Vintage scarf designs by Vera Neumann — available in vast numbers, at great prices, online

vintage-vera-scarf-flowers-orange-and-yellowYesterday’s breaking news post — 17 reproduction Vintage Vera scarves at Target on April 28th — is exciting. But if the Vintage Vera (lady)bug has bit you, and you don’t want to wait, good news, because there are a vast number and variety of vintage Vera scarves readily available today on Etsy, Ebay and in thrift stores. (We found and feature one etsy seller with 403 Vera Neumann-designed scarves to sell!) We can easily find original real-deal Vera Neumann scarves that are very reasonably priced — in some cases less than the new reissued designs. If you can’t wait to see all 17 designs soon to be available at Target (and gone fast in a sold-out frenzy, we bet) — why not start window shopping the hundreds of vintage patterns that are readily available today? The springy vintage Vera scarf above from Etsy seller CkshopperVintage is $21 including shipping. That’s pretty spot-on the Target reproduction price. Who knows — you might find a vintage scarf that you love for a great price — and avoid fisticuffs at Target, or showing up at the office only to find that you match a coworker.

vintage-vera-leaves-scarf-orange-and-greenAbove: The radial leaf pattern on this green and orange vintage Vera scarf from Etsy seller Mandy looks very midcentury.


Above: Another mid century option — this happy yellow, orange and purple abstract print from Esty seller theluckyfish — who claims to have the web’s largest collection on Vera Neumann vintage scarves. Currently I counted 403 vintage Vera scarves in her shop!!!vintage-vera-psychadelic-70s-scarf

Above: Here’s another fabulous Vera scarf print from the 1970s — again from Etsy seller theluckyfish.vintage-vera-flowery-scarf

Above: An eye popping vivid floral scarf print by Vera from Etsy seller FancyLuckyVintage.
vintage-vera-red-white-and-blue-flowered-scarfAbove: A bold, graphic, red, white and blue flower print on this Vera scarf from the late 70s/early 80s from Etsy seller miss32act.

vintage-vera-leaf-scarfAbove: A high contrast leaf shaped pattern on this vintage Vera scarf from Etsy seller Dust2Den would be the crowning touch to a fall ensemble.

vintage-vera-lillypad-scarfThis sheer green and purple lily pad vintage Vera scarf from Etsy seller andthenYesterday would be just lovely to wear in the springtime — or anytime.


vintage-vera-coral-dots-scarfAbove: If flowers aren’t your thing — there are tons of vintage Vera eye popping geometric designs available — such as this coral dot scarf from Etsy seller LakeStreetVintage. 

Mega thanks to all our Etsy sellers for allowing us to showcase just a small portion of the beautiful vintage Vera scarves that are available.

Vintage Vera scarves — originals — on ebay:


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For more information about Vera Neumann — read our comprehensive online guide.


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  1. Annie B. says

    What valuable assets to the summer vintage wardrobe. I can see a vividly colored Vera scarf paired with a sleeveless short white shift for a ’60’s look. A Lucite pin to hold the scarf, matching earrings and bangles – wow. These scarves are must-haves. Thank you, Kate.

  2. Chris Kaland says

    Thank you, Kate, for headling my Vera scarf in your lovely editorial!
    Vera designed such beautiful patterns and colors that are inspirational and will always be classic and on-trend modern accessories for any age.

    Chris from CkshopperVintage

  3. says

    I am an admirer of vintage Vera! From my late Mom I have 20 vintage cloth Christmas napkins with holly design. Have a couple of scarves. Recently, at Tuesday Morning, I found 2 sets of (new) Vera placemats which are graphically wonderful: a dark red scalloped mat set with cream polka dots and luscious turquoise mats with white fern design. (Can’t wait for al fresco dining – if we ever get rid of our snow!)

    I went to our Target today just to make sure but no Vera scarves yet.

    Here is a great blog about how to tell vintage Vera from new Vera and the history of the company. Also mentions Tuesday Morning finds. Good information, you will enjoy the read.

  4. says

    Love these vibrant scarves, especially the eye popping one with the red flowers. I usually stumble across quite a few of these scarves in charity shops, it’s a pity I didn’t get them when I had the chance!

  5. says

    I still have cloth table napkins with the very same pattern on them as in the first photo. Got them in the 60’s or 70’s!

    Lesson from a woman pushing 70: Don’t ever throw anything away!

    • Jill says

      Linda, Thank you for that comment! I just bought a table cloth with that pattern and was wondering if it was a mid-century piece, or a reproduction. I bought it to match a Vera calendar towel from my birth year. So excited to have discovered such a wonderful designer.

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