Kate’s Mamie pink master bathroom is finished — video

Kates-bathroomTwo years of planning. Six months and six days of brain-bending, back-breaking, tedious and careful work. From demo on day #1 until the final pieces were put into place, the epic journey to transform my tired old bathroom into the pretty pink potty room of my dreams has been nothing short of a renovation marathon. But here I am — having just crossed the finish line and now enjoying the spoils of victory. There will be many stories detailing all the details in the days and weeks to come. For now, take the video tour and bask in the warm “glowy” pink of my finished retro pink bathroom remodel. Can you tell I’m super excited?

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  1. April says

    Absolutely beautiful!!!
    You should be so proud of yourself, you did an amazing job Kate!!!
    So glad Pam brought you on to RR. You guys are a perfect team :)

  2. Janet in CT says

    Kate, I am so impressed with the original look of the bath, your use of vintage materials as much as you could, and your ability to actually redo it yourself! Marvelous job! You done good!

  3. says

    I am so impressed with what you’ve accomplished and feel very proud of you!! I can’t imagine doing what you’ve done. It’s soooo pretty and just perfectly pink 😉

    • Kate says

      It was a long road Jenny A., but so worth it! Taking things one step at a time was KEY in getting through such a large project. Thanks!

  4. MidCentModFan says

    Congratulations! I’m glad you took your time and put your own signature touches on the bathroom. You have captured the vintage feel and look. It was a long journey, but worth the effort.

    I couldn’t help thinking of the song lyrics:

    She turns herself round
    And she smiles and she says
    ‘This is it’
    Pretty in pink
    Isn’t she?

  5. Robin, NV says

    Kate – totally fabulous and amazing!!

    Your perserverence has payed off – you’ve produced a perfectly pleasing pink potty!

  6. Andi says

    Congratulations, Kate! It’s a perfect pink bathroom.

    That first shower must have felt beyond wonderful….to know you DID it!! I just love it, and the starburst fixtures really iced the cake!

  7. MsKittyMuses says

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS! The hardware looks so fabulous, and gives it some extra sparkle. And very impressed with you built in vanity. Everything looks perfect!

    Well done, you must be so happy to finally have your vision a reality! Congratulations, Kate!

  8. Gilliano says

    wow how fab is this what a great job you have done. can I be cheeky and ask where you found the brilliant atomic cabinet handles and towels rails from
    Its all stunning

    • Kate says

      I’ll have a story coming up with all my sources — but to satisfy your curiousity — those were all found on Ebay.

  9. Ky says

    After looking at your original post, I think your new bathroom looks even more appropriate than the original one in the house! Great job!

  10. Ima Pam says

    All that work, and it still looks 50-60 years old 😉
    Congratulations, this is just bee-yoo-tee-fulll!!! What an inspiration you are!

  11. Mary Elizabeth says

    Brava, Kate! So absolutely stunning! The starburst fixtures really take it up to the next level. Congratulations for measuring twice and drilling once to get the door to just miss the towel rack. If you don’t already have one, you should put in a rubber bumper doorstop to keep the door handle from smashing into the tile. I guess you don’t have any wee bitties around, but you do have potentially clumsy guests and Leo. Also, did you polyurethane the wood in the vanity?

    My pink bathroom is finally finished also, as DH built the recessed medicine cabinet and shelf to match the vanity. Before Christmas, I will make the little quilted covers for the TP and tissue box. And I found little white holiday guest towels in white with pink and blue embroidered snowmen.

    I hope you find, as I have done, that cleaning your beautiful pink bathroom is no longer a chore but a kind of gloating delight. It’s more like polishing silver–you have something beautiful you can restore to its shiny newness once a week.

    • Kate says

      You are right Mary E — cleaning the bathroom used to be my least favorite task…now I ENJOY doing it (at least in my pink bathroom). Imagine that!

      Since this is our master bathroom, we are the only ones who use it. Guests have the hall bath or laundry room bath to use. The only time people come in to the pink bathroom is to admire it! :)

  12. Patchy Fog says

    Congratulations. Very nice work.

    We have the same circa 1963 medicine cabinet in our bath. It originally came with aqua-marine plastic doors — which would look great with pink BTW — but when we remodeled last year we switched to a patterned glass. Anyway, it lasted about 2 months before it broke it where the handle attaches — I assume from the rear piece knocking the front one.

    So, be careful with those beautiful mirrored doors!

    • Kate says

      Thanks for the advice! They are the original mirrored doors…I’m thinking about having some new ones made, but not sure if I should keep them mirrors or try something else…

  13. Amy Battiste says

    Kate, simply amazing!!! Im sooooo jealous, be proud, this is such an accomplishment! Esp loving the starburst towel racks

  14. Ranger Smith says

    Kate – You are amazingly talented! You’ve not only created a great design, but you are skilled and handy enough to execute and build it. The sunbursts on the medicine cabinet doors are really a great feature. You should be very proud of yourself.

  15. Kristina says

    This makes me so glad that the previous owners of my house did not rip out the pink, blue, and beige tiled bathrooms that were original to the house. It’s a lot of work to put that on the floor and four walls! I also have the sliding glass mirrored cabinet and 1960s light fixture. I LOVE my pink bathroom…may you enjoy yours for many years to come!

  16. amypie says

    I.Can’t.Even! Its sooooooo beautiful and glowy!!! Congratulations Kate on a magnificent job! I am ridiculously jealous 😉

  17. Ann says

    Love it! I live in a MCM hi-rise and am working on bringing my unit back to as much MCM as I can afford to do. The building has some pink, blue, green, and yellow bathrooms. Mine unfortunately were redone but they at least stayed with yellow and blue.

  18. Scott says

    Just loverly! Earlier posts above answered my question about the cabinet, it’s very cool, and probably a bit rare for it to be so roomy, most vintage cabinets tend towards the dinky. I’d say it’s a keeper.

    Coordinating the different styles and sizes of chrome accessories was a really creative solution and adds a lot of personality.

    Looking foward to hearing more in-depth details about your journey to pretty pink pottyness.

  19. Lauryn says

    Bravo, bravo, bravo!! It looks AWESOME and it’s amazing you did all that work yourself. I absolutely adore how it looks and all the beautiful touches in it, but honestly, I think my favorite part is how perfectly the closet door just clears the towel rack! With a ridiculously small bathroom in our house (a closet would be a laughable and impossible dream it’s so small), I know how every inch counts, and I think that kind of exceptional planning shows truly superior design skills. Congrats, Kate, you rock!!!

    • Kate says

      Thanks Lauryn! I planned this remodel for about 2 years before I took the plunge. It was well worth it to spend all that time thinking, planning, measuring, etc. :)

  20. Janice says

    Your bathroom is lovely Kate! You did a fabulous job and I’m impressed with your carpentry talents! It may have taken you 6 months and 6 days but it was totally worth it. I’m about to embark on a bathroom remodel myself right after the holidays so I am about to feel your pain!

  21. duki says

    Absolutely breathtaking, Kate!
    You should be quite proud of the superb job you’ve done.

    Just peachy! (Or in this case, pinky!)

    I hope you don’t mind me asking a question. I noticed that you don’t have a toilet paper holder. Did you decide against one? Are the ceramic ones that insert/set into the walls no longer made?

    • Kate says

      Thanks duki — I do want a TP holder but didn’t go the recessed/ceramic route. I was hoping to get a vintage starburst one to match my towel holders, but alas, I have not been able to find/purchase one yet. I’m giving it a while to see if one surfaces before I look for an alternative.

  22. Cole says

    Wow, so excited for you! So wonderful to know everything in there is super modern, beautiful and clean!

    (As I watched this, I thought “I’m the only man in America this excited by this bathroom.” LOL)

    • Kate says

      Cole, you are not the only man in America excited about this bathroom — my husband LOVES the bathroom — especially the large shower!

  23. says

    Kate, your bathroom is amazing, and I am blown away by your attention to detail. I am curious what you did with the original bathroom materials… were any salvageable to sell or donate?

    • Kate says

      Thanks Amber! Yes, I saved, reused and donated (to my local ReStore) as much as possible. I’ll have more info about that in a later post. :)

  24. AH says

    What tool do you use to put your wish boards together? I have a remodeling project I want to do, and I need to create one of those. Photoshop lite? Thanks.

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