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AprilWallpaperRRHere’s something new for our zoo crew: Free, downloadable desktop wallpaper for your computer. Since Kate is a talented graphic designer, I asked her to look through images we posted in the past month… to decide on a goodly selection that represent the breadth of our mid mod mad world… and then to pull them together into a desktop wallpaper is a happy crazy colorful patchwork way (you know how I am). We added a calendar for April, too. So give it a try… We’d love to hear your feedback: If we make this every month, will you use it?  We made three sizes (all in 16:9 proportion) in case you cannot get your computer to re-size the image automatically:

2560 x 1440

1920 x 1080

1280 x 720


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  1. David says

    I think it’s very creative but not very useful as a desktop. I keep some document and folder icons on my desktop and they’d be lost in the patchwork!

    Maybe one section of the image (say they left third) could be a cool, dark, low-contrast mid-mod texture that my icons can sit on, and the remaining two-thirds could be your patchwork?

    • Bea says

      I also like a simple one-color desktop – I had to search for a simple wall paper for my smartphone and use a lime green shade – the 2013 color of the year.

  2. mcmgirl says

    Yes Yes Yes…this is awesome. Keep it coming, & thank you both, Pam & Kate, for all the hard work you do. I do agree with the previous comment though that the icons kind of get lost the image, & that possibly 1/3rd of the image on the left hand side could be a mid century texture instead of an image. I do love it though. It will be so pleasant to open up my computer & see such wonderful beauties on my screen. Makes me HAPPY!

    • Kate says

      Pam and I discussed this — that is the busyness of the desktop. We came to the conclusion that since some like a lot of ornamentation (think Pam’s crazy office wallpaper) and others like a more simple background (like me) that we would alternate between the styles from month to month to appeal to both crowds.

      I also noticed when we were designing this wallpaper that PC desktop icons are on the left of the screen and Mac icons tend to be on the right hand side. So much to consider when making a wallpaper!

      • Jay says

        Well the solution is obvious! Every month you must offer two versions: windows and mac. Just kidding. The creative process is fascinating. I look forward to future versions. If you don’t include the calendar you will have a nice gallery in several months from which one can pick and choose for the desktop background.

        • Kate says

          The design process is the fun part — it is researching what the most common aspect ratio, screen resolutions and such that is rough!

          Hmmm…maybe we could offer one without the calendar too — as you suggested. I’ll run it past Pam. Thanks for the input!

          • Bea says

            I gave this a try…too “cluttered” for me. I fall into the “less is more” category of decorating… went back to the Dell simple black with gray swirls – but I love the design creativity!!! Perhaps a retro clock? Sunburst style or a kat with a tail? or pink tile?

  3. gsciencechick says

    I concur with the above posters. Can we have a version with only maybe 2/3 on the right with images.

  4. julie s says

    OMG, I made the wallpaper! That was my first thought. I think it’s a great idea, (obviously) and I will use it every month!

  5. Jay says

    Ditto, Ditto and Ditto! My computer at work is loaded with icons on the left side that I need to see. I tend to use wallpapers that are garden scenes with dark colored areas for contrast with the icons. Leave the left side uncluttered and maybe just a smidge fewer images but yeah, great way to liven up the day. Thanks!

  6. Robin, NV says

    Me likey! You guys are too awesome. I concur with the need for a little less clutter on the left side for icons. Themed wallpapers would be great too – pink bathrooms, tiki rooms, front doors, time capsule houses, etc.

  7. nina462 says

    I would like to see perhaps black & white office photos, or black & white vacation photos as an option.

    • mcmgirl says

      Yes i also think vintage black & white photos would be nice too. May even have some to go along with the Holidays or the seasons.

  8. Pat says

    I love it! I downloaded the smallest one because when I had the entire screen as background, I couldn’t see any of my desktop icons.

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