The Retro Horror Picture Show

But then, we do the Time Warp every day here, don’t we? Happy Halloween, dear readers, from Pam, Kate, Astro, and Leo.


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  1. Mary Elizabeth says

    “Oh, on my sainted mother’s grave,” as my aunties used to say, I have never seen anything quite like this! DH is still asleep, so I had the sound turned way down and the door shut. Now I am trying to stifle guffaws. You’ve really outdone yourselves, Pam and Kate.

    When I saw “Retro Horror” as the title of the post, I thought you were going to show us terrible “updates” gone wrong. Then I got the “reference.” Now, how long has RHPS been running? Like since 1970s? And the best thing is the show and the film were take-offs on the horror genre of the mid century. So the film itself is retro-retro.

    Thanks for the entertaining start to Halloween. Here in Connecticut we are eagerly awaiting the kiddies coming by tonight for the first time in three years–2011 was a freak blizzard on Halloween week, and 2012 was the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Most of the communities canceled Trick or Treat. So happy Halloween out there, and be good to the kids.

  2. Allen says

    This is hilarious!! Thanks for taking the time to make it. A nice laugh to start out the day. We are supposed to be rained out here in Tennessee for Halloween but we shall see how it goes. Happy Halloween RR community.

  3. JKaye says

    Instead of Dancing with the Stars, it’s Dancing with the Vampires!

    Thanks for the funny clip. Hope Astro and Leo have fun trick or treating!

  4. Robin, NV says

    The first time I saw Rocky Horror was right when The Hunt for Red October came out. I could not take Tim Curry seriously as the Russian doctor. I kept seeing him in fishnets and a corset.

    Toast anyone?

  5. Lisa Compo says

    Happy Halloween to everyone.
    I love those JibJab videos, I forgot about them until today. This sure gave me a smile. Thanks Pam and Kate and Astro and Leo. Have a great evening, All—even those of us expecting lots of rain and storms.

  6. Janet in GA says

    Rice, toast, Scott toilet paper, water guns, playing cards, newspaper….midnight showings!!!!!! Love it! (And besides my name was a main character)

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