We heart Bitossi George Nelson Howard Miller Meridian clocks


*Everybody* knows George Nelson for his bubble lamps — and probably for his Ball clocks, too. But do you know that he is also associated with this very collectible line of Howard Miller Meridian clocks? These are my favorites. For these particular clocks, George Nelson was responsible for the googie clock hands. And recently, I was able to confirm that Bitossi designed and produced the ceramic clock bases. Over the past several months, Kate and I have been building an archive of George Nelson Meridian clocks — CLICK HERE to view our complete page. Our goal, BTW, is to archive them all the designs for the Meridian clock — because we believe in doing epic sh*t.


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  1. Jay says

    Great looking clocks. I could picture one of these hanging on a paneled wall. Wasn’t aware of the Howard / Herman Miller connection. I noticed in one of the clock closeups that Raymor was on the face. Maybe Howard Miller only supplied the clockwork and assembly of hands and clock to the ceramics. Would be interesting to hear what Howard Miller Co. has to say about this.

    • Jay says

      After reading the tread, it appears as if Howard Miller has turned a cold shoulder to the illustrious Nelson period in its history.

      • pam kueber says

        Since you can still get various designs reproduced from other companies, I am guessing that George Nelson Associates held the license?

      • Jay says

        Hi Pam!
        I did read it all and then went to the link for the design thread where I noticed that several commenters remarked that Howard Miller did not seem to be inclined to discuss the Nelson affiliation (just my impression). It sure would be nice if they had a tete-a-tete with you.

  2. Nancy B says

    Pam- Was able to get our clock from Adam Henderson (Dead50’sModern). He is an energy bunny that never stops & comes up with great things!!

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