Another rare steel kitchen cabinet sighting — Palley

Vintage-steel-kitchen-cabinets-PalleyTo date we have identified more than 75 different brands of vintage steel kitchen cabinets manufactured and sold back in the day. Today, a look at some photos of a brand we rarely see, these 1952 Palley cabinets were found on the Pittsburgh Craigslist


From the Craigslist post:

Just removed original 1952 steel kitchen cabinets. One coat of paint (visible surfaces) since original paint. Virtually no dents in visible areas. You haul away…best offer.

Mega thanks to Craigslist seller Eric for letting us feature his photos on our archive — we hope this rare set finds a new loving home.


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  1. Janet in CT says

    WOW, checked this morning and listing is gone so they must be sold already! What a neat set from what I can see! Someone is very lucky to have gotten them and it would be interesting if they sold thanks to this feature!

  2. Robin, NV says

    What are the skinny ones on the right for? Or is it just the camera angle that makes them look shallower than the others?

  3. MetalCabsareFab says

    Pam – my father (inspired by my metal kitchen remodel) just gave his 1960’s kitchen a makeover by having his cabinets resprayed a beautiful red and putting on new countertops. This rehab made me notice an original kitchen feature that I hadn’t before – amazing ceiling tiles. They are white with impressed circles of different sizes. I can’t believe I didn’t notice them before, but they add such pizazz to the kitchen, particularly when contrasted with the newly painted cabinets. Unfortunately, I didn’t snap a photo. Have you seen these tiles before? Just wondering if they were common.

  4. Kimi says

    Guess the cabinets in the 1940 Craftsman we just purchased are a rare find too! To be honest I think mine may be a bit older, as the logo is in more of a cursive writing. I have approximately 15 cabinets and a four door pantry. All in awesome shape, just need a cleaning and a fresh coat of paint!

  5. Paul says

    I have a 1958 kitchen with GE medal cabinets, oven, and even a refrigerator and freezer. I need some info on what it’s worth and any websites with info on this product. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you

  6. Jill says

    I’m looking for metal cabinets. Would love any and all advice 😉 I’m hoping to purchase a sink and cabinet that was my grandmas and sold with her house.

    • pam kueber says

      Jill, we have a story on this. See the top of the Kitchen Help / Steel Kitchen cabinets category page for the story.

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