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Follow-us-on-EbayNOFLOWERImportant update, vintage treasure hunters: To see the best items that Kate and I spot on ebay daily, follow me on ebay and presto! you can browse our 32 new curated Collections. We make no money from this — it is a reader service. Kate and I have geared up this ebay page — carefully organized by topic and Auction or Buy It Now — to help you find vintage products that may be of use in your Retro Renovation. 

I have been a super active ebay shopper since 2002 — since long before this blog started. Ebay has always been my #1 go-to place online for vintage — I’ve nabbed some terrific bargains — and it’s a place that has helped tremendously with research.

Today, I maintain 200 Saved Searches and get reports on all new items daily. The best finds — and the items I think may be most helpful to homeowners doing remodels and restorations — will go quickly into these Collections.

Once you are on the new Retro Renovation ebay page, take a look at the 32collections that Kate helped me to organize. We will add to these every day. If you are on the hunt for a particular item, you also can FOLLOW any given COLLECTION.

For now, I also will maintain this second list – auctions ending in 24 hours – which is an affiliate link.

Have fun!

Again: CLICK HERE to follow my Collections on ebay. We do not make money from this. It is a reader service. Let us know if you find some goodies via our lists — that will make us happy to hear!

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  1. Lisa Compo says

    Wow…that’s fantastic. Alphabetical order and everything :) This will be super fun to see what’s on there everyday and we can skip over the things we don’t really need, like I can’t have one more drinking glass in here or the walls will explode. LOL Thanks Pam for yet another great thing about your site. Love it!

  2. Lisa Compo says

    I’m confused…My Feed page seems like it’s showing every item individually instead of as a “collection”. There seems to be a lot of repeats. Is there a little glitch or do I need to do something special to pare it down a bit? I’m enjoying it, but there is quite a lot to see especially with the repeats. Can anyone advise me a bit? Thanks

      • Lisa Compo says

        Thanks Kelly..I see that page, but somehow I have it showing up on my home page Feed and it expands out to multiple listings of things–even when new people start to follow it. I must have done something wrong. It seems to want to show me almost everything several times…like 20 Christmas trees. LOL I might unfollow and start fresh. I seem to be the only one with the issue–its most likely “operator error”. hee hee hee. Thanks for the help. :)

  3. Mary-Ann Young says

    Well, now you’ve made my eBay trips very streamlined. I feel as though I should thank you…after I find a second job. Lol kidding! I love them thanks so much again.

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