299 photos of readers’ vintage treasures nabbed this summer

kenmore grillReaders have been out and about hunting for vintage treasures this summer — and this past weekend, they uploaded 299 photos of their fabulous finds. Uploader is now closed, but the big photo gallery is here to entertain and amaze. Thanks, everyone, for getting out your cameras and sharing your fun –>

Tips to view slide show: Click on first image… it will enlarge and you can also read my captions… move forward or back via arrows below the photo… you can start or stop at any image:


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  1. vegebrarian says

    I have that same poodle mail holder. I always thought someone had put the decals on it after purchase. Now I know! 😉

    • glew says

      Hi vegebrarian-

      That was my purchase. I tried cleaning it up a bit, but the gold coloring on the side started to come off. I now hang my keys on it when I come home every night. 🙂 I love looking at all the pics and am glad all this wonderful stuff find homes that care for them. Happy vintage hunting!

  2. Pat Coffey says

    This was a real awesome idea Pam. I do have to say 2 things though. first the Turquoise GE dishwasher is not rorm 1961. GE did not start offering the style of dishwasher until 1962 and John and in Jackson’s Kitchenaid dishwasher is not from the early 60’s but from the late 1960’s to the mid 1980’s .

  3. Mary Elizabeth says

    About the totally groovy mushroom cannisters with the missing knob. You can buy unfinished wooden cabinet knobs, paint them a color such as the yellow in the cannister design, and screw them on tight. You can do that with just the one with the missing knob or you can remove the other knobs and replace them all so they look the same.

  4. Jennifer in PA says

    So many kitschy things, so many elegant things, so hard to pick a favorite. I do love the clean lines of the Alba wood art, the groovy mushroom salad set, and the ketchup pixie, because i love ketchup and would use this every day! I also have a small collection of woodland animals because of my 12 year old who loves to pick up vintage animals when mom drags her to yet another yard sale or to Goodwill again!

      • Jennifer in PA says

        Hi Diane, I was so excited when a new discount grocery store opened up nest to Goodwill. Now, I can run in once a week because it’s on the way! Popped in 2 weeks ago and picked up two Lane Acclaim step tables-for $10 a piece. Have two already, from same Goodwill, but now I can try my hand at refinishing and have one original finish set and one lighter set. Need a bigger house!

    • Jason says

      Jennifer, your Saga set is beautiful and what a deal! Even better than the deal I got on Craigslist, mine is 6 chairs, table with leaf and the smaller hutch with glass sliding doors. I need to work on tightening up and polishing thte chairs and recovering them.

      • Jennifer in PA says

        Hi Jason, thanks! I have to admit, I couldn’t believe my luck. The ad for the sale even listed this set, I didn’t go until around 10am so I thought, if it is there, I’ll get it. No leaf at first, the sale people said they looked for it but no luck. I remembered my grandmother put her table leaf under her bed, so I looked in the bedroom and voila! Only thing I don’t have are the table pads! Have to make those. Also need to recover the chairs, still original covers but dingy. I do love the starbursts! The dark wood looks great against my knotty pine dining room walls!

        • Jason says

          That is great and good thinking on the leaf! Either there or behind the couch in my Mommom’s and Mom’s house lol! I keep the leaf in it all the time. Maybe you can get one of the table cloth type pads and cut it down – it’s sort of hard to find any with that shape – I call it a boat shaped table.

          I think I gave 200 for mine and they originally wanted 395 I can’t remember – but it was a deal. My original fabric(or think it is) is turquoise sort of textured with a bit of amini – stripe to the texture. It’s covered with a light blue on top of that, but as I said it needs new fabric and the padding too and some tightening of the joints – maybe glue I don’t know. Then a touchup/polish! I love it and wish I had walnut on some other things I had.

          • Jennifer in PA says

            Great deal! Your fabric sounds much better than mine, dull beige/brown with age color. I do love the walnut, I love all the different wood furniture against the knotty pine. all types look surprisingly good. At first I was overwhelmed with all the knotty pine in my house, the kitchen, living room, den, wainscoting in hallway, built-ins, family room in basement-everywhere but the bathrooms and bedrooms! but now I have embraced it, love it. My old dining set was a great Drexel, also off of CL, but the pecan coloring didn’t stand out enough in the knotty pine. The walnut Saga looks smashing!

  5. Scott says

    Wow, I hadn’t realized so many RetroRenovationists had the wheels to match!

    A big hello from Lady Bird Johnson, my baby blue 1961 Thunderbird, and me! 🙂

    • Justin says

      The red 56 Thunderbird is mine. Just got it a couple of weeks ago. I also have a 69 Ford F100. I got that about three years ago. I didn’t post that, since this thread was for this summer’s finds. Always been a Ford fan and especially love the Thunderbirds.

  6. BlueJay says

    I’m loving all the vintage appliances that are on here, epsecially the GE dishwasher, that Hobart KitchenAid dishwasher, and the awesome slant front Westinghouse! Those are uber cool!

  7. nina462 says

    Wish my computer was up & running this weekend, I would’ve uploaded pics from the monthly Allegan Antique show. (although it is getting more
    ‘crafty’ than antiquing lately).

    Love all the photos – if my computer was up I would’ve uploaded my 1968 Dodge Coronet R/T. Maybe next time.

    Thanks for the photos – loved them all

    • glew says

      Hey RetroGal:

      I found those at the thrift store, $4 for the set. Don’t you love when you score a find like that? They are gorgeous in person. Made by Syroco if you want to look online for a set.


  8. Jennifer in PA says

    OK, I love the room dividers/ shelves, Diane in PA-fabulous, and Rob and Monica, the lamp/ planter divider? These are such great, functional pieces of furniture/ sculpture. We have 3 foot tall Roman Brick planters, dividing the slate tile hallway from our living room. we put two great MCM desks there, for study/ computer space, and would like to have a small divider behind one desk, to give a nook type feel. I am also a sucker for any type of wall plaque, love the plastic/resin burwood, syroco, and homco and all the others. if only i had more walls…

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