Breaking News: GE to introduce retro style kitchen appliances in September

Appliance White — Chrome (No stainless steel version) — Old fashioned logo — Analog!

retro refrigerator stove dishwasher

Breaking news on the retrosphere — GE is releasing a new “Artistry” line of appliances with retro styling. The line comes in two colors — black and white — with a focus on simplicity and attractive design. The line will be released in Fall of 2013, and is marketed towards young, first time homeowners who are looking for stylish and affordable kitchen appliances. The retro-contemporary design of the line ensures it will fit in a wide range of kitchen styles from modern to vintage. It is great to see new, affordable appliance options becoming available for those of us with an eye for retro style.


Press release:

GE Unveils the First Line of Appliances Designed by a Millennial for Millennials

  • Unique design focuses on simplicity, creating an entirely new aesthetic at an affordable price for first-time homebuyers, younger consumers
  • GE Appliances has tripled investment in design over the last two years

GE-retro-appliancesLOUISVILLE, Ky.—June 26, 2013—(NYSE: GE)—With the introduction of the GE Artistry™ Series, GE’s designers focus on the needs of today’s generation of Millennials and their desire to uniquely express themselves. Created by a 27-year-old GE industrial designer with his own generation in mind, the Artistry Series provides first-time homebuyers with a distinctive and cool appearance at a price they can afford. This new line of stylishly sensible kitchen products includes five appliances: a gas range, electric range, bottom-freezer refrigerator, over-the-range microwave and top-control dishwasher.

Artistry_Bottom-Freezer-2Today’s Millennials comprise a significant number of first-time homebuyers; in fact, according to real estate brokerage company, Redfin, homebuyers in the 25- to-34-year-old age group make up the largest portion of homebuyers.

retro modern appliances“These buyers are price conscious and design savvy, but also want appliances from a brand they trust,” said Lou Lenzi, director of GE’s Industrial Design Operation. “In today’s marketplace, affordable appliances tend to look the same; GE Artistry Series fills that void for consumers by offering unique-looking products not currently sold by other manufacturers.”

Aristry_Bottom-FreezerDesigned to delight and disrupt at retail

Most appliances in this segment of the market have similar features that consumers use every day; the Artistry Series offers this, as well as a design aesthetic that will stand out in the home and on the retail floor.

Artistry_Range-black“Investing in the design of these appliances was a top priority for our team,” said Lenzi. “We’ve tripled our design resources over the past two years, and after much research, Tomas DeLuna, industrial designer for GE Appliances’ Concept and Brand team, was tapped to lead the development of the Artistry Series. The look needed to be simple and approachable with very clean lines. DeLuna’s design sensibilities made him an ideal fit to lead the project.”

DeLuna took the opportunity to design for his own generation by focusing on touchpoints that mattered to him, in areas where consumers interact most with the product—handles, knobs and clocks. “Making the critical consumer touchpoints metallic, and set against either a pure, white gloss or black gloss finish, creates a look that is both familiar to our consumers, yet remains fresh and modern,” said DeLuna. “That’s what makes the GE Artistry Series special; the design is authentic and contemporary with a nod to the past not currently offered in the marketplace.”

Artistry_MicrowaveThe GE logo, visible as a badge on the appliances, also reflects this philosophy. The GE monogram with the words “General” and “Electric” recalls the product badges of the past, yet the juxtaposition of chrome and high-gloss color evokes the core, contemporary Artistry design principles.

Both the new dishwasher and refrigerator are ENERGY STAR®-qualified appliances. The bottom-freezer refrigerator costs $49 to operate annually.

Artistry_Dishwasher-blackThe full GE Artistry Series will be available in September 2013. Estimated retail price of the full GE Artistry product suite is $2,416.*

*Retailers set their own prices. Estimated retail pricing per appliance is as follows: bottom-freezer refrigerator, $1,099; top-control dishwasher, $499; over-the-range microwave, $219; gas range and electric range, $599.

Personally, I’m digging the design of the GE Artistry line — and I think it will appeal to many retro/modern loving folks like myself. Now how to convince my husband that we need to spring for a new white GE Artistry dishwasher when they come out this fall?


Pam adds: It is sooooo interesting to see how GE seems to go out of their way to avoid using the term “retro”. They say “contemporary with a nod to the past.” But this suite of kitchen appliances is so old skool looking — they used an old fashioned logo — appliance white (no stainless steel!) — chrome — and analog! It’s like they are afraid of getting tagged with the retro-moniker out of concern it will pigeonhole them. Oh well. I see a lot of readers going for the stove and fridge, in white, at these prices. However, if you want more sensuous curves — and color — Big Chill is still your likely best go-to.

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  1. Amy Harvey says

    Pam: We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen, but are willing to WAIT on our appliance purchase until these come out in September… they are SOOOOOO cool and I LOVE them!! Will they be available in the “big box” stores?(ie Home Depot or Lowes), or how will we be able to purchase them?? Thanks for any help you can offer! ~ Amy

  2. says

    Yay! It’s a big start in the right direction! Now if we can just get them to put those appliances out in turquoise, mint green, yellow, light blue, pink…

  3. diane mcmurphy says

    I second all of the positive comments about this line….”Yay!”, sums up my feelings. Is it perfect? Maybe not, but oh my, what a great start!

    There are MANY of us out there who have been looking for an affordable alternative to BIg Chill, Smeg, Elmira etc. I know, because I have been looking, for several years, for such appliances. I have considered buying a vintage refrigerator, however, DH wouldn’t hear of it….sigh….

    We are building a new home, and along with our Chambers stove, I believe we will probably have this wonderful refrigerator and dishwasher.

    Thank you to GE for filling the void in affordable, (dare I say it?) retro style appliances!…and a second ‘thank you’ to Julie Wood for her helpful and timely input.

  4. mollymcFABULOUS says

    I’m pretty sure I just secretly hoped our range and fridge would break so I could get these. Oy vey..

  5. Kathy Engelhart says

    I have a 1955 Aqua GE stove with push buttons! The counter tops are yellow with orange boomerangs. My refrigerator if on it’s last legs, so I was delighted to hear about the new GE line.
    I am afraid it will be too deep for my kitchen. Are the doors reversible? I may be able to squeeze it in if I
    The handles are on the right. Can you tell me how high the handles are? I might not be able to open a kitchen drawer and door.
    To make it more difficult, my cottage is on an island and it will have to go for a boat ride. So you can see I have to make sure it fits. Any advice will be welcome.

  6. says

    Is Julia still reading? Wondering what the preliminary specs are for the microwave.

    Mine just died and I am hunting for a small-enough one to fit with my 1949 cabinets. My prior microwave was 15.5 in high (a GE spacemaker). But everything on the market now is much bigger! Might be willing to wait if this new line works.

  7. Rick S says

    I do like the nod to the past. My grandmother cooked on a wood stove and after she got her first electric stove never went back. I do think appliances should work well, be safe, and and look like they belong to the kitchen. Vintage or new at least they are mostly reversable if you get it wrong.

    I am just thinking of what I will need when my 1997 Almond Kitchen Aid appliances start to go. They go so well with the “colonial” birch cabinets and Armstrong Solarium vinyl floor. Any ideas for a 33 inch wide fridge in almond. Maybe painted.

  8. Sarah says

    Looking at these again, I’m not so sure I’d by them. I’m in my mid-twenties and totally in the target market, but there are better options to be had in my opinion. If I couldn’t afford the full Big Chill line, I’d spulrge on the fridge (maybe the apartment size) in white, buy the matching dishwasher panel, then pair it with a white ceramic cooktop and the matching wall oven and microwave set from Ikea.

  9. Brian H says

    Energy Star often equals flimsy junk, especially heavily mechanical devices like washers, dryers, etc. Repairmen despair faced with breakdowns. They are “planned obsolescence” elevated to a true Artistic level!

  10. Amy Harvey says

    Do you yet know the exact date when this line will become available at Lowes/Home Depot? I have put off redoing my kitchen waiting for them!! Thank you!

  11. Amy Harvey says

    I found out yesterday (by speaking with the appliance expert at Home Depot) that, indeed, the “Artistry” line of GE appliance is available (at the store? not sure) but at least Home Depot online… NOW! Though, at least In my neck of the woods, they are back ordered though October 9th. Just an FYI for those interested ~ Amy

  12. Kelley m says

    We just purchased these site unseen!! Arriving in our 70s home October 9th! We are first time homebuyers and 27 years old so I guess they achieved their goal! Hope to write a review soon after – I’m an interior designer and in love with these!! The ice maker add on cost was 89$ FYI :) we only purchased the fridge and dishwasher but it is going to fit in so well!!

      • Cathy says

        Well my appliances arrived yesterday!! They are very nice! We got the fridge, gas range, and dishwasher in white. So far we have the fridge hooked up. It required a small bit of assembly but nothing too much. It is gorgeous and quiet. Keeps very cool and the freezer is roomier than I thought it would be. It came with an ice bucket so I can see how much room the ice maker will take up, and it’s not too bad. Hoping to get the dishwasher and range hooked up this weekend :)

        • Audrey says

          I just got back from checking out appliances….there is much to say about this line. Simple, clean, nastalgic, exactly what I was looking for, although the oven is not self cleaning…bummer, but I have never used a self cleaning oven so It is not that much of an inconvience……

    • Cathy says

      Ours are due to be delivered the 9th, I am excited! Amazon has the ice maker for $72 with free shipping, mine is due to arrive Friday. I am getting the fridge, gas range, and dishwasher. Home Depot had them 10% off a week after I ordered, and I was able to get the difference in a gift card we used for the kitchen reno :)

  13. lynda says

    Home Depot in the Maryland area has the black electric range, fridge and microwave nicely displayed as you walk into the appliance area. The nice sales person told me the display had been up for 3 days and had gotten a lot of interest. We bought the fridge, range, and microwave for daughter and son-in-law. Home Depot had the first shipment from GE and the other stores will follow. They are in warehouse and ready to deliver now. Kids will get the new items on Saturday. Also, Home Depot is running a special. We were able to get $200 off the listed prices for the 3 pieces. Also, local utility company offers a rebate on fridge. The appliances are not high end, but look very nice. We bought the black, since that is what the kids wanted.

  14. MiaModern says

    We just bought the fridge, dishwasher and electric range in white this afternoon! Spent less on the suite than a Big Chill so now I can put more money into funky countertops and cabinets for my 1955 Cliff May! Thanks for posting this. I was so close to going to Ikea!

  15. brett_x says

    So.. I saw them. There’s one miss in my opinion. I had thought they were going with chrome, but instead went with “safe” stainless steel handles. I have a 1955 Canary Yellow GE oven that would go well with a fridge with chrome handles. I’m waiting for the Stainless era to move along into history. Hopefully next year’s model in this line will be a bit more bold and ditch the stainless.
    Wait. What am I saying- chrome handles – Bold ? How about a nice Canary yellow? Bring it back.

    • Jenny says

      Brett_x, I agree with you — they missed on the handles. Wish you could buy a replacement handle; I would pay $100 extra to have a sleek, retro chrome handle on that stove.

  16. kate says

    Those of you who have seen them – do they have that pebbly texture on the sides? Would you say they look more plastic-y or like the vintage metal/enamel? They’re not in stores near me until after Home Depot’s sale is over at the end of the month. Thanks!

  17. Josie says

    I like seeing an affordable fridge that looks nice, even if it’s not *perfect.*

    I think the only option for retro here in Oz is a 3,500 dollar (NOT A TYPO) Smeg and that makes me very grumpy indeed. I would take the GE even if after a couple years I rolled its little white-sugar-cube self down to be painted at a car shop.

    And I would really like an Energy Star rated fridge. :(

  18. Julia says

    I was told by our local Home Depot that they will coming out with a larger fridge in this line, due in January 2014. GE, is that correct? I purchased the Stove, dishwasher and microwave today, at Home Depot with energy efficient coupon and veteran’s discount…So, under $1300 for all three, including installation fees and we got the 5 year warranty on Dishwasher only. Can’t wait till they are installed!

    • Kelley says

      We’re about to order some up some Artistry too and would have been interested in a slightly larger fridge. Called GE today to check – they said no new releases are scheduled for Artistry. There are a bunch of fridges in the pipeline in that new flat gray color they call slate. Nothing new for the Artistry line yet.

  19. Kelley says

    I stumbled upon a GE Artistry range hood – it’s cute! Just ordered one. Could only find it at one major retailer online: AJ Madison. Model numbers are AV447FBS (black) and AV447FWS (white).

  20. Kennyt123 says

    Got the electric range, refrigerator, and dishwasher–in black– and they look great and perform nicely. The range is perfectly basic. I didn’t know about the artistry range hood so I got a stainless Broan top of the line model since I needed a good recirculating range hood. The clock is the only thing on the backsplash–very basic and minimalistic–looks great. I just hated the pushbutton keypad on the old Kenmore stove that was replaced. I got the coolest timer on It looks like a hood ornament on a 1950’s car, in red.

  21. Rose Marie says

    I love these, but am spoiled by self cleaning ovens. Any plans to make an electric version with self cleaning oven? i will keep my fingers crossed/

  22. Scott says

    I appreciate the effort and affordable custom colors would be quite an appealing hook (Seafoam Green, please) but two details kill it for me.

    1. The stainless needs to be chrome. Even if it was an extra-cost option, it makes all the difference in the world.

    2. I’m an electric range kind of guy but the smooth cooktop screams contemporary. I want old-fashioned separate “burners.”

  23. Jennifer says

    I totally agree with Scott. The appeal of the vintage appliances is the chrome with the high gloss enamel. Smooth top is a nice option however I would also prefer the separate coil burners.

  24. Ashleigh says

    I’ve seen them. I ran straight to them as soon as my they caught my eye. They were so very cheap feeling and looking, it really bummed me out. They may have a retro look, but they don’t have the heft of the real deal.

    • pam kueber says

      In response to all these comments… I was in the Home Depot last week, so I looked at the Artistrys on display again. While I agree that the knobs on the stove feel plasticky, the rest of everything I thought was fine… I wonder if the knobs on the stove could be switched out…. ?

  25. Craig Merrow says

    Planning out my next house, and have been sporadically checking out appliances…none have really done anything for me from a styling standpoint until I came across these. All I can say is WOW! Love the no-nonsense styling! I agree with other posters about replacing the satin/stainless handles, knobs and trim with chrome…offer it as an option – and make sure it’s a quality finish, not cheap flash-chrome! An optional hood for the over-the-range microwave would be nice as well.

    • pam kueber says

      I wonder if the handles etc. could simply be changed out with vintage. I don’t know about such things – whether there are industry standards that make them interchangeable. I will ask my GE contact!

  26. says

    I wanted to purchase this refrigerator to replace a 1950 GE Refrigerator but it is not available in a larger cubic measurement. Why not? This model was smaller than the old one I already had! The reason I wanted to replace the older one was the fact that I had to DeFrost it, what a Pain! These refrigerators look classic but they are not large enough to a
    accommodate large families. If you decide to make these larger let me know. Wider and taller NOT DEEPER. Thank you, Ramona

  27. Sue S. says

    We bought the fridge in white recently and love it. Everyone who sees it says, “Wow!”

    I will agree that it’s not suitable for large families, but we just have to please my husband and me. So we did. 😀

  28. Joan says

    I LOVE this line of appliances! I am so pleased to have found your website and discovered these appliances. I am NOT a “Millennial” by any stretch of the imagination – LOL! I have been living in and improving a 1960s ranch that had some really bad 1970s & 1980s budget renos performed for 22 years. It is time to replace my “just for now” appliances and I’m buying these. I did just what you recommended and “lived” in my MCM home and discovered what worked and what didn’t. I had to do a couple renos over the years to get a sanitary kitch and correct “flow”, but tried to keep the integrity of the house while making it work in the modern world. I must say, thses appliances will give me that “nod to the past” I want in my kitchen – not too much – just enough. The handles will match the upgraded knobs I added to my cabinets 4 years ago. I found the entire suite at my local appliance center today and will be ordering shortly before I have another appliance crisis! P.S. I have your site bookmarked, also working on fixing the laundry corner in the far corner of my kitchen – fabulous design ideas here – best I’ve found so far!

  29. Jeanne says

    My 1980 brown refrigerator finally died after a 2-day power outtage so I just ordered the new Artistry fridge! Rather than rushing to get any old fridge immediately, I am going to patiently wait the two weeks for my GE to come in. :-) I believe this is the second new fridge I’ve ever purchased in my adult life. LOL!

    • Joan says

      I ordered the entire appliance suite yesterday too! :). Can’t wait, Mine will arrive Wed., purchased from a local appliance distributor that has them in stock. This will be my 2nd refrigerator purchase too, and the first compete matching set of appliances.

  30. Trish says

    I FINALLY have the entire suite of blck Artistry installed in my kitchen and I LOVE them. Thank you soo much I would never have discovered this line if I hadn’t tripped over your website. I am so happy to have new, matching appliances at a very reasonable price. I don’t have to change another thing from my 17 year old remodeled kitchen. It took stamina, with 4 stove delivery attempts (first 3 damaged in the distribution line) and mounting peices that failed on the microwave/hood when we did the DIY install – but it all worked out! I couldn’t be more pleased!

  31. Tracy says

    Hey Pam,
    Well I’m super excited to say that I am finally the proud owner of the majority of this beautiful group of appliances. For some reason the retailers in my area, the Tri Cities area of Bristol, Kingsport and Johnson City, TN, don’t seem to be able to come up with the refrigerator for me. I took delivery of the oven, dishwasher and microwave earlier today and after waiting for them to be mine since the first day that I read your story about this gorgeous line of appliances I have to tell you that it was like a dream come true!!! My appliances came from a local Sears and so far even now the fridge is not able to be brought up in their computers for ordering and delivery. Both myself and my family members have been working on this “project” for weeks but so far nothing :( !!

    I have spoken with GE Customer Service who told me that there is no reason that local retailers cannot get these to customers because they are available in all of their warehouses except for one out west. Also we have spoken with GE Corporate in Chicago who basically says the same thing. There is a model number change for both the fridge and the optional ice maker but these have been available since August 2014 yet here my appliances set waiting on the elusive final piece to their little retro family :( !!

    Help !!!!!!!


        • Tracy says

          Thanks Pam, This is exactly the kind of help I was looking for. I was so hoping that someone from GE would be following your awesome site and find out about my dilemma and be willing to help me.
          This is just another example of the wonderful world of Retro Renovation helping out us mid century modest and mid century modern lovers!!!
          Since finding you and your site on fb you have been my go to for this vintage voyage that I’m on !
          Thanks for all that you do for all of us like minded retrophiles :-) !!
          Thanks again,
          Tracy J. East TN

  32. Gina says

    So glad I stumbled across this site!!! My family of 4 is purchasing/moving into my grandparent’s 1963 ranch style home this spring. I’m looking to keep the retro look but am struggling with a color for the fridge. The kitchen was hardly used, as there was another full kitchen and family room in the basement, which is where by grandparents cooked and spent thrir time. (I think that mindset was an old school Baltimore thing) The unused kitchen’s cabinets are solid wood, oak stained with white formica countertops (thst have silver glitter in them) with silver edges/trim, and BROWN wall oven and gas cook top (there is not, nor has there evrr been a fridge or dishwasher in this kitchen as it was hardly used).
    All of the retro fridges I’ve seen are all colors but brown. Any designer ideas/recommendations on retro fridge colors that would work with this kitchen, that are reasonsbly priced, such as the GE Artistry line??

    • pam kueber says

      Welcome, Gina — and what a wonderful legacy! I think you could either do white (a classic retro appliance color) or stainless steel (which would harmonize with your trim). Or — go the Big Chill route and have them custom-color paint it for you!

  33. dianna says

    Hey APPIANCE MAKERS, want to QUAD TRIPLE your PROFITS, bring those 50’s pastel colors back and designs but give all the wants people love. I am waiting for more 36in and 40in stoves with 2 and 3 ovens, sm, med, & lg, yes they made them late 50 to early 1960’s. They also had the drop down back burner that is today’s crock pot! You drop down the burner and place a lg pot down inside it, which came with the stove. These stoves were GREAT!! They also had an electrical outlet, clock, and timers on them. Made cooking oh so nice. If you’re in your 60’s, you know what I mean!! Get to the drawing boards appliance makers, thanks for listening, D L.

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