Five new options for farmhouse kitchen drainboard sinks — including a design with 36 colors!

colorful-drainboard-sinksIf you’re on the lookout for a drop-in drainboard sink for your vintage kitchen remodel, we’ve just spotted five new options for you to consider. The sinks come in a variety of configurations, materials and colors.One particular sink model comes in 36 different colors — ranging from neutrals, bold brights and pastel pinks, greens and yellows. Heck, we even found a drop-in drainboard laundry sink available in 36 colors to match. With more and more options on the market today, there hasn’t been this kind of selection for decades.

drainboard-farmhouse-sinkUp until recently, Nelson’s has offered two models of drainboard, farmhouse style sinks, authentic reproductions of vintage originals now available in acrylic. We’ve just learned that they’ve since added two more models — both variations on their original offerings — bringing their total styles of reproduction drainboard sinks available up to four. The first new model — a variation on their 1940s drainboard sink — has double drainboards and a central sink and sells for $790 with free shipping.

drainboard-sinkNelson’s second new sink model is a midcentury style single bowl drainboard sink with integral backsplash — modeled from an original back in the day design. It sells for $695 with free shipping. Lovely!

drop in drainboard sink

The Karran drop-in double bowl drainboard sink is made of acrylic and retails for $366 on Amazon (*affiliate link), free shipping.  Available in white or bisque, this is an affordable drainboard sink option. However, it looks like this sink doesn’t have holes for the faucet, which means you will have to have a solid surface or tile countertop or install a wall-mounted faucet. (We don’t think that installing deck-mounted faucets into laminate is a a great idea, due to all the water that typically accumulates around the base of a faucet.)
drop in drainboard sink

Another new option is this Blanco sink (*affiliate link) lists for $933 plus shipping. While this model has the lovely drainboard — and appears to be made of a composite including hard rock granite — it is not what we’d describe as “retro” in style. Still, we’ll put it out there for you. This model is available in eight neutral colors — but also has the drawback of no faucet holes — limiting counter top options.

colorful-drainboard-sinksdrop in drainboard sinkdrop-in-drainboard-sinkAnother new option — this CorStone Wakefield Double Bowl Drainboard sink (affiliate link) comes in a 36 colors — including pale yellow, greens, pinks and even a bluish lavendar. This sink is made of acrylic.

drop in drainboard sink

Also of note — the CorStone Hamilton Laundry Sink (*affiliate link), prices starting at $258 — with three holes for a deck mounted faucet — appears to come in all of the same colors as the kitchen sink. So if your laundry room is right off the kitchen, and you like colorful matching sinks, this might be just what you’ve been looking for.

To see all our information about both new and vintage drainboard sinks — visit our Farmhouse drainboard sink page, which spotlights all the following sinks — and more!:



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  1. Chris says

    Ooooooo — I’m in sink heaven!

    But on that last one, what on earth would you use the itty-bitty sink bowl for? Sort of seems like a waste.

    • Janet in CT says

      Maybe it’s intended for the garbage disposal, but is there enough clearance underneath for one? Hmmm. The 36 colors are great. I really love the cast iron sinks but since I do tons of baking and cooking, and have no dishwasher, I worried about scratching it. I see the colored ones are acrylic and wonder about the durability. Does it scratch or chip? One thing my sister found out right away about her green sink was that if you chip a colored sink, it sticks out like a sore thumb. So I stick to stainless; drab as it is, it is the most sensible sink for me.

      • Mary Elizabeth says

        Yes, I think the “itty-bitty” sink is specifically designed for the garbage disposal. When I moved into a house with a well and septic tank and no disposal, I researched them and discovered that not only do they waste water but also they clog septic systems and even put a stress on city sewers. Not completely satisfied with the scientific research, I asked the “man in the field,” the guy who pumps out my septic system. He said, “Sure, you can have a disposal installed, no problem. You’ll just be seeing me every year or more instead of every three years.” So I didn’t get one.

        So as pretty as the sinks are, they don’t look like the ones in pre-garbage-disposal days, and if you don’t have a disposal, that little sink takes needed space from the main sink. But let’s think of what else you could do with it. Fill it will soapy water and soak knives and silverware before putting them in the dishwasher? Rinse out a pair of panty hose? Wash baby dishes? Put in a small colander to collect potato peels? Just thinking. 🙂

        • Janet in CT says

          I thought the same – soaking silverware or washing veggies. But realistically, do you NEED a drainboard sink if you have a dishwasher? I never had a garbage disposal and don’t want one – I compost and to me, disposals always stink no matter how you try to keep them clean. I do agree that disposals only make sense if you have city water and sewer.

          • pam kueber says

            Don’t you wash your pots in the sink? Golly, when I cook, my stuff piles up like madness next to the sink. I wish I had a drainboard sink!

            • Robin, NV says

              Ah, good point Pam. Unfortunately for me, counterspace is at a premium in my galley style kitchen, so a drainboard sink is not on my agenda. I’d lose valuable prep space.

              Personally, I’ve never understood the appeal of single basin sinks. I lived with one in an apartment with no dishwasher and it was a real pain. As you wash and rinse dishes, the sink fills and fills with water until you have to drain some out. But I’m one of those “fill the sink with soapy water to do dishes” types. If only I’d had a Dishmaster . . .

              • Janet in CT says

                I do wash my pots in the sink but I always dry them as soon as they come out of the sink – have to. I have a single sink and what a pain to wash and rinse with just one. Maybe a drainboard would help in this case, to rinse right on it, but I don’t even have the counter space for one. Sure wish I had a bigger kitchen!

  2. Mary J says

    I’ve recently gone through the big sink search. I was torn between a new apron-front style farmhouse sink and a vintage or repro drainboard sink. I looked at all the sinks linked here and more. I considered the Ikea and the Blanco. Please note that composite granite sinks like the Blanco performed poorly in Consumer Reports testing. I even found a vintage sink for sale in good condition but it was extremely expensive to ship and I would be buying it sight unseen, a risk I decided was too expensive to take. I eventually went with this compromise, , a new apron-front farmhouse style sink with integral drainboad in fireclay. It comes in 4 neutral colors and can be installed with or w/o the apron front showing. I haven’t installed it yet but it’s a beauty in the box. The single basin is large enough to bathe a toddler, but the drainboard is only about 10″ wide, just enough for a pot or two or some stemware. Since I also will have a dishwasher, I’m hoping this will be sufficient for handwashing w/o cluttering up my countertop with a dish drain.

  3. says

    I hadn’t done any serious research yet, but since our plan is to install a wall mount faucet (less mess and potential hard water stains where the faucet usually mounts), I had wondered how difficult it would be to find a sink without the faucet mounting holes. Since wall mounts are becoming more popular, I figured sinks had to be out there, but this gives me hope that I’ll be able to find what I want.

    Thanks for this. 🙂

  4. says

    OMG, 36 colours, love it! They really know how to win a gal’s heart. As for the acrylics, my sister had an acrylic sink, and told me they do get scratched up over time. Hmmm, I wonder if there is a new sink out there that is the same green as Emily’s stunning vintage Jadeite sink. I know, I know, 36 colours and I want the one colour they don’t have, LOL.

  5. Tina dyer says

    One of the Amazon listings for the Karran sink says the faucet deck accepts single-handle faucets only. (I haven’t cross-checked this with the G**gle gods, so it may be incorrect.) just thought I’d mention…

  6. belina says

    the farmhouse sinks are awesome. I was just looking for one to renovate my kitchen. I love the drainboards attached to the sink. Beautiful and easy to clean.

  7. Marilyn Glasscock says

    the double drain board sink with the high backsplash, can I use it with a garbage disposal ?

    • pam kueber says

      Marilyn, I do not know… on this question, check with the manufacturer of the sink that you are interested in. Good luck.

  8. says

    If you intend to really use some of these reproduction sinks, remember that many are acrylic (plastic). It won’t take much from you sliding pots and pans on them to scratch them up. Nothing like having true, old process porcelain over cast iron.
    If you plan to be very careful, then you may be OK with these sinks.

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