Toilets & sinks in 10 retro colors from Gerber

Pink-sink-and-toiletGet ready for some big bathroom news: We have just confirmed that, indeed, plumbing fixture manufacturer Gerber still produces one model of pink toilet and sink. The toilet is low-flow. Pam wrote about this company a while back in her story Gerber toilets and sinks in vintage colors — but at that time, we were told (or misunderstood) that the Bahama Pink color had been discontinued and would only be available until the remaining stock had been sold. But, following up on a recent tip from reader Amber, who was avidly looking for a low-flow pink toilet, we have been communicating with Gerber and, again, we confirm: You can still get one style of toilet and one bathroom sink in Bahama Pink — along with nine other retro vintage colors — all still being manufactured and marketed for sale today.

Super thanks to reader Amber, who commented on our original story about Gerber:

I called Gerber and they do make a pink toilet! It is Bahama Pink (not Sea Shell as in the image in this post). I asked if they could send me a sample and she gave me the number of the local rep, who I will be calling today after I get off work! As I told my husband… I am hot on the trail of a pink toilet!

GerberViper_Bahama-PinkAmber, Pam says that if you email her, she will mail you one of her Save The Pink Bathroom collages — a reward for your pink potty private-eye-ing.

Toilet and sink in 10 retro colors

I contacted Gerber Public Relations contact Linda Bendt, who supplied photos of the Bahama Pink fixtures and confirmed that the Viper toilet is offered in this color. For some reason, the website only shows that it is available in white, but Linda assured me that this Viper toilet model can be ordered in Bahama Pink

pink sinkLinda also told me that Gerber offers a matching pink lav sink — the Rotunda style, model number 12-894-21  — shown as available in several colors on the website.

I asked Linda whether any other retro vintage pastel colors were available in these styles, and heck to the yeah, she said that both the Viper toilet and the Rotunda 12-894-21 can be ordered in these colors, all still being manufactured today:

  • British Biscuit
  • Bahama Pink
  • Jamaican Beige
  • Silver
  • Bone
  • Dawn Blue
  • Almond
  • Citron Yellow
  • Regal Blue
  • Spanish gold
Gerber-Viper-Toilet-colorsAfter doing a little more poking around the internet I found this brochure for the Gerber Viper toilet line including available color swatches. The swatches above are taken from that brochure, which was released in 2009 — and seems to be nearly the same collection of colors. Not only would the Bahama Pink work in a vintage bathroom, but it looks like the Silver, Citron Yellow, and Dawn Blue *could* be terrific color matches for vintage grey, yellow or blue pastel bathroom fixtures. Or — put them in a gut remodel with either matching or contrasting pastel tiles from B&W Tile.

Where to see this pink toilet and sink

The most frustrating aspect of this discovery is the lack of readily available color samples. Linda said they couldn’t send me a sample of the Bahama Pink and I found only one dealer in my area that carries Gerber products. I called to inquire if they had a sample of the Bahama Pink in their showroom but they did not. The person I spoke with said they would try to get a sample of the pink from their Gerber dealer for me to see in person and compare to my B&W pink tile. He also mentioned that Kohler makes a lighter pink line of fixtures in Innocent Blush — though I suspect it is a much lighter pink than what was originally popular in the 50s and 60s. Bottom line — if you are in the market for a new pink toilet for your bathroom remodel or restoration — the Gerber Bahama Pink may be a match. I’ll continue to try to find a sample to verify this, so stay tuned.

We are also working with our contact at Kohler to get glamour shots of their pink fixtures in Innocent Blush.


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  1. Janet Petlevich says

    December 2, 2015, I had my new “Bahama Pink” commode put in. What a wonderful Christmas present to myself!

    The plumber was surprised that I could find one in that color. It pays to continue to search. If this one serves me like the previous one (47 years), that will be great! I can’t stop going into the bathroom to check out this gorgeous sight! And since its 1.6 gallon usage of water — even better.

    Happy New Year

  2. mark workman says

    hi my name is mark im doing a bathroom job for an old couple and they got a light colour pink bathroom suite i wonder if u done colour chart because they just need a toilet and dont want to change colour if so could u let me no please

  3. Nandi says

    How. Looking for a light yellow (Blonde?) toilet. Our original one is a gaylan brand that we have had for over thirty years. Do you have any very pastel yellow toilets? Thank you

  4. Stacey says

    I have an American Standard 19 inch round bathroom sink in a discontinued color called Shell that I need to replace because I have a large chip in the center..can you advise if you carry?

    • pam kueber says

      See our Bathroom Help / Toilets category – firs feature box has the only place we know remaining that has toilets in colors. If they don’t have what you need, I think you’re left hunting vintage. For that try your local Re-Store, Craiglist, etc.

    • pam kueber says

      Rajah, we don’t sell anything. You need to contact the company profiled.

      Note: See our other toilet research in our Bathroom Help / Toilets subcategory.

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