Rare 1920s bathroom sink from American Standard

vintage-white-sink-with-legsIf you have a 1920s or 1930s bathroom remodel on the horizon, or perhaps you just need a *new* vintage sink — how about this drop dead gorgeous 1920s vintage bathroom sink (link long gone) for sale on craigslist? It’s for sale in Grosse Pointe, Michigan — for just $250. This sink has curves in all the right places, and it provides quite a bit more “counter” space than the average vintage wall hung sink. It comes complete with impressive and equally voluptuous chrome legs — making it one stunning showpiece of a sink. Thanks to reader Joel over on our Facebook page for this tip.

vintage wall-sink

From the listing:

This is a 1920s wall mount sink, made by Standard Co. with chrome plated brass and crystal legs. This piece is incredible if you are looking for that vintage, retro look.

vintage-sink-legThanks to the Craigslist seller for allowing us to feature their photos. So now, who is going to snap this up?


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  1. Janet in CT says

    How marvelous! I would love to have that entire bathroom but what a strange place to put the toilet paper holder!

  2. Mark says

    I thought the same thing about the TP holder, I do admire the tile work though. That is some quality work and that sink……wish it was closer!

  3. says

    What a find! This was part of Standard’s ‘New Era’ line back in the 1920’s. This one is known as ‘Templeton’, and the original faucet set that would’ve come with it is just as cool as the sink (I have an old catalog). The tile accessories alone are drool-worthy, love that robe hook! Very high quality stuff.

  4. Susan B says

    Where can I find the value of a vintage American Standard bathroom sink I just purchased? I was told it was a 1950s model, but it is stamped July 10 24 on the back. It is a drop in sink, white with pink flowers.

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