Pantone products for bed and bath at J. C. Penney

pantone-bedding-at-JCPSince I’m a trained graphic designer — I always get a rush of geeky excitement when I see fresh PANTONE© products that bring the look of the famous Pantone color chip cards to life in new ways. Today’s spotlight: A colorful collection of Pantone bedding and bathroom accessories now at J. C. Penney.  

pantone-chipsThe collection is not super large. It features coordinating bedding, along with bathroom towels, rugs, ceramic accessories and shower curtains. There are only four Pantone colorways available — tangerine, purple, blue and emerald (Pantone’s current color of the year). The limited palette is a bit disappointing since I always associate the name Pantone with such a luscious a rainbow of colors. That said, if you’ve been on the lookout for the brightly colored bedding or bath accessories in these jewel tones, you’re in luck.

pantone-bedding-at-JCPThe bedding is bright with mostly the simple, color-blocked look that Pantone is famous for. However, there are a few design twists — “ombre” pillows, “rubber dipped” prints, rubber-dipped ceramics, and some wavy showering curtains.

pantone-emerald-beddingpantone-bath-at-JCPThe bath accessories come in the same four colors as the main bedding with more options for bath mats and towels. The famous Pantone logo is strangely absent — which I suppose is desirable if you are simply looking for a purple toothbrush holder and not really into having all your accessories look like a Pantone chip.

Pantone-orange-shower-curtainWhen it comes time to select the shower curtain — you can choose from the solid color blocked model tagged with the pantone logo or a few of the abstract prints that use pantone colors like the curtain below.

Pantone-color-waves-shower-curtainAdding a few pieces from the Pantone Universe collection to your decor can provide big color bang for your buck. Another cheap and cheerful option for decorating your bed and bath.

Repeat of the linky luv:  Pantone bed and bath collection at JCP.


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  1. Lady of the house says

    I have been liking jcp lately. I think they’re going outside the box. I hope they don’t end up having to burn the box if a new clientele doesn’t buy enough of their merchandise, but I respect them for doing it….
    Love the Pantone.

  2. Jane says

    Just ordered hot pink towels and rug for my pink bathroom & Daiquiri Green sheets! Free shipping & all on sale. Thanks so much for showing this to us. Love, love, love this web site.

  3. Kkmk says

    Thanks for showing JCP a little love. They have really stepped up the style factor of some of their clothing lines and now housewares. Many of them would look right at home at a Boden, Crate & Barrel, Banana Republic, Uniqlo, or other stylish retail store.

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