331 amazing photos of vintage wall clocks

vintage clock-wallTic toc, it’s times for an uploader — and this weekend’s theme is: Vintage wall clocks. I have lived in my 1951 house for 12 years now, and golly, all this time, we have not had a mid century wall clock up anywhere. I guess the Retro Decorating Gods were waiting to serve me up the perfect one, and a few weeks ago, they finally did. It’s a made in the USA Burwood clock. The clock isn’t “dear”, I think, meaning it’s not worth a whole lot of money. But it suited my space perfectly — gives my modern traditional dining room / living room the right dosage of Atomic Zing. Above: Reader Shelly’s vintage clock wall also is a visual treat. Check out all 331 amazing vintage wall clocks uploaded by readers.

Mega thanks to everyone who submitted photos of their fantastic vintage wall clocks — the uploader is now closed.

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To see photos in slide show, click on any image, use the arrows underneath each photo to move forward or back. You can start at any spot:

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  1. says

    Clocks! What fun. I finally found a Seth Thomas Starburst at a yard sale last month. It’s missing a spoke, and it runs…but doesn’t keep time! But hey, it only cost a buck, and it looks very happy in our 1957 MCM house.

  2. Kate says

    Man, this is one piece of mid century home decor that I don’t have! I’ve yet to find a cool vintage clock! I have a few reproductions, but they just aren’t quite as cool as the real deal. Here’s hoping the retro decorating gods send me something one of these years!

    • Jeff says

      Hey Kate, try eBay, Etsy, or any number of online sites that sell vintage items. That’s where most of the clocks in my collection came from, and I’m sure you’ll find just what you’re looking for.

      Good luck!

    • Jamie D. says

      I found mine on Etsy, but still had to spend a bit of money to have the hands and movement repaired. Good luck!

    • Jay says

      Kate, I have the same dilemma. 10 years on and I am still waiting for the RR gods to deliver unto me, a small square clock for the soffit over the the kitchen sink. There’s even a clock outlet.

      Pam, do I score points with the gods for shamelessly plugging the site? I toured Manitoga last Friday and the guide gives you a short form to fill out. One of the questions is “How did you find out about Manitoga?” RETRORENOVATION.COM

  3. Kathy Kenez says

    Syroco (Syracuse Ornamental Company) made lots of great clocks, under their own name and for other companies like New Haven Clock Co. My favorites are the injection molded plastic clocks from the 1960s and 1970s.

  4. Nancy B says

    My first time using photos from instagram. The labels didn’t show- Mine are the string clock, blue George Nelson, & cat clock! Love them all!

  5. Wendy M. says

    What a great variety of styles…I especially love the wide, rectangular-shaped one above the credenza! I can’t wait to see all posts throughout the weekend…

  6. Leila says

    Mine is the original George Nelson spike clock that I found hanging on a wall in a little house in Niagara Falls. It was $7 and I was thrilled . Someone at the sale offered to buy it out of my hands while at the sale. Oh, so sorry. :-)

  7. Kelly Wittenauer says

    That United “leaf-burst” clock :) My mom’s older brother sent her one for Christmas one year. It hung on the wall in our family room the rest of her life – perfect against the Masonite “walnut” paneling.

  8. Brenda Reamy says

    I uploaded mine! It’s a small square-ish hard-wired clock that was on the wall in the dining room when I bought my 1959 mid-century Florida ranch house in December 2012. It is WAY too small for the wall…but I don’t know what else to do with it. lol

    • says

      Seriously? That was my big Goodwill find! While I liked the clock, it wasn’t what I was looking for (though I knew it had some value), so I just flipped it on ebay for just over $200 bucks.
      Still a pretty good return on my investment!

  9. Jennifer, PA says

    So many starbursts! I love the leaf burst clock. i am partial to the metal leaf and butterfly and wheat wall hangings, so this is just perfect!

  10. Janet in CT says

    Oh, what a thrill to see all these lovely clocks! I especially like the leaf burst clocks, the boomerang clock, the Junghans clock with formica mounting plate, the blue tile clock – oh, they are all lovely! My favorite memory of the starburst clocks is when I was in college in 1970. The den in our dorm had an old TV and we had a really difficult time getting good reception, especially the station for the cult favorite “Dark Shadows”. My father was a TV repairman and I had some knowledge of how to fix and hook up antennas. I took the starburst clock off the wall and wired it into the back and greatly improved our reception! The cleaning ladies quickly figured out not to touch it! How’s that for dual purpose?!

  11. Stephanie says

    I made a mistake on my upload… I thought my husband said he got ours from a Britsh eBay seller, but apparently it came from Minneapolis. It’s a Roxhall.

  12. hannah says

    Ok, who is it that got the Starburst clock from the Portland Flea-for-All??? We’re neighbors! I live in Westbrook on E. Bridge!

  13. Lou says

    Loving this “timely” topic. This has motivated me to start the restoration process on the clock that was left in the rafters of our garage by the original owners.

  14. Shelley says

    The pic I posted of my daughter’s boyfriend with the clock? That same clock was also in an episode of MAD MED this past season. Joan has it in her office over a tall file cabinet…lol!

    I’m amazed at how many of these wonderful clocks are still out there. I have to go take a pic of my starburst clock. It’s in my storage unit. I don’t have a place for it right now but, I can’t part with it!

  15. Janet in CT says

    I am still marveling over all these fantastic clocks! And special kudos to those of you who made your own!

  16. Nina462 says

    I love Rob & Monica’s clock! I just uploaded my 3 vintage clocks: The Ingraham that I got for free at a garage sale. Diamond clock – needs work on the back where the battery goes. But it’s an easy fix.; my Hall clock for the kitchen. I think it’s a Hall, but there’s no markings; and my Harmony House office clock.

    Thanks for all the uploads! They all look great!

  17. BlueJay says

    I love that someone else has my clock radio (I have the taupe/cream Motorola)! Too cool! BTW, that radio sounds awesome; the speaker packs a punch!

  18. MbS says

    I have a barometer — small banjo style — that fits with this ethos. Perhaps a small upload on that functional and ubiquitous wall ornament.

  19. vegebrarian says

    Bestill my heart! I did not know there was a store like hutch in Omaha! Now that our kitchen is done, a hutch is next on my list!

    All of these clocks are wonderful!

  20. Milan says

    Aww, my clock didn’t make it into this beautiful collection. I thought it went through!
    Anyway, mine is a rounded trapezoidal ceramic clock. White with a gold edge and a light blue rim inside of the gold. The maker is Kienzle. It seems German. I bought it at a thrift store in Sweden. Still need to get it working though.

  21. Jean says

    Oh, how these are taunting me. When I began to imagine my mid-century kitchen, I thought that this vast empty space above the stove would be PERFECT for a starbust-shaped wall clock, though I had no idea if they actually existed. I was delighted to find that they were ubiquitous, but I’m kinda broke, having just graduated from college, and the ones that I take to on ebay always pass the $100-mark and jump out of my price range for the moment. Sigh. Some day soon, hopefully. So many beautiful ones.

  22. Kim Kaufman says

    Unfortunately, it’s closed now and I can’t upload a picture of my nice square clock with red plaid background. :(

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