• Tiki style fabric from Tommy Bahama

    Tommy-Bahama-tiki-fabricIf you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect fabric for your tiki lounge — Tommy Bahama has some terrific options for your upholstery, drapes, pillows, bar cushions — all with a healthy dose of island flair. These patterns are bold, colorful and fun — all the things that should be present in a tiki style room. No room in the house for a tiki lounge? Many of these prints are available in outdoor fabric, too — and they probably look very nice next to your tiki torches. Heck even if you don’t have a tiki themed room — check out the lively patterns that are available — they might just momentarily transport you to your own tropical island.

    Tommy-Bahama-Wave-Runner-Spice-tiki-fabricMost of the designs come in several color ways. I especially love the pattern above — Wave Runner — in Spice.

    Tommy-Bahama-Wave-Runner-Raffia-tiki-fabricAbove: Waver Runner — Raffia

    Tommy-Bahama-Swaying-Palms-spice-tiki-fabricAbove: Swaying Palms — Spice (another favorite — maybe because of the green/orange/aqua combo?)

    Tommy-Bahama-Swaying-Palms-Coal-tiki-fabricAbove: Swaying Palms — Coal

    Tommy-Bahama-swaying-Palms-AloeAbove: Swaying Palms — Aloe

    Tommy-Bahama-Rising-sun-wet-sand-tiki-fabricabove: Rising sun — wet sand

    Tommy-Bahama-Rising-sun-surf-tiki-fabricAbove: Rising sun — surf

    Tommy-Bahama-Paradise-point-indoor-outdoor-tiki-fabricAbove: Paradise point — fresco

    Tommy-Bahama-Mermaids-Call-Sandcasle-tiki-fabricAbove: Mermaid’s call — sandcastle… This pattern would be good for someone who is not into flowery and leafy patterns. Still kitsch-tastic, though!

    Tommy-Bahama-Mermaids-Call-Evening-Ski-tiki-fabricAbove: Mermaid’s call — Evening sky

    Tommy-Bahama-Hibiscus-Glow-Tropic-tiki-fabricAbove: Hibiscus glow — tropic

    Tommy-Bahama-Hibiscus-Glow-Shoreline-tiki-fabricAbove: Hibiscus glow — shoreline

    Tommy-Bahama-Hibiscus-Glow-Sandrift-tiki-fabricAbove: Hibiscus glow — Sandrift

    Tommy-Bahama-Hibiscus-Glow-Henna-tiki-fabricAbove: Hibiscus glow — Henna

    Tommy-Bahama-tiki-room-fabrid-Bamboo-Gate-RattanBamboo gate — rattan — another good pattern for someone who likes  more geometric prints.

    Tommy-Bahama-Bamboo-Gate-LagunaAbove: Bamboo gate — laguna — our 2013 Retro Renovation Color of the Year — Key Lime Green — aka Drexel Premier Chapter One Green. :)

    Tommy-Bahama-Bahamia-Breeze-Coal-outdoor-fabricBahama Breeze — coal

    Tommy-Bahama-Aquatic-Allure-Tropic-tiki-fabricAquatic allure — tropic…. Pam says this entire series is her favorite (although those mermaids are enticing, she admits). She’s partial to Monstera Deliciosa – that most CLASSIC mid century plant.

    Tommy-Bahama-Aquatic-Allure-Shoreline-tiki-fabricAquatic allure — shoreline

    Tommy-Bahama-Aquatic-Allure-Sandrift-tiki-fabricAquatic allure — sandrift

    Tommy-Bahama-Aquatic-Allure-Henna-tiki-fabricAnd finally, above: Aquatic allure — henna

    See the whole line of tiki-tastic fabric on the Tommy Bahama website or view and order on JoAnn Fabrics.com. This stuff is not inexpensive, but you can watch for sales and of course, at JoAnn’s, use those coupons.

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    1. Swaying palms spice is the exact fabric I have been looking for to extend the length of my shower curtain.

    2. Actually wave runner in spice would go with all my sampan paintings elsewhere in my house.

    3. I have found a large selection of outdoor fabrics at fabricguru.com, including some Tommy Bahama. You can order samples.

    4. There are alot of yellow, gray, and chrome dinettes out there that would just sing with that Hibiscus glow in Sandrift.

      That Rising Sun is a real dangerous one for me too, I’m a sucker for anything with swordfish on it. :-)

    5. I just did the kitchen curtains over the sinkin that hibiscus henna, and really love them.

    6. We have the Wave Runner in Raffia as drapes in our sunporch/tiki room. It’s quality fabric and has a nice weight to it. Looks awesome and is perfect with rattan furniture. Even better, I got it at Joann’s (a couple years ago, it could still be there or online there) and with their coupons, you can get it for pretty cheap! Especially when they have 1/2 off home fabrics. Look in the heavier outdoor/patio section of fabrics. That’s where I found it.

    7. Ooooo! The monstera patterned fabric is my choice. Coincidentally, over the weekend, I watched “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, and in it was the most fabulous Hey-Wake sunroom furniture uphostered in a monstera foliage print. My eyes were smiling.

    8. There are some Tommy Bahama fabrics over at fabric.com and they seem to be a little less expensive, though I didn’t look to see if they were different weights.

    9. The Tommy Bahama fabrics are lovely. I find them to be more retro hawaianna and not tiki. I have about 200 tiki fabrics on my Spoonflower page

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