Where to find colorful shag carpeting today: Shaw Carpet’s Disney “Magic Shag”!

Emily-Morrow-and-Retro-Carpet-SwatchesWall-to-wall shag carpeting — like Sarah used in the living room of her round house — was hugely popular during the 1960s and 1970s. In the height this decorating trend, shag carpeting could easily be found in a variety of bright colors. Today, however, due in great part to the color-averse mainstream, finding bold colors of shag carpeting isn’t easy. That’s why we were thrilled when Sarah told us her source, Shaw Carpet’s Disney Magic Shag line. Above: The photo from our exclusive interview with Emily Morrow, head of design for Shaw, on the history of wall-to-wall carpet. 

orange shag carpet

Roundhouse Sarah’s living room

shaw-flooring-orange-carpetThe Magic Shag — great name!!!! — line is available in 31 different colors — including magic pumpkin — the orange that Sarah used in her living room. The line was conceived with children’s spaces in mind, but many colors in the collection would also work wonderfully in a retro mod living room, bedroom or rec room.

shag-carpet-colorsOf the 31 color choices, the six colors above — magic pumpkin, outrageous orange, pixie purple, poisoned apple, pink power and blue lightening — are the brightest and most retro-licious of the bunch.

hot pink living room

Photo courtesy of listing agents, Tom and Henry Edelstein.

Upon first seeing that hot pink shag, my dream of recreating the time capsule living room in this 1962 house in Minnesota seemed just a bit more in reach.

Anyone else suddenly feeling the need to find a room for some flower power shag carpeting?


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  1. Barb S. says

    I’m glad you posted this! Recently I got the idea to put some pink shag under a round bed I have. I thought I would get it cut into a circle and bound, but I had no idea if anyone was selling it. Thanks for the tip!!

  2. Kelly Wittenauer says

    When we moved in June 2005, my then 14 year old son asked for dark blue shag carpet in his room. Actually had no trouble finding it in suburban Chicago. Local store carried it.

    Not sure, but think it was the Disney line that offers a green similar to Pam’s color of the year – they call it Mod Green. I came very close to buying a room size rug in it for our basement guest room. Hubby & son nixed that, said it would be too much since one wall is painted that color. Ended up ordering a more sedate beige with blue, green & gold flecks, but still a shag.

  3. Kelly says

    I love the large piece beneath all of the smaller samples, and I’m trying to find that on the Shaw Carpet website but am not finding it. Do you happen to know which one that is? I’m hoping that’s not a vintage remnant. I would do the same as some others have described – get a large piece and have the edges bound.

    • pam kueber says

      main photo with emily? vintage remnant, i am pretty sure. click thru the link or the photo to get to the original interview

  4. John K says

    I was crazy about shag carpeting in the 1960s when I was growing up. Hey, hey, we’re The Monkees had shag carpeting in their bachelor’s pad on their TV show and I wanted my bedroom to look like that. Mom and dad said NO WAY. My bedroom wound up with a tasteful, low pile sculptured carpet in two shades of medium to dark brown and it was nice. I got over my desire for shag carpeting and I don’t think I would use it in my 1963 home today. I love my original hardwood floors and so shag carpeting for me remains a childhood memory.

  5. Joe Felice says

    Did any of us think we’d ever live to see the day when shag carpet was back in style? Or that we would actually LIKE it? I mean, who knew? I do find it attractive, but most of the folks call it friese’ today. And we know we love color!

  6. Lynda says

    Had bright celery green, very long shag carpet when I lived in my Eichleresque home in Camarillo CA during the 70s. Never tired of it and still miss that house so much!

  7. Erin in Ohio says

    Oh no!
    I’m ready to buy some carpet, and Disney Magic Shag has been discontinued. I’m going to contact Shaw on Monday, but if anyone has any other tips for tracking down discontinued carpet, I’m listening!

  8. Sean in New York says

    Oh No!

    Disney Magic Shag has been discontinued! Please help with any other information regarding wall to wall shag carpeting.


    • pam kueber says

      I don’t know… selections are constantly changing… I think you’re going to have to slog thru the online catalogs of the various makers to see what’s available right now. Good luck!

  9. Jason says

    What is that pattern of carpet beneath the swatches in the top photo called (the brown one)? I have similarly textured carpet in my home that desperately needs replacement.

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