Split-level Putz house — download the free pattern to make your own

Split-level-christmas-houseIt’s that time of year again — time to get retro crafty for the holidays. Have you been saving your cardboard boxes and tissue paper all year? Collecting mini landscaping accents? Stocking up on felt, glue and glitter? Get ready for some new retro “putz house” designs to add to that growing subdivision on your mantel. After all the fun we had last year building ranches and A-frames, requests for a split level pattern started to flow in. You’ve been such good readers all year long, how could I deny this wish on your list?

mid-century-split-level-putz-houseThis home is the first to include a garage and driveway, sure to please those of you with a retro toy car collection. I’m thinking a matchbox car would be just the right scale, and depending on how you decide to style this pattern, anything from a ’57 Chevy to a ’70 Plymouth Duster would be right at home sitting in the driveway.

retro-putz-style-houseThere is room to put three electric candle lights in the back of this house including behind the garage door, if you want to light that.


retro-christmas-house-split-levelThe mini wreath came from Michael’s — made by the same supplier as the mini trees, which are happily available again this year. Be sure to print out your discount coupons for Michael’s and JoAnn’s before you head out the door to stock up.

When constructing this house, I recommend building the garage and second story part first, then attaching the slanted side of the house.


Click here to download Kate’s free Putz house pattern

For basic instructions and a list of materials needed for this project, see my first mid century Putz house pattern.

Make a whole neighborhood of mid century “Putz” style houses:

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  1. Chris says

    Love these! One year, I will make the time to make some! Just FYI, if you have the Dollar Tree in your area, they have the mini-trees! Perhaps wreaths as well?

  2. Mary Elizabeth says

    Very cute. I remember something in McCall’s Magazine in the 1950s about making these traditional Christmas houses, maybe even a cut-out pattern, already painted, to glue onto cardboard and assemble. For the rest of you Baby-Boomers-turned-grandmas, do you remember the paper dolls and outfits they printed each month? The doll’s name was Betsy McCall, but I don’t remember her freinds’ or pets’ names.

  3. MsKittyMuses says

    I was just wondering yesterday when this year’s pattern was going to be posted! It’s ADORABLE Kate! Thank you so much for providing these for the readers. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend!

  4. Vickie Williams says

    WHEN did you have time to whip up that little gem? It’s var var cute, and oh so Retro!! How about a Woody in the drive? Great job.

  5. Kristen says

    I so love these! Sadly have not had time to build them – but they are always on my to-do list and my saved cereal box collection is quite extensive 😉 I wonder if my Hallmark ornament vintage car collection would be the right size for this garage…hmmm :)

  6. jeanne says

    Thank you! I only made one last year and was planning to make another one of the patterns from last year for this year. Not sure if you remember, but I used a Matchbox car (’74 Maverick) with my Putz in last year’s photos. I put a mini tree on the roof. My Putz made Pinterest. :-)

    • Kate says

      Yes I do remember Jeanne! You’ll have to make this one this year, so you have a nice “paved” parking spot for your ’74 Maverick! :)

  7. Roundhouse Sarah says

    I’ll be bored at some point this weekend… I think I’ll make some putz houses… Perhaps a geodesica version?
    Yeah! Readers, make a putz version of your own home and then we can share photos!!

  8. tammyCA says

    Yea, I’m glad to see more “Kate putz houses” …I’ve been saving the cereal boxes.
    Btw, there’s some neat Retro stuff at Target. I saw some Shiny Brite-like ornanents, with the glitter stencils, they are called, “Nostalgic ornaments” and in plain brown boxes, I think for $10. And some battery lit bottle brush trees.
    And, vintage-y graphics gift wrap papers.
    I got some of the Starburst/Sputnik flashing lights battery operated they had.

  9. pauline simpson says

    Thanks for the pattern. Didn’t know about the others you did. Was your inspiration the Shiny Brite Sparkle Town?

  10. Bea says

    Thanks Kate. I built all three houses last year and set them up right after Halloween. Have lots of trees and they look great. Been saving cereal boxes and ready to start crafting.

  11. says

    I love these and hope to actually make some this year. As an aside, does it seem like only yesterday that Kate was posting her original putz house templates and now here we are a year later? Yikes!!

  12. Lynne says

    I just got back from a trip to the Menards. In their Christmas area, they have all sorts of Christmas village accessories. Trees, trims and such with very nice prices. They had PINK FLAMINGO yard ornaments! I think they were a little over $4.00 for a pack of 5 or 6.

    I thought it all looked like pretty good quality and a nice scale, especially for the prices.

  13. Michele says

    I think I purchased too many trees! I was worried I wouldn’t find them. Found some at Dollar Tree, Michaels (wreaths, too), Target (battery lighted) and Wal Mart (75 cents – $2). I wanted to avoid cereal artwork and tried using my fabric boards (comic book backing board) and it worked great! It’s sturdy and white so I can paint or leave as is, also used foam core for roof for the dimension. I want to make all of them, but for now the first will be a gift. :)

    • Kate says

      Glad you are having fun Michele! Yes, you can use any type of “board” to create these mini houses…foam board, mat board, etc. I suggest the cereal boxes/cardboard because they are a great way to reuse materials — and to keep the cost of the project low.

  14. PDX says

    So excited to add to our collection this year! We did all 3 (and uploaded to the carousel) last year. We are excited to grow the subdivision! Thanks!!

  15. Mattie says

    Working on my houses as we speak. Decided to go with cheapo discount scrapbooking paper I’d saved up instead of cardboard. Lots of great colors and textures, the thickness seems perfect (cutting and folding are a breeze this time) and little to no painting.

  16. Cameron says

    i love your patterns! I made the modern ranch today, the cut down the pattern to half size to make it as a tree ornament. Both turned out great, and I’m so excited to make more!

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