter the sink was set in. There was also a separate little rolling cabinet that was topped in it with an attached fold down shelf. The rolling cabinet was perfect so I kept its aqua laminate but the counter and sink were badly worn so they were replaced. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    • Jay says

      Oh, and I’m pretty certain the yellow Irish Linen is what I removed from my current kitchen – at least what I could see of it, the surface was badly worn. That Spinet looks good! Too bad time has passed them by, these are nice all-over patterns with great colors. They were available at least into the 60s because that’s when the kitchen in my last house was fitted with the Aqua Glitter.

  5. says

    These are so fabulous. I just bought one of the counter top I wanted for the kitchen but couldn’t get. Not quite the same thing, but fun nonetheless!

  6. amy pie says

    aqua glitter or satellite, exactly what i need. or pink, or yellow or white. sigh. story of my life, born too late.

  7. Paula says

    I had to take my laptop down to the basement to check. I think we have flame glitter on our bar (which is very coral pink) and lt. grey ash on the cabinets. So much yumminess! I wish they would bring some of these back!

      • Paula Webb says

        It is more of a corally pink. It is the reason we bought the house. That and the pink and white vct. I really need to take some pictures and post them

  8. 52PostNBeam says

    I bought the “white spinet” from this seller a year or so ago, and then months later found a little curved shelving unit with the same pattern! It’s the exact same color combo as Formica’s “white skylark” (boomerang).

    Most of the Wilsonart designs are slight variations of Formica’s popular patterns of the time. I don’t know who is copying who, but suspect Formica is the leader. I have a great collection of Formica chips – they call their glitters “sequin”, and the “satellite” ones with glitter and veins are called “spindrift.”

    I will email you the photo of white spinet.

  9. tammyCA says

    Love the aqua and gold glitter and also the pink/gold glitter…wish they were available, I’d go with these rather than re-tiling.
    When I took an interior design class I had a bunch of these samples from some store…wish I had kept them but they must’ve been taken to the Goodwill during a move (although, I don’t think I had the prettier ones or I’m pretty sure I would’ve kept them).

  10. says

    Kate, you and your loyal readers are rock stars! Thank you so much for the exposure, I’ve had a run on the keyrings today! Getting them all out in the mail today. What a cool blog…you have a new follower! Michelle and Her Dog

  11. Kim says

    Oh my GOSH, what a flashback these have kicked off! When I was a little girl in the 70s, there was a specialty kids’ shoe store in Seattle–the Junior Boot Shop!–that had various kid-friendly attractions: a couple of fun-house mirrors, some rocking horses/chairs, and a huge coloring table with free crayons, covered in Coral Spinet if memory serves. I thought the pattern was outside-the-lines scribbling from other children. :) Man, what I wouldn’t GIVE…!

  12. says

    Lovely! I couldn’t resist….had to purchase the red formica swirly one. Even if my kitchen counters can’t be this color I can gaze at it longingly every time I turn my house key 😉

  13. hannah says

    Glad everyone is having fun with these! I didn’t realize they’d been made into key chains. I just saw Formica and glitter in mass quantities and emailed Pam toot suite!

    I can’t believe I passed the chance by to grab a glitter one (I think I’d have gotten the white one as that’s what I want on my kitchen counter). But, I just spent a good deal of money over the weekend on Barbie items (of the vintage sort). I have a huge ‘jones’ to play with my Barbies….so they got most of my attention over the weekend.

    Kate, thank you for the luv! <3

  14. Michelle says

    Our kitchen STILL has the white Gold Satellite countertops. They sure were built to last although some of the gold has worn away by the sink area.

  15. Shanna (PinkTrees) says

    my home was built in 1965/66 and still has the original white gold satellite laminate counter tops in the kitchen! i really wish they still made it because mine really needs to be replaced! burn marks, staining and years of scrubbing have removed most of the glitter!

  16. JefferyK says

    I think there may have been a White Glitter as well — the glitter pattern matches my kitchen countertops exactly, but there are no Satellite touches. My guess is that my apartment kitchen was done in the mid-60s. The laminate has held up surprisingly well — only one major ding.

  17. Scott says

    Where the pleasure center of my brain used to be there is just now a small pile of gold glitter.

    I swear if this stuff was still available today I’d laminate every single countertop, wall, and ceiling of my house with it.

  18. Chris says

    Michelle — you are SO SMART to think of sample key rings. SOOOOO smart! One of these days, I’m going to think of some way to make some money! This is too cool!

    I love glittery ANYTHING!

  19. says

    oh wow! i have white glitter laminate in my bathroom and the contractor we got a quote from is telling me we need to tear it out because today it would be considered bottom grade! I think I need to mention to him that is still looks great at least 50 years after being installed! i would love to have pink to replace it with though!

  20. Rick says

    My folks had white glitter (Formica) counters in their very basic spec ranch house from the early ’60s. I’m thinking the one bathroom had pink glitter. It was one of the earlier homes in the development and we kids would dig through the building trash nearby; A scrap of countertop or tile or in some rare cases, tile/counter top samples like Pam shows were ‘finds’ to be kept and collected.

  21. Paul says

    My house was built in 1966 and is decorated with White Gold glitter speckled laminate in the kitchen (countertops and range backsplash) and White Spungold glitter speckled laminate in the bathroom (I don’t really know if its Textolite, Wilson Art, Formica, or another brand). In addition, the basement shower is encased with White Gold glitter speckled melamine tile wall panels–albeit they are in poor condition due to moisture issues. I am the second owner of the house–and like the first owners–I am choosing to keep many of the original fixtures and appliances such as my white porcelain Kohler sink, lavatory, and bathtub with Kohler 3-blade chrome faucets, a Rheem-Richmond shelfback lavatory (faucet spout and handles are inside the basin–not on top) in my basement shower room, Mansfield toilet (with two small cracks in the base–so should be replaced), wood paneling (one small wall upstairs and throughout basement), gold bottle glass panels between my kitchen and dinette, interlocking squares divider between my front foyer and dinette, GE coppertone-colored drop-in range and ventilating hood, copper-colored kitchen cupboard hardware, plastic ribbed ivory outlet covers and light switch covers, and brass-colored door hardware in the remainder of the house, exposed maple bedroom floors, two Electrolux canister vacuum cleaners (models R and G), Weather Shield awning windows, mailbox, front door light fixture with gold glass, wooden screen doors, and masonite siding. If you live in or near Minnesota, check out Bauer Brothers Salvage in Minneapolis. They have tons of old fixtures and appliances in a large warehouse (not temperature-controlled, though). If you live in a different region I recommend searching for a salvage company in addition to Restores, antique stores, and thrift stores in your area for restoration projects.

  22. Carole says

    Wilsonart needs to consider re-issuing some of these colors! I’d buy the Aqua Glitter or Gold Satellite in a heartbeat!

    I used to make necklaces out of laminate samples, way back when. How fun as key rings.

  23. Kate says

    OMG I have had such a great time on this site. I am a new owner of a MCM and found out so much information already and every link surprises me. I have the aqua glitter in my pantry. It was also in the kitchen but has been covered with granite overlay. I love my aqua countertop. I feel so fortunate to have found my MCM time capsule and I will be on this site often to help with the restoration. Thank you so much!

  24. Helen says

    I have white gold satellite countertops in my kitchen and two bathrooms. The kitchen and bar are almost perfect condition, the bathrooms didn’t hold up as well. Near the sinks, some of the glitter has completely worn off and little further out has tarnished. Any suggestions for cleaning the tarnish and sealing to prevent more damage?

  25. says

    Hello Kate, Pam and all at Retro Renovation. I’ve been a fan of this site for years! It’s beautiful.

    Well, I’ve been a flea market addict for years, and a few years ago I picked up a set of samples from the Formica Company from 1962. There are about 100 on a chain inside their original mailing box. The box has great graphics.

    They are “paper reproductions of Formica Colors and Patterns” all the favorites like Nassau and Skylark.

    I can’t figure out how to submit pictures to your site, however I thought you all might be able to use them for archival purposes. Perhaps you already have a set.

    They are in terrific condition. I only paid five dollars and would be willing to donate to your cause. If not, they go back in the drawer.


  26. Elijah says

    Oooooooh, I’m loving the Pumpkin Glitter! I wonder how you could include that in a kitchen. How many people could say that they have an orange countertop…

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