240 affordable mid century modern style sofas — from 33 companies

midcentury sofasPam’s August 2011 story about places to buy an affordable mid century modern style sofa continues to be one of the most popular stories on the blog. And good news — in the year and half since this first story, there are even more, affordable mid century modern style sofas that are available for sale. The mid mod madness is as mad as ever! Pam asked me to go “online shopping” to help out all the readers looking for sleek sofas — so here is your 2013 update. This story took me two full days — I dug deep — and found 240 mid century styled sofas, for sale at 33 companies. That’s a lot of sofas! In fact, I am pretty much dizzy with sofas dancing in my head.

For this research:

  • We defined “affordable” as less than $2,000.
  • Some of these are more “modern” than “mid century modern”. We gave some latitude.
  • Our research is fundamentally about aesthetics and price — we did not broach issues of comfort or durability and how all these issues dial up to “value”. You’re gonna need to your own research to make these determinations, including checking warranty and return policies.  While we do get comments here, I am not sure they are in great enough volume to be considered “statistically accurate”. Another place to look might be: Manufacturers’ own websites; Pam says she likes it when they are transparent about letting folks post reviews right on those sites.
  • We’ve also tried to include all the mid century sofas available from each company.
  • Remember, if you want a fantastic sofa cheap — shop vintage. Many sofas back in the day were built like tanks. However, if you need to reupholster, that can get very expensive very quickly.

Younger Furniture:

mid century modern sofa

Younger Furniture’s new line — Avenue 62 — has some great mid century inspired sofas, including one of my favorites — the Lewis — above.

mid century modern sofaPam’s favorite — the Lily sofa (above in gray) is the first sofa she would look at if she were on the market for a sofa today. As Gavin pointed out on Pam’s original post about Younger, the Lilly is very similar to original Dunbar designs.

mid century sofa mid century sofamid century modern sofamid century modern sofa mid century modern sofa mid century modern sofa mid century modern sofa mid century modern sofa mid century modern sofa mid century modern sofa mid century modern sofa mid century modern sofa mid century modern sofa mid century modern sofamid century modern sofamid century modern sofa mid century modern sofamid century modern sofa mid century modern sofa mid century modern sofaIn fact — Younger Furniture has quite a few mid century styled sofas that are also available in quite a selection of colors — from brights to neutrals.

Thrive Home Furnishings:

mid century sofa

This one is new to the list — for good reason. Thrive Home Furnishings has a great selection of mid century modern sofas that are designed and made in the USA. They even source American-made raw materials for their sofas. Most sofas are priced between $1,349 – $1,899 and are available in several era appropriate fabric color choices as well as with two different stain options for the legs. If you are willing to spend a little more — $2,500 — their Cleveland sofa looks very similar to the gondola style sofas that so many people are so crazy about.

mid century sofamid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa


mid century modern sofa

Although Macy’s seems to have discontinued the popular Corona style sofa — their replacement — the Clare — seems to be a pretty close match. The sofa is stylish and inexpensive. There are four other good mid century options available — see below. Most of these styles seem to be on a continual sale for $699. A reader also suggests that if you get a Macy’s card same day, you get another 15% discount — also watch for tax-free sales events. Mid century modern style sofas and loveseats from Macys.

mid century modern sofa mid century modern sofa mid century modern sofa mid century modern sofa

mid century sofaCastellano Custom Furniture:

mid century sofa

During a visit to Rejuvenation Lighting several years ago, Pam spotted this line of furniture for sale in their large showroom. It’s Castellano Custom Furniture — made right in Portland, and it sure appeared to be the real deal. They have a few mid century options on their website — but you’d have to contact them or visit a showroom to see what else they might have to offer. Though we aren’t sure it really hits under $2,000, we’re keeping it on the list anyway, it’s probably in the range. Modern sofa from Castellano Custom Furniture.

Perch Furniture:

mid century sofaAbove, Gracie sofa by Perch Furniture. Based in Portland (there is a bird in their logo tee hee), workshop in LA. These guys get double extra bonus points for rockin’ the orange. Also available are the three other mid century-esque styles below.

mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa

Design Within Reach

mid century modern sofaThere aren’t many sofas in our targeted price point at Design within Reach — the 73″ model above — DWR’s Bantam Sofa — comes in just over this mark at $2,180. I like it enough to wait for a sale or save up the extra do-ray-me though — and it comes in several both bright and neutral color combinations with the option of light or dark legs. DWR only has two other mid century styled sofas under $2K– the authentic looking Case Study day bed ($1,698) and the Twilight day bed ($1,900). There are more mid century modern sofa styles available — but for those, you’ll have to shell out the big bucks

mid century modern sofamid century modern sofa

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams:

mid century sofaThere are several good mid century styled sofa options from this company — though I excluded a few more options that were not available online because they didn’t have a listed price. The Cara sofa by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams shown above is my favorite of the bunch — lovely looking — and it is listed at $1,895. I did find several online options between $1,325 and $2,000 — shown below.

mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa

Rowe Furniture:

mid century sofaThe Duncan (above) is just one of least 12 sofas from Rowe Furniture that could look beautiful in our mid century interiors. Even more, really — a lot of their line has what I’d call “modern-to-traditional” styling, meaning they are very versatile and come in a rainbow of colors. Easy-to-use website. Prices are not listed — but I’m guessing they would fit in our $2K and under budget. Mid century style couches by Rowe. 

mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa

Room & Board:

mid century sofa

Room & Board has a large variety of mid century sofas under $2K — such as my personal favorite — the Reese above. Not only are there 15 styles to choose from in this price point — but each style also has several color options — from neutrals to colors that work well with mid century decor. Mid century and modern sofas by Room and Board.

mid century sofamid century sofamid century sofamid century sofamid century sofamid century sofamid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa

Lee Industries:

mid century sofaThe sofas at Lee Industries tend much more toward traditional and even wonderful mid-\ century modest. The Lee page  is fun to look at — so many shapes and sizes — but no prices listed.  Sofas by Lee Industries.

mid century sofamid century sofa mid century sofamid century sofa mid century sofa

Lazar Industries

mid century sofaThere are 16 choices from Lazar Industries — ranging from modern to mid century modern — including my favorite, the Paramount above — all made in the U.S.A. Mid century and modern style sofas from Lazar Industries.

mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa

Monarch Sofas:

mid century sofas

Reader Gavin served up Sofa Craft, now known as Monarch Sofas, a third-generation family-owned company with showrooms in California and Texas. Some nice looking sofas at great prices, here, and Gavin says, “Made in USA, good prices, foam or down, choice of springs and best yet: A Warranty!” Above: The Eva. Mid century style sofas from Sofa Craft/Monarch Sofas.

mid century sofas mid century sofas mid century sofas


mid century sofaThere are some *possibilities* in this collection by Michael Weiss for Vanguard.

mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofaOne thing to consider and check for, on all the sofas that I show, is their size and scale. Back in the day, sofas were not 40″ deep — oversized — the way they often are today. Some of these sofas are more less-deep and less-high than others — more “authentically” proportioned for smaller mid century rooms with lower ceilings. Mid century = long, low, horizontal lines.  On the other hand, deep sofas can be very comfortable if you are tall or large and also if you like to hunker down to watch TV. So — thinking about the proportion of the sofa to your space, vetted with how you will realistically use it, is the task. I’m going to guess that the sofas in this Vanguard line come in under $2,000 if you don’t go too crazy with the upholstery.  Michael Weiss mid century style sofas for Vanguard.

Gus Modern:

mid century modern sofa

Gus Modern has a lot of mid century modern sofa styles — they seem to be going after this market pretty aggressively. 

mid century modern sofa mid century modern sofa mid century modern sofa mid century modern sofa mid century modern sofa mid century modern sofa mid century modern sofa mid century modern sofa mid century modern sofa

West Elm:

mid century sofa

You got your numerous choices from West Elm.

mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa

Ethan Allen:

mid century sofa

Don’t forget to check Ethan Allen.

mid century sofa mid century sofa

Crate & Barrel:

mid century sofa

Crate & Barrel gets in, with their Petrie Sofa. Petrie sofa from Crate and Barrel.

mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa


mid century sofa

The lines of CB2’s Avec are too forced for me, but it seems to have its fans. Avec sofa from CB2.

mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa

Plummers/Dania/Scandinavian Designs:

mid century sofa

The offerings at Plummers, Dania and Scandinavian Designs seem to be identical — as are the websites. That’s because they are all brands run by the same company — and all are made right here in the USA. We first heard about Plummers from Tikimama — who spotted this Paramount sofa.

mid century sofamid century sofamid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa

Pottery Barn:

mid century sofa

Pottery Barn has a few options that might work — like the Landon sofa above.

mid century sofa mid century sofa



Ikea has several affordable sofa options for mid century modern living rooms. I’ve only ever owned a Klippan — which was firm but comfortable, though a bit short for cat naps. It held up well, and I sold it because I wanted a larger couch for my tiny living room and didn’t have room to keep both. I’ve heard good things about the Karlstad sofa, but have never sat on one myself. To be sure, their products are generally inexpensive. The Kivik sofa, above, is $649. In regard to buying a sofa, I’d generally counsel to buy the best you can possibly afford — aim to own it a lifetime, even.

Ikea-Karlstad Ikea-stockholm Ikea-Soderhamn Ikea-ps-sofa Ikea-Klippan

Urban Outfitters:

mid century sofa

If you’re considering the cheap and cheerful route, take a look at Urban Outfitters. They have several mid century styled small scale sofas — some of which are even  convertible — all of which are inexpensive ranging from $399-$649.

mid century sofamid century sofamid century sofa mid century sofa


mid century sofa

Based in Winnipeg, EQ3 was founded in 2001 with the goal of offering more modern furniture to the North American market. EQ3 sells a wide variety of mid century modern sofa styles — all of which can be customized with fabric and leg choices they offer. My favorite is the Byrd sofa shown above — which retails for $1,099.

mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa

True Modern:

mid century sofa

Here’s the True Modern Luna sofa, with its Danish Modern legs — available in several configurations, each of their mid mod sofa styles can be customized to fit your needs. Check out this company’s Sample Sale area, too. Mid Century Sofas from True Modern Furniture.

mid century sofa mid century sofa

Blue Dot:

mid century sofa

Blu Dot has a few options. Pam says that she does not approve of the name of this sofa. Mid century modern sofas by Blu Dot.

mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa

White on White:

mid century sofa

After Pam’s original story, reader Kurt suggested the “Florence Knoll” knockoff from White on White — the Oslo — shown above. At 57″ wide, I’d not quite call this a sofa, but it makes the list because it’s nice to see new, smaller companies. It seems they have added a few more offerings to the list. See all the mid century modern sofas at White on White.

mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa

Z Gallerie:

mid century modern sofaOn our last sofa round up — a reader commented that Z Gallerie had a few mid century modern sofa options — including the Vapor above.

mid century modern sofamid century modern sofa

Funky Sofa:

mid century sofa

Funky Sofa pretty much offers what the name suggests — brightly colored unusual sofa choices. A few of their offerings would feel right at home in a mid century modern space — specifically the Mid Century sofa above. The sofas are made in the USA in Orange County, Calif.

mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa


mid century sofa

Palliser’s selection of mid century modern sofas leans a bit more towards the contemporary — but they still offer a wide range of fabric choices and several styles that would work in a mid century setting. These sofas are made in North America — in one of the company’s two plants in Winnipeg, Canada or Saltillo, Mexico.

mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa


mid century sofa

Lexington also has a few options for mid century modern sofas.

mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa mid century sofa

Heywood Wakefield


Hey, do not be forgetting, you can STILL get Heywood-Wakefield sofas — NEW. Yes, they are still being manufactured, by a company that bought the rights. That’s the Margaret, above — and two more options below. Heywood-Wakefield sofas still made today.

Heywood-Wakefield-Biscayne-sofa Heywood-Wakefield-madeline-sofa

Futurama Furnituremidcentury sofa

midcentury sofa

midcentury sofamidcentury sofamidcentury sofamidcentury sofaThanks to a tip from reader Wendy, we discovered Futurama Furniture — a small furniture company that has been making affordable midcentury style sofas using the same old school tried and true fabrication techniques and materials that were used to make the originals. Futurama’s founder Jeffrey Perry started the company in 1986 to fill a niche he saw in the market and is one of the pioneers that returned midcentury style furnishings to the market.

Joybird Furniture
midcentury sofa

midcentury sofamidcentury sofamidcentury sofamidcentury sofamidcentury sofamidcentury sofamidcentury sofamidcentury sofamidcentury sofamidcentury sofamidcentury sofamidcentury sofamidcentury sofamidcentury sofamidcentury sofamidcentury sofamidcentury sofa

Joybird Furniture is a relative newcomer to the midcentury furniture market, offering many styles of affordably priced sofas in a rainbow of colors. Joybird keeps their costs down because they are a ‘manutailer’ meaning they both manufacture and sell their products, which helps them to cut out the middleman and keep prices low. So far, their sofas have been getting good reviews.


Thanks, readers, for your continuing help in making this the #1 most conclusive list of midcentury modern style sofas in the U.S. interior design blog world. If you find more manufacturers — let me know via the Comments.

Looking for an MCM sectional? See this round up story — 25 mid century modern style sofa sectionals:



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  1. Kkmk says

    We’ve had the Rowe Martin sofa for about 2 years. It’s in our only living space and gets daily (ab)use from two teenagers, small dog and two adults. it is also a good size for an adult to sleep although it is not a pull-out. It has held up well including the velvet-ish dark brown fabric.

    Thanks for all your research on other options. It is heartening to see so many embracing the mid-century/retro vibe.

  2. db says

    I was excited by the Jonathan Adler sofas at Penney’s this weekend, but alas they don’t fall within the price parameters.However, Penney’s is carrying some fantastic & affordable bedroom furniture.

    • pam kueber says

      db, great catch — i think we’ll add these but say they only fit our “under $2,000” category if there’s a 30% off sale. Many thanks for the tip!

  3. Lynne says

    Wow! You certainly went to A LOT of work with this comprehensive list! I can hardly believe it took only two days to compile! Would have taken me a week, at least!

    I will say that I can vouch for the Rowe Dorset sectional. We have one, in lime green, and its great. I want to note that this sectional gives you the option of a curve section piece, not just the “L” shape. I got the curve, but I think you are limited in fabric choices because of the curve.

    We considered the Abbot, but it is much smaller scaled. For a smallish room it would be perfect.

  4. D"lynne Garner says

    Super article! I was surprised to not find my sofa maker among the list though. I bought the “Ryan” in both a sofa and a chair from BuildASofa two years ago, both pieces for under $2200, both made in the USA and I love them both. I loved that BuildASofa allowed me to choose the fabric, density of the cushion foam and the foot color. They will also custom build the length to the inch exactly as you want it. Many of their styles can be made as sleeper sofas, and all can be made as sectionals. Turn around time for mine was 6 weeks, which I thought very reasonable. I’ll grant that I don’t use them often, but two years later and mine still look like new. You might give them a look! Again, awesome article!! Thanks!

    • pam kueber says

      Thanks for the tip, D”lynne. We’ll add this to our list along with other suggestions that come in. Thanks!

    • Robin, NV says

      Thanks for the tip D’lynne. I’m liking the McKinley in the BuildASofa collection, it’s much more in line with what I’m looking for. I’m thinking it would be perfect in Harvest Gold or maybe a nice burnt orange (bittersweet?), maybe even a plaid.

      I also noticed the Baltimore and the Bowen – wouldn’t they look great in a “Hollywood Regency” inspired living room? Are any of our fellow retro renovators interested in that kind of look?

  5. Jason says

    I can’t even stand all these options! This is so great. I still have my corona suite – they will be 4 this August – they still look good and may have just a bit of flattening – but again could be a bit more support.

    I’m happy to send along a picture if you wanted.

  6. Wendy M. says

    First of all, great list! The last one really helped me in my sofa search. We had the Rowe Dorset delivered about a month ago and I’m thrilled with it! The price range at our local furniture store was between $1100 and $1400-ish, depending on the upholstry chosen. You can even do contrast piping (which I chose not to do, but would look fantastic in a more formal room.) Rowe also offers a lifetime warranty on the cushions, which is a nice plus.

  7. Robin, NV says

    Holy mackerel Kate! Nice bit of sleuthing.

    I’m still on the fence about mid mod sofas. I’m not terribly keen on the look and I just can’t imagine myself curled up on one for an afternoon of TV watching. Am I wrong? I’m looking for a more “comfy, country contemporary” look, which was a popular style in the 1960s and 1970s where I grew up. Skirted couches and chairs with curved arms. Back in March, Pam posted the “101 Ways to Decorate with Knotty Pine” article. The living room featured in that house is a bit closer to what I want.

    • Lisa Nieman says

      Yes, Robin, I think that’s what I’m looking for, too. I’ve searched and searched for a vintage one but just can’t find one that isn’t so beaten up. I think it may be that furniture in this style was more “family friendly” and therefore, got a ton of use and abuse. They seem to have been in family rooms and rec rooms instead of “living rooms.” When I grew up, we were not even allowed in the living room. It was totally off limits and unused except for “special company.” I think that styles are trending more ‘modern’ now and there may be an aversion to all thinks that may even hint at “country” even though it’s retro Colonial Revival that we’re after.

  8. says

    We have had the Blu Dot “One night stand sleeper sofa” for about a year now and we love it. It’s a bit on the firm side as compared to the Macy’s leather sofa that it replaced but very comfortable and looks very high end. Love the grey fabric version which is what we got.

    You need to either look at a lot of reviews on sofas in this price range or preferably try them out in person (I know this is obvious but it’s hard for those that may not be near a large city) because we found many models were not comfortable. Also, it’s like picking out a mattress to some extent, figure out where on the spectrum you are from firm to super soft and work from there.

  9. Nancy B says

    Thank you! Thank you!! For this very comprehensive list! We currently have a wonderful sofa & matching chair set sitting in our dining room waiting to go back to seller. It is a wonderful old mid century set but DOES NOT fit our extra large bodies & older age!! My husband is not comfortable on it at all & has trouble with the low seat level. We are very much trying to keep the living room mid century but he does deserve a comfortable place to enjoy his tv!!! After all your research did one stand out as being mid century but comfortable for larger people that wanted to be really comfy while relaxing at the end of the day? Great work Kate!!

    • pam kueber says

      Nancy B, we can’t speak to either quality or comfort — our survey was pretty much an “overview” — focused principally on aesthetics and price — intended to help folks get started about where to look. As you wrote your comment, one was also coming in from reader Scott, who said:

      “You need to either look at a lot of reviews on sofas in this price range or preferably try them out in person (I know this is obvious but it’s hard for those that may not be near a large city) because we found many models were not comfortable. Also, it’s like picking out a mattress to some extent, figure out where on the spectrum you are from firm to super soft and work from there.”

      I pretty much agree. I think you need to sit… and sit for a LONG time to really settle into the “comfort issue.” I am not an ergonomics expert… perhaps you can find other tutorials online for this. Issues, I *think* would include: seat height (lower seating is more difficult for we oldies to get out of of), seat depth, and then cushion firmness… maybe even style of cushions (pillow vs. fixed). On seat depth, I *think* your height is a factor, but also, this can be a personal preference. I once had a big shabby chic style sofa that was really deep. Even though I am relatively tall for a woman (5’8″) I found it uncomfortable to sit in because my knees did not “hit” the edge and my feet did not easily touch the ground. To lay in… to couch potato in… it was great. But not to sit in. But then, I had a friend who was 5’10” — she sat in it and loved it. (But she only sat in it occasionally, so who knows what her longterm view would have been. Unfortunately, it’s often takes A WHILE to figure out whether a sofa or chair is REALLY comfortable. For me. At least. Like, you sit in it at the store for a while. You *think* it’s comfortable. Over time… it turns out, it’s not.) My husband has a *joke* that all he wants before he dies is one comfortable chair. Seriously: The most comfortable chairs that we have in the house right now are two 1975 Ethan Allen small upholstered wing(ish) style chairs that I paid $75 each for. They each have an ottoman, so’s you can put your feet up.

      Ugh. Good luck.

      • Nancy B says

        Thanks, Pam. Having learned the hard way (w/ the old set sitting in the dining room) I am just going to have to take the time & see where I can find some of these examples in person. Have gotten very spoiled to online shopping & this is a time where I am going to have to actually go to the stores w/ husband in tow.

  10. Lisa Nieman says

    Could you post sources for the ‘mid-century modest’ sofas that so many of grew up with. I’m thinking of the ‘colonial revival’ type furniture that was so popular with more everyday, less fashion forward home owners of the 50’s-70’s period. Some, like Ethan Allen, called it “Early American” in their stores and books.

    • pam kueber says

      I did a story like this a loooooong time ago. I’ll put it on the list. Basically, you want fitted sofa, low arms, skirt. Voila! I see these sofas — often in impeccable vintage condition — all the time at estate sales in in shops — for a SONG!

      • Lisa Nieman says

        Thanks so much, Pam. I kind of remember now the look I am after from memory and from old magazines and catalogs like Ethan Allen. They were often plaid or floral and as the bi-centenial approached they even had Patriotic patterns like eagles, drums, and old flags. I have been scouring the re-sale stores but most are in pretty sorry shape even for me-and I have very loose morals where vintage furniture is concerned. I don’t care where is has been but it needs to not stink or be worn thin. Thanks so much for all that you do to inspire us every day. I am having so much FUN following this site for inspiration.

        • pam kueber says

          Thank you for your kind words, Lisa! I have some old Ethan Allen catalogs — I’ll try to get some images up for you!

    • Robin, NV says

      Yes! Thanks Lisa, this is totally what I’m after too. Just about everyone in my family went for the “colonial” look in a big way, especially as the bicentennial approached.

  11. Carole says

    I was going to say that IKEA has several that I’ve always felt had that vintage 40s and 50s feel to them. For a while they had one that came in bright orange leather. It was so fun. The orange has been changed out for a hot pink/lipstick red.

    That very first sofa that you picture (IKEA) reminds me so much of the sofa sleeper that my parents had. I’ve never know what they’re called, but on theirs, the back pulled forward and then folded down to form a larger sleeping area. It was never a real comfortable place to sleep, but extra space when needed.

      • Katie says

        I’ve got an IKEA chaise lounge that I really love that is similar to the PS IKEA sofa pictured above. Its on its second cover, but the frame and cushions are in great shape after 6 years. One of the reasons why IKEA sofas are less expensive is that often the frame and cushions are of much higher quality than the fabric. Almost all of the IKEA sofas have removable covers, which is great if you have kids, or want to be able to change the color of your sofa inexpensively. The downside is that after 3 or 4 years the fabric can sometimes start to look shabby, even if you don’t want to change it.

  12. zuzu2000 says

    Great list!
    I can attest to the quality of the Mitchell Gold sofas. I currently have the Gabriel (not on your list), as well as the Dexter chair. They are 3 years old, and are fantastic. Something to know about Mitchell Gold is that they have many custom fabric choices that can swing the price up or down significantly (not really presented on their website). If you have a store that carries MG near you, it’s worth the effort to see the many choices, and price out different fabric selections that fit within your budget and taste.
    Something else of note is that MG offers 20% off custom upholstery a couple of times per year. I waited for this offer, and it was well worth it.
    We opted to spend a little out of our comfort zone for MG, since we had just come off of two different sofas and chairs from Room and Board (the first sofa and chair fell apart quickly with very little use. R&B allowed us to exchange for different selections. Still really poor. we called it “the torture sofa”, since it hurt the frame hurt the back of your legs–two years in.)
    I can tell you the *slight* jump in price to MG is SO worth it. The quality of MG is worlds better than R&B, and the ubiquitous C&B Petrie that so many of my friends seem to have, and have had to exchange/fix due to flattened cushions after a short period, and buttons falling off.

    • max says

      I will back you up. I just got a Mitchell Gold Hunter in January. After going to see as many sofas as my wife and I could it was between the Hunter and Reese at Room and Board. The Hunter won, it just seemed like it was higher quality. It’s a bit more modern than mid century, but fits very well with our vintage pieces. The best part is getting that look with the modern proportions. We got the 101″ version and it is DEEP too. I’m 6’4″ and really wanted a couch my wife and I could both stretch out and be comfortable on. So many of the mid century styled couches are stuck in the 80″-86″ zone and are quite small.
      MG has a lot of expensive stuff but I was kind of surprised what value their couches are. I paid around $1600 with coupon, not very different than similar Room and Board options. In fact I think it ended up being less than the most directly comparable couches at R&B. It’s still only been 4 months for me so I am still in the honeymoon period, but so far so good.

  13. miss elizabeth says

    I own the Taylor loveseat (more like and apartment sized sofa) from Thrive firniture in the fabric Cordova Eclipse. We’ve had it almost a year now, and it’s holding up wonderfully. It is a very beautiful sofa, and extrememly sturdy. It’s very comfortable to sit on, or nap on, but it still has the look I wanted. The customer service was absolutely top notch. The only wear is on one arm where the cat decided to use it as a scratching post, and the fabric got a ilttle frayed, but I don’t fault the sofa for that. The cushions are holding up well, and it looks great, and I live ina house with 2 kids, 4 dogs, and 2 cats. So if it still looks new after a year, I’m pretty impressed. It’s also made in America, which was a big bonus for us. I hightly, highly recommend this sofa.

  14. vegebrarian says

    This list is outstanding! I really appreciate it – hubs and I are looking for a replacement for our EQ3 Replay loveseat. I especially love the couches from Thrive and Funky Sofa!

    I really recommend the EQ3 brand, by the way. We’re replacing the love seat (7 yrs old) only because we want something larger.

  15. Amy says

    Another mark against Gus Modern… we bought a $3,200 Jane Bi-sectional Loft and had it for 1 year in our HOLIDAY apartment (while my husband was getting his green card, we could only visit). It sagged and lost 4 buttons in under a year. And we were only in the apartment 6 months out of that year!!

    Gus Modern would NOT fix my sofa under warranty because they kept telling me I had to go through the dealer, and the dealer was unreachable. I later learned he went out of business. By then the year was up. Gus Modern never fixed the problem.

    And the cushions are not all “flippable” because of the sectional piece, unless you can change which side your chaise is on.

    That was $3,200 of my hard-earned money down the drain.

    For that we could have easily bought an amazing vintage sofa, with springs, for cheap, and reupholstered it in a high-end fabric… or bought one already reupholstered by an expert. With money to spare to go on a short trip! Then I wouldn’t have wasted hours on the phone, or spent months living with a visible reminder of how I got scammed.

    In short: Avoid Gus Modern.

    And, for that matter, don’t buy a sofa without springs. Without springs, the “kiln-dried hardwood frame” will not keep your sofa comfortable.

    • says

      Hi Amy,

      Our records indicate that our customer service department replied to you promptly by email on January 16, 2012 to get information about your purchase so that we could assist you with your warranty claim.
      We did not receive a response.

      Please e-mail us at info@gusdesigngroup.com or call 1-416-534-0773 and we will be glad to discuss your claim. Please have your original invoice handy, along with the name of the store where you purchased the sectional.

      Gus* Modern

  16. tammyCA says

    Wow, lots of research there. Several pretty ones but I am all about couch comfort/lounging…I have the ugliest but so comfortable couches I found at thrift stores several years ago. They are beaten to death with my jumping kids but still comfortable & haven’t collapsed yet…I will probably just get them reupholstered, if they still hold up, when I find the right fabric. I would recommend checking out old books on furniture building/upholstery to see what to look for in good construction (coil springs/edge roll)…I’ve seen very expensive couches that I knew were not built well.
    And, I so wish I could pick up these vintage lovelies…why are all awesome things in another state? Hope somebody here will get them:

  17. Terri says

    Hopefully, my vintage set will be coming out of storage, going through a good cleaning and gracing my living room soon . . . (soon)

  18. Scott says

    Kate, I can easily see how the original article was one of the most popular on the site, I am pretty sure that’s the article that led me here to RR for the very first time! :-)

    I actually had ordered the Duncan matching chair and sofa from Rowe originally but the pieces were delivered in mismatched fabrics which I used as an excuse to send them back. The chair was stunning and very well built but the back cushion didn’t fill in enough of the seat making it impossible to get a good position… I am 6 ft. tall and I felt like a little kid with my feet barely touching the floor.

    I ended up with the matching Corona chair and sofa from Macy’s in Stone instead. Initially I was worried as the cushions looked to be getting smooshed a little fast but they look brand new each time you flip them. Some of the reviews say they don’t flip well but this is incorrect, the end pieces are shaped but you overcome that by flipping left to right and upside down.

    I’ve been very happy with these, the price and look is right, and most importantly you can actually find these in a store to “try on” which I would warn is a big consideration after my experience with the Rowe pieces.

    When I purchased my Corona set my salesman told me they were being discontinued which was a surprise to him as this was a top seller for Macy’s. Now I see why, the style has been reinvented as Clare with a much bigger color palette.

    Your timing is great as I need a chair and ottoman for my den. Its mind blowing how exponentially the choices have expanded since the original article. It’s a good time to be a MCModernist! :-)

    • Scott says

      PS Despite my comments regarding “trying it on” I think Thrive would be a very viable choice with their fantastic guarantee. The Nixon chair is on my list of faves for a new Den chair and their fabric choices are downright mouth-watering.

    • pam kueber says

      Agreed: When I first started looking for a mid mod style sofa about 10 years ago — there was NOTHING. Todd Oldham had had a line with La-Z-Boy, bu it had just been discontinued; he was ahead of his time. Yes: Even in the 18 months or so since our first story — many more choices!

      • Jamie D says

        The Todd Oldham for La-Z-Boy line was my first “real” furniture purchase for my little condo about 7 years ago. It was the perfect scale for small apartment/condo spaces. A sofa in a steel blue gray “pleather” type nylon fabric, which held up to spills quite well, and an armchair in the coolest peacock-feather-ish print.

        I still have them, they still look great, but they’re now in our basement rec room rather than the main living room because their small scale fits that room perfectly.

        Disclaimer: I think they’ve only worn so well because we keep blankets on them most of the time to protect from doggie toenails. What can I say, they’re cuddlers and I don’t have the heart to tell the pets they have to stay off the furniture.

  19. Larry says

    I have a sofa from Thrive. They have a great return policy. I bought one model which arrived on time. It had a very deep seat. I am short, and when I sat back in the seat, my legs stuck out like a little boy! I knew this would not work. I called them up; they helped me pick out a new model which was ready in three weeks. Delivery men switched them out and everything was fine. Also, I like supporting a Made in America company.

  20. Peter says

    We have the Nixon sofa from Thrive in expectation grey and absolutely love it. Delivery is only to the curb unless you ask for white glove service at an additional expense, so make sure you straigten that out when you purchase. Ours shipped to New York, but I actually had my sister go to their factory (they didnt have a show room at the time) in Compton to sit in it. The people there, especially Calvin, were great and gave us a 20% discount for coming in. The new chairs also look great, and I can’t wait to get our sofa some company.

  21. Jamie D says

    With the help of your original article, we discovered Rowe and ordered a Dorset sectional in a thick tweedy lime-avocado green upholstery and the throw pillows are the same orange/teal/green dots as with the Duncan pictured in this article.

    We’ve had it about a year and love it. I think ours is about 110″ wide with the chaise on the right end. It’s very comfortable – sometimes my husband and I can nap on it at the same time. But despite the large size, the scale isn’t overwhelming. I’m short and my legs can still touch the floor when seated normally (but that pretty much never happens, I’m usually lounging on it). And the back is the same height as our front windowsill, so it’s not very tall.

    The biggest selling point for us is that Rowe does a lifetime cushion guarantee. Free replacement if the cushions ever get smooshed down and lose their shape! Even after a year, they still feel like new. No butt-prints yet!

    Plus, made in Virginia!

  22. nina462 says

    And just this week I asked my Mom, “how long does one keep a sofa?”, as I’m tired of mine and would like something smaller.
    So, I plan to sell my old sofa & matching chair/footstool and then purchase something newer. I like the Margaret by Heywood Wakefield –
    But why didn’t you count them in your Mid mod count?

  23. blair kooistra says

    Many vintage couches are either filthy beyond recovery short of reupholstery, or in need of all new foam, so we opten for a. new couch with vintage style. We’re on a pretty tight budget, so while we’d LOVE that funky Thrive”Cleveland,” we decided to go on the low-end of the price spectrum with the Macy’s “Claire,” and we love it. Did I mention we have kids? They will destroy a couch in no time, so we didn’t want to spend too much $$$! We purchased during a 20% off sale and saved another 10% by openng an account at the same time, so it came in at under $700 delivered. . . great value for the price. We’ll probably change the legs out for a lighter finish.

  24. says

    Got ours at Macy’s on sale. Paid less than half for our love seat and it goes very well with our Drexel office furniture. Can’t wait to have more room to get another!

  25. Lynn says

    I noticed that you omitted the Jonathan Adler collaboration with jCPenney. I am glad that you did as they raised the price on both sofas by $1000 since you mentioned them and do not have any floor displays available within 100 miles and I live in a big city. Very disappointing. I would like to go with the Macy’s Clare but the reviews regarding wear are terrible. Does anyone have a good experience with the Clare?

  26. Sharon says

    I just bought the Michael sofa & side chair with ottoman from Younger Furniture. It is so awesome – looks terrific with our Heywood Wakefield end tables. Thanks Pam for keeping us mid century folks happy!

  27. Christina says

    My husband and I just got our first ever brand new sofa last week. We chose the “small sofa” version of the Dorset by Rowe (76 inches long) in medium grey to fit in our tiny condo family. So far we love it! The sale price under $900 and the cushion guarantee certainly helped our decision. The microfiber also seems to be really pet friendly, one swipe with our vacuum easily removes any pet hair.

  28. RK says

    Whatever you do, don’t buy the Mid-Century from Urban Outfitters. Had it up against a wall, barely sat in it and the back right leg was cracked and broke within two months. I weigh 115lbs and my husband is 138 lbs so it’s not like we are large people. Save your money and get something a little more expensive because it seems you get what you pay for.

  29. JTMola says

    Hey there – I noticed you did not include Bobby Berk Home sofas. Any reason? Just curious what your thoughts are on their products especially the Brady sofa.

  30. midmichigan says

    We’ve recently purchased a Madison sofa and two Madison chairs in fabric from Thrive via an ad on this fine web site. We were very pleased with the furniture and the company was solid to work with. Their construction is great and the furniture is comfortable. We also recently purchased a sofa and two recliner rockers from Palliser in black leather and are very pleased with those as well. When you purchase leather, make sure they sew it with nylon thread because it won’t rot out like a natural fiber such as cotton. We’ve had that happen were the leather on some previously purchased name brand furniture was fine but the stitching rotted out and the seams came apart and it looked really bad. This was after 10 years but it’s sad and as expensive as they were we were expecting more lifespan than that out of leather. I called the Palliser factory before we purchased and they told me they stitched with nylon. We’ve had them in use for about 8 months now and have found the overall quality and comfort of the sofa and chairs are excellent.

  31. Nate says

    I purchased the Hadley sofa in charcoal from Rooms to Go. It has the mid century lines that I was looking for at a reasonable price. It was also important to be able to actually go see it and sit on it. I also stretched out on it to see if I could nap comfortably, since I’m so tall. Is it exactly the style I was looking for? No, but it is close, comfortable, and affordable. http://www.roomstogo.com/isofa/

  32. Quinn says

    I bought the ‘Darrin’ fabric sofa on sale from JC Penney last year for around $800 with tax and shipping. In terms of size (I’m around 6′ and can stretch out on it) quality (foam and feather cushions make it very comfortable and it still looks great a year later) and style (rivals some I’ve seen for four times the price) I think it is worth mentioning! http://www.jcpenney.com/for-the-home/furniture/living-room-sets/darrin-collection/darrin-89%22-fabric-sofa/prod.jump?ppId=pp5001030012

  33. RetoRanchORama says

    Try VanGogh too! I just bought the most gorgeous sofa for $1,700.00! I got to pick my own fabric, add 6″ and select the feet. The site is vangoghdesigns.com. The legs on “Leg Options Page 5” are excellent. Specifically, see the Loredana. Totally googie. It’s almost impossible to get googie anywhere, much less being able to choose your own fabric. And, bonus of bonuses? They have prints! It’s virtually impossible to find prints these days.

  34. Catherine Riche says

    What a great list! I am inspired. Can you help us in Hawaii? We have admired the Reece sofa from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams and it is expensive here and & $1500 cheaper on line but they don’t deliver to Hawaii. Any ideas where to get a sofa with clean lines in Hawaii? Thanx in advance.

    • zuzu2000 says

      When I lived on Oahu, Room and Board delivered there. We did have some quality issues, but the proper scale was hard to find in HI (big furniture/small apt). Have you tried Pacific Home? They are on Oahu and Maui and carry MG. Great store: http://www.pacific-home.com/
      Good luck!

  35. Mindy says

    Hi! Thanks so much for this super awesome post!! I’d love to see something similar on MCM convertibles/sleeper sofas. Please let me know if you have a post on that subject. Thank you! Mindy

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Mindy,

      No, we don’t have a story on this. But maybe we’ll take a look! With the popularity today of MCM styles, I bet you can find something. The first company that comes to my mind: Jennifer Convertibles.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  36. Katie says

    How about a post on midcentury sleeper sofas? :-). I like to have a good option for guests.

    We have had the CB2 Flex in the orange color for some time. As a bed it is great–large and pretty firm. Sometimes I like sleeping on it instead of our bed. As a sofa, however, it is VERY hard, and quite low to the ground, which I can tolerate with big pillows, because aim short, but my big & tall boyfriend finds very uncomfortable and it hurts his back. It’s a love/hate, and if it were just me living here, I wouldn’t be on this website, looking at sofas.

    • pam kueber says

      Not sure when we will get to this. I was on Joybird (disclosure: an advertiser)’s website the other day and noticed they had sleepers….

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