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  1. Karen says

    Ok now where does that wallpaper (fabric) come from. I have placemats with the same design. Oh thirsts are great, but I’m looking for the background! Help. (I don’t know how to call it-dandelions..?)

  2. Ruth Schall says


    Shirts are cool but love that wallpaper…can you direct me to the source? I am looking for something just like that for my 1957 ranch…

    Thanks in advance…


  3. Susan Grifin says

    Ladies, my t-shirt arrived today. It’s even prettier in person than online! My husband got a kick out of it & then asked me what did it mean that I “saved” a pink bathroom. I reminded him of the GOBS of money I was saving him (well, us) as well as saving our 50s/60s/70s heritage by not ripping out original tile, floors, doors, walls, cabinets, etc., etc. in our very well-built little ranch house. He just smiled & thanked me.

  4. Karen says

    Pam -help I want to put this as my backslash in my kitchen and I just need it!
    I don’t have enough of the placemats….
    Please either name or source!

    If not I may have to paint it on…
    Love your Newsletters.

    • pam kueber says

      Karen, I’ve sent Rebecca a note to ask.

      Meanwhile, I am pretty sure this was featured in one of the revival collections we have featured – from Graham & Brown, Sanderson or Schumacher. See the Category Decorating/Wallpaper — it’s in there.

  5. Karen says


    Sanderson makes this wallpaper and fabric.
    Also available in darker tones, and one has a beautiful raspberry colour.

    Go for it ladies !

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