17 fascinating time capsule bathrooms

Our archive of time capsule homes is a great place to get inspiration for decorating, restoring or recreating a mid century look. Today’s focus, 15 homes we’ve covered in the past that have one — or more — drool-worthy vintage bathrooms. If you’re gearing up for a bathroom remodel, or just trying to pick up some retro decorating techniques, these bathrooms should provide good examples of bathroom design and decor from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

mid century blue bathroom

Photo courtesy of TK Images Real Estate Photography and realtor Robert Searcy.

1.  This 1957 time capsule house in Houston has not one, but two beautiful vintage bathrooms.


Photo courtesy of photographer and realtor Linda Scarborough.

2. This blue vintage bathroom in a 1960 time capsule home in Houston is decorated with foil wallpaper and fantastic faucet handles.


Photo courtesy of photographer Michelle from RealtyImaging.com and realtor Eleonore Reiter.

3. Here’s a very modern looking pink bathroom from 1951 with tons of retro details — like the revolving Hall-Mack toothbrush holder — hidden in the mirror.


Photo courtesy of TK Images Real Estate Photography and realtor Robert Searcy.

 4. Here’s a beautiful brown tiled mid century bathroom in a 1956 time capsule in Houston.


Photo courtesy of photographer Rick Amick from Real Estate Photography & Listing Services and realtor Shane Register.

5. There are three amazing vintage bathrooms in this 1957 time capsule in Wilmington, North Carolina — including the pink and white candy striped bath above.


Photo courtesy of photographers and listing agents listing agents, Tom and Henry Edelstein.

6. This bold bathroom — from a 1962 time capsule home with bold interiors in Mendota Heights, Minnesota — is mirrored from head to toe.


Photo courtesy of photographer Rosalind Boyle/Virtual Tidewater Photography and Virtual Tours and listing agent Tony London.

7. If you’re into red and rustic — check out the bold and beautiful bathroom in this 1974 groove pad in Norfolk, Virginia.


Photo courtesy of photographer and realtor Diana Monteith.

8. This 70s ski chalet in Ontario is decked out in orange — even in the bathroom — which boasts fabulous floor to ceiling wall tiles, an orange laminate counter top and even a suit of armor.


Photo courtesy of photographer Matti from Mixed Media and realtor Kay Agney.

9. Above is just one of the seven gorgeous vintage tiled bathrooms in this 1950 time capsule in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan.


Photo courtesy of photographer and realtor Karla Spiegelberg.

10. I spy a Neopolitan tile arrangement hiding behind the shower curtain in this 1960 time capsule in Laramie, Wyoming.

pink and black tile bathroom

Photo courtesy of photographer David Ward of the The Creative Ward and realtor Eric Glassoff.

11. The pretty pink and black vintage tile bathroom above has coordinating vintage wallpaper that even extends to the ceiling.


Photo courtesy of photographer and realtor Susan Cassidy.

12. Another fantastic pink bathroom is one of five vintage pastel bathrooms found in this 1942 time capsule home.


Photo courtesy of photographer and realtor Uncle Jack LeVine.

13. The slanted wood floating vanity and silver foil wallpaper really make this 1966 Rat Pack time capsule house bathroom something special.


Photo courtesy of readers Christopher and Francisco.

14. Nora’s pretty pink and blue vintage bathroom has a unique slanted, blue laminate vanity. We love Nora!


Photo courtesy of Showcase Photographers and realtor Starling Davis.


Photo courtesy of Showcase Photographers and realtor Starling Davis.

15 & 16. Two beautiful 1950s bathrooms from the gorgeous 1956 home near Nashville — the ivory one above is Pam’s all time favorite time capsule bathroom — so pretty.

Readers — which vintage time capsule house bathroom is your favorite?

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  1. gsciencechick says

    Ooh, that’s tough to pick ONE since I love them all. As far as our house is concerned, I think Nora’s pink and blue color scheme would look great in our smaller space.

  2. Janet in CT says

    My favorite is the pink bathroom in the 1942 house. I love the arched shower and tub enclosures and the tile work, especially the bordered floor. The turquoise and pink #9 run a close second with that beautiful tile and the tiled ceiling! What’s with the Princess wall phone in Nora’s bathroom? So many interesting things to see in all these bathrooms!

    • Mary Elizabeth says

      I’m with Janet. The tub alcove looks oh, so relaxing for a bubble bath. I used to have a black and green tub alcove like that in my first house. The shower was separate. It was a corner room with windows on two sides.

      I’m getting ideas from the candy-striped tile bath, too. I saw a similar one with green and white stripes.

  3. Sarah g (roundhouse ) says

    Hmm… My favorites in this group are #9, it’s so extravagant with its tiled ceiling. To me it screams ‘I’ve got money!’. And I also love #6 even though it seems a bit disorienting.

  4. says

    I love the stonework in the first picture. It’s absolutely stunning! It’s hard to pick a favorite, though. I would be happy with any one of them. Of course, I truly love my 1956 time-capsule blue and white bathroom!

  5. Robin, NV says

    I’m all over that orange and brown ski chalet bathroom – although I’m not sure I’d want a suit of armor watching me!

    I love the bold use of wallpaper in all of them. The silver foil wallpaper in #13 – gah! Go big or go home!! Love it.

  6. nina462 says

    I just finished reading Adam Carolla’s book Not Taco Bell Material and he mentions that he refinished his bathroom back to the original green tile/toilet. Everything in his current house he restored to the original – woodwork, tile work etc. If only we could get some pictures –

  7. Kristin says

    #12 looks just like the Shining bathroom with the lady in the tub except a different color scheme! Pretty though….

  8. Lisa Compo says

    Oh #12…I could spend all day in there… I want this room!!
    I am amazed that wallpaper stays up on the ceilings in these rooms where people take multiple showers. They must have good paste or excellent exhaust fans. I would think it would want to come apart with all of the steam. But then the few times I have tried to strip wallpaper it’s no easy task so maybe it stays just fine. Thanks for the pics today, I am drooling over #12 still. :)

  9. says

    Hmm…I kept trying to pick a favorite and then just gave up! That purple one with all of the mirrors is kind of blowing my mind however. I’m going to pick that one out of the sheer awe that it makes me feel. That said, I would not want to be the person who has to clean all of those mirrors!

  10. Liz says

    Anyone remember the dad’s house in the original Parent Trap? Well that’s my fave house of all time and the master bath in that house is my favorite master bath of all time. Lol not on this list but just thought I’d share 😉

  11. Stephanie says

    #7 has my sink! But I want to build a cool slanted vanity for it like #13! What a fun collection to get inspired by!

  12. says

    #2, #5, #14

    #2 dazzles me with that foil wallpaper— not something I would normally choose, but every detail is spot on & so over the top. #14 is so down to earth & familiar…. a true mid century modest and it’s pink & blue! (although I would choose different curtain fabric). The pink candy coated tiles in #5 are VERY, VERY cute!

  13. says

    #2, #5, #14

    #2 dazzles me with that foil wallpaper— not something I would normally choose, but every detail is spot on & so over the top. #14 is so down to earth & familiar…. a true mid century modest and it’s pink & blue! The pink candy coated tiles in #5 are VERY, VERY cute!

    Read more: 17 fascinating time capsule bathrooms – Retro Renovation

  14. Josie says

    Oh gosh that #16 in ivory is a dream. I love that the very best, but I’ve always loved soft yellows. And I love hex tile, and I love damask wallpaper, so imagine how much I love that bathroom.

    But I must also give props to #1 for the coordination of tile and wallpaper. I don’t even like blue and it’s a smashing effect.

    And #11 has black, and I love black. That black and pink looks great. And I love bullnose edging.

    Honourable mention to #5, I love the concept of the stripes. I have to say I had never thought of striping my tile. Would be a great way to reduce expensive custom-order colours by 50%, or do something interesting with simple black-and-white. That’s not the wallpaper I would have chosen for them though.

  15. Joe Felice says

    Nora’s is my favorite, because it reflects the simplicity of the era, which is what I recall. Some of these are too gaudy. Much of the wallpaper is pretty, but using it on all walls is too much. It’s too busy to be used everywhere. And on the ceiling?? Oh, my. And mirrored walls? Well, I’ll just let that one go. But as long as the residents love them, I guess it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

  16. Ginene says

    I ADORE #6 and #9. Wonderful and, as usual, your site makes me realize that wanting all things currently in fashion is an exercise in futility.

  17. Sid says

    All of them are really wonderful and full of character but anything that is reminiscent of ‘The Shining’ (as pointed out above) gets my vote! So, #12 it is! #6 with all the mirrors is a close second – decadent. There is something to be said for cozy and warm as well so I nominate the very top picture with the stone wall. Beautiful.

  18. Judy H. says

    I adore the #9 bathroom. The tile colors are beautiful and I love the interesting way the tiles have been placed and the colors alternated. The pink base tiles and that breathtaking floor make that bathroom just sing! I absolutely LOVE the twin sinks (color is heavenly), the lighting around the mirrors and even the retro bath rugs make me wish I could just pick that bathroom up and put it into mine. Alas! At least I have a complete sky blue tiled (mint condition) bathroom with great boomerang counter tops and huge built-ins. But I’d trade it in a wink for #9!!!

  19. Mike S says

    I’m all about bathroom #1. Wow, would that look great anywhere. And yeah, what the hey, I’d keep the pink stuff.

  20. Jeannie says

    #12 is my favorite, both glamorous and restful, followed by #14, . But I love the waterfall edge sinks in #3 and #14.

  21. Lesley B says

    MY favourite? Blue Bathroom #2…..I’m sure we had that same wallpaper when I was a kid.

    Alex’s favourite? Rat Pack Bathroom #13. Who wouldn’t love a rotary dial telephone right next to the toilet! “Excuse me for a moment my friend, I’m just going to perform a courtesy flush…”

    A ‘Save the Blue Bathroom’ campaign has started in our 1957 built/ never ever remodeled/ only one family lived in our home before we bought it in 2008/ amazing time capsule of a home. The family before us loved the blues…carpets, walls, drapes, bathtubs and toilets. I’m so glad we found your blog, it has given me the inspiration to save the bathroom among other things!

    I love your posts, and your appreciation of times gone by.
    Thank you for doing all of the time consuming research for us.
    A very sincere fan from Vancouver Island (the greatest little island in the Pacific!) :)

    • pam kueber says

      Why, thank you! I woke up to open the blog and find this comment, you just made my day. LOVE Vancouver Island, DH and I honeymooned there!

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