Soul Train

I have ants in my pants and I need to dance. I have been feeling the need for a musical interlude, for some time now. Here it is, magically delivered by the Retro Decorating Gods. Who also have ants in their pants and need to dance. Thank you, Danielle S., from FB.


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  1. gsciencechick says

    A lady in my Zumba class was a Soul Train dancer! I *think* that is her about 30 seconds in, a tall lady in a cream/beige pantsuit. She still moves great and looks fabulous!

  2. Janet in CT says

    Wow, that really woke me up! What a riot! I often wonder if the dancers ever look at this and think, “Wow! wish I could do moves like that now!” Those kicks would put me in the hospital nowadays! Or, do the guys think, “moves, heck, wish I still had that hair?” I love the outfits too! Thanks for the memories, Pam!

  3. Robin, NV says

    Ah, that was great! Gets the blood going early in the morning. I love the outfits. I thought the woman in the yellow satin suit was my favorite but then the woman in the pink, midriff baring outfit came after her – yowza! Wish I could pull off the moves and the clothes.

    I always think that if we were to get into a time machine and go back 30-40 years, we’d be shocked by how different things were. We were thin, we socialized in person (not just on the internet – ahem!), we wrote letters, we all watched the same TV shows/broadcasts, etc. I guess there was just more “we” in the world back then. Nowadays it seems we all hide in our caves and anonymously interact via the internet.

    • Allen says

      We should plan a meet and greet in different regions of the country so at least the ones that live in those regions could meet each other.

  4. Chris says

    Oh my gosh == my brother and I used to LOVE to watch Soul Train. Our favorite guy was not in the montage, I don’t think, but he used to walk around and point — with great drama and flair!

    I just clicked on this to watch full screen with my kids. I’m pretty sure they were laughing so hard they wet their pants a little!

  5. nina462 says

    Thanks for posting the above…I have started to walk at lunch time….and I walk to Barry Manilow’s rendition of the American Bandstand them. Quick pace, makes me want to jump, shout …LOL

  6. nina462 says

    and I forgot to mention…look at the amount of material needed for those clothes! and the pants are up!!

  7. Elena says

    Have been on the prowl for a satin jacket lately, no particular reason, just a challenge to the thrift store gods. This video reminds me how satin was worn by men and women, from head to toe. D Y N O M I T E! Thanks, Pam.

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