Rejuvenation starburst bathroom hardware no longer in production

Get the last remaining stock o’ starbursts while you can

retro starburst towel holderSome sad news today on the retro wire — thanks to a tip from Facebook follower Shawn — we’ve learned that is was necessary for Rejuvenation to discontinue of their Perry bathroom towel rods, rings, hooks, and shelf and toilet paper holders — including the atomic stars aka starbursts and the squares, too. Pam reached out to Marketing at Rejuvenation, which confirmed:

We’ve lost our vendor/partner for the Perry bath hardware collection. We simply cannot make it at the moment. When we are able to align with a new partner, we’ll re-evaluate the collection and decide whether or not to move forward with it.

Good news, though, Rejuvenation also said:

As a whole, we have no intention of discontinuing our MCM collections or leaving mid-century design.

Starburst stock still available — but when it’s gone, it’s gone

Meanwhile, we called customer service directly and learned that there still is some stock from this line available at the warehouse and in some Rejuvenation stores. So if you’ve had your heart set on adding these starbursts to your retro bathroom or kitchen remodel: Act Now.

According to the phone representative I spoke with, it is best to call Rejuvenation directly to confirm availability and to order, versus trying to place orders through their website, which is not linked directly to inventory.

This news pushed me into a personal panic involving the starburst toilet paper holder…


This photos shows authentic vintage Starline starburst bathroom hardware — the basis for the Rejuvation reproductions. Kate’s bathroom features vintage originals. She scored them on ebay — which is still an option — but these sets are few and far between and go for some dough re mi.

As soon as Pam told me about Shawn’s tip, my heart started beating wildly. Fearing the worst, I immediately navigated to the website and found that some pieces from the line were no longer listed. Panic began to set in, since I still have not found a vintage starburst toilet paper holder for my retro pink bathroom remodel, and the reproduction starburst TP holder from Rejuvenation was my back up plan. I quickly dialed Rejuvenation’s number. Within minutes, the representative confirmed my worst nightmare — okay, that is an exaggeration — that the Perry Starburst bathroom hardware line was on the outs. Immediately, I dashed to the other side of the house to get my wallet. The friendly sales rep must have wondered why I was suddenly slightly out of breath. I babbled something about me needing a starburst toilet paper in polished chrome to finish my epic pink retro master bathroom remodel. Then there was a long pause — I thought I’d been disconnected — but it was probably the sales rep trying to stifle her laughter — or maybe she was just searching through inventory. Yes, that must have been it.

Indeed, she was able to find a polished chrome starburst toilet paper holder for me. Crisis averted, phew. Relieved, I thanked her profusely and asked how many items in this line were left overall. She said the available stock is extremely limited, and if an item was no longer available on the website, it is likely gone or only available in stores with stock remaining on their shelves. Her advice was to call immediately for best availability. Anyone who has been thinking about purchasing starburst bathroom hardware from Rejuvenation, there is precious little time left to secure yourself some of this bling. Stop procrastinating.

Now please excuse me while I go lie down for a minute.


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  1. Alexandria Martin says

    Caroline: The ring towel holder is available at the Seattle, LA and Berkley stores, I checked today and got mine from the Seattle store this afternoon and they do SHIP!!!

  2. says

    Thanks for the heads-up Kate and Pam! I had thought I would use these in my bath remodel, but because I haven’t decided for sure, I’ll be considering other options. I’m not quite ready to pounce, so the other Retro-Renovators out there will have one less competitor for the goodies!

  3. James Cobalt says

    Related note- I recently spoke with an LED lighting manufacturer about how hard it is to find specialty lighting. I gave them examples of starburst style light bulbs. They said they would definitely create a starburst LED bulb for release later this year 🙂 And maybe some half-chrome bulbs too.

  4. Psychokitty says

    The Portland store is running out of stock fast. When I checked-out in store, the clerk said the warehouse was out of most items, if not all, but other stores might still have some stock. Also, clearance prices on the items I picked up were considerably lower than the website prices, so it’s better to call the store anyway. The clerk also said that the Perry line was being discontinued because it wasn’t selling enough. So that makes a revival with a different supplier unlikely in the near future. If you are lucky, you might also still be able to get in on this past weekend’s 50% off on lowest marked-down price…some stores are extending this sale into this week. That deal was still good today in the Portland store, and the clerk said it might even still be good on Wednesday.

  5. Joe Felice says

    But isn’t finding the right pieces to the puzzle half the fun of a retro remodel? I take great pleasure in this. (Although most people think I’m crazy, and they may be right.) You would not believe what I had to endure to find the glass tile for the back splash in my kitchen! The planning is a big part, and the finished product is a joy to behold. Although, I have to say, being a Sagittarius, my projects are never really “finished, as I always seem to find something to add. LOL So it’s a journey, not a destination.

    BTW, how’s the planning going for the first-ever Retro Renovation convention in Orlando? I cannot wait!


    Holy Moses! A house guest just broke the acrylic ring on my starburst hand towel holder and I discovered this article after trying to order a replacement part. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding what I can do???

    I’ll be so bummed if I have to take this down as my bathroom is decked out in the whole starburst suite and I love it.

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