Update: Where to find quilted fitted bedspreads — now in six retro colors

mid-century-styled-fitted-bedspreadProps to reader Natasha for alerting us that Touch of Class is once again offering quilted, fitted bedspreads made with a silky polyester fabric  — perfect to decorate a stylish mid-century bedroom. The bedspreads are part of the Color Classics® line exclusive to Touch of Class. The bedspreads are affordable and available in a range of sizes. Best of all these luxurious looking bedspreads are come in six great retro friendly colors — Aqua Mist, Blue Shadow, Dusty Mauve, Ember Glow, Golden Bronze and Wheat.

retrosilky-quilted-fitted-bedspreadPam first reported the availability of these upholstered mid century styled bedspreads back in 2010 — but as of April 2012 — Touch of Class had seemingly discontinued their antique satin fabric and were only selling fitted bedspreads in faux suede. Thankfully, A Touch of Class has once again given us the option to purchase silky, fitted bedspreads —  in happy vintage colors — no greige here. Prices range from $179-$139 depending on bed size and the company also offers a range of coordinating draperies, pillows, shams and valances for those who want to go the whole nine yards.

fitted-quilted-retro-beddingFrom the website’s product description:

Lustrous polyester fabric gives the quilted Color Classics® Fitted Bedspread its rich appeal. Bedspread has diamond loop quilting, gusseted corners, and generous length to cover pillows; reverse is white cotton/polyester. Classic sizes have a 21″ drop; Classic Twin Bedspread will fit a Twin XL bed. Choose Ember Glow, Golden Bronze, Aqua Mist, Blue Shadow, Dusty Mauve, or Wheat. Washable. Imported. Designed by Touch of Class®!

quilted-fitted-bedspreadsStyle-and-go Fitted Bedspread is easy to make. Bedspreads feature a diamond loop quilting pattern, gusseted corners, and length to cover pillows. Classic sizes have a 21″ drop; Classic Twin size will fit an extra long twin bed.


  • Specify Twin, Full, Queen, King, or Cal King
  • Fitted, quilted bedspread
  • Mix and match colors!
  • Search I020-002 for the Color Classics Grande Bedspread
  • FREE Swatch available — Order a FREE fabric swatch. Fabric swatches allow you to see actual colors and textures before you place an order. You may request swatches for up to 3 items. Please call Customer Service at 800-457-7456 or email your request to swatches@touchofclass.com. Include your name, mailing address, item name, item number, and swatch color(s).
quilted-fitted-bedspreadMega thanks again to reader Natasha for sending us this tip!


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  1. Robin, NV says

    You know, one of the recent time capsules had fitted bedspreads on the beds and I was thinking “where could I get one of those?” Thanks Pam and Kate!

    • pam kueber says

      You’re welcome! I have one similar to this design on my bed — I bought it at the Country Curtains sale about 10 years ago. (Country Curtains is based one town away from me.) Mine is light gold, and I love it. However, I might try one of these in a different color, just for a change-up! I’m quite diggin’ that Ember Glo!

      • Robin, NV says

        I’m thinking either Ember Glow or Golden Bronze would look sweet against my atomic arrow headboard (I made it myself!).

  2. June Cahill says

    Oh, be still my heart!!! I had found (a couple years ago) a gold brocade fitted bedspread (from Penney’s) – and even though it was already worn on one side, I snarfed it up (for $8) and used it on my ‘inherited’ parent’s double bed. After two years, it REALLY was worn – and I reluctantly let it go. (You can imagine me standing at my window, watching the St. Vinnie truck pulling up – thinking, well, maybe I should take it out of the donate pile, and use it just a few more months:( – – – Now, I’m thinking ‘Golden Bronze’ or ‘Ember Glo’ will do just fine! Thank you – you guys are FAB!:)

  3. Mary Elizabeth says

    It does my heart good to see companies bring back the retro styles when they see there is a market for them. Can’t you just picture the couples in the 1950s and 1960s TV comedies sitting in those double beds discussing their current 30-minute problem? They never showed the couple in bed together in those days, oh, no, too risque! Like we didn’t know where Wally and the Beaver came from. 🙂

  4. nina462 says

    I have ordered from them before – for a fitted quilted daybed cover and was pleased with the product.
    I am seeing chenille bedspreads in catalogues too. I have a couple vintage ones for my spare bedroom full size bed. The one I ordered (from a different supplier) for my queen size bed is not as good quality as the vintage ones. My Mom says they didn’t make them for queen size beds back in the day, so that’s why I can’t find any vintage ones for resale (and my old catalogues back that up!).

  5. Jacki says

    You can still have the fitted spreads made by JC Penney. I had to have one made because the catalog ones were way too short for my bed.

  6. Lisa Compo says

    How pretty. Nothing says retro bedroom like a good silky fitted bedspread. Wonder if it makes the swooshy noise when you fold it down? I like the aqua mist and the curtain combinations are endless. I love bed linens so this was a very enjoyable read today. If chenille makes a comeback soon I might have to swoon over those, too.

  7. Jane says

    I bought that bedspread in Aqua Mist a couple of years ago. I was disappointed in the quality. One of the corners was just plain goofed up and the corner inserts are pretty skimpy. I ordered the extra drop (grande) but it is still a few inches from the floor and the fabric is wimpier than it appears in the pictures. I really wanted the fitted style to go with my mid century bedroom set and this was the only one I could find so I kept it. I used my mad sewing skills to fix the puckers but it was definitely not what I expected for a $200 bedspread. Maybe they have found a better source?
    On the plus side, it has not aged much in 2 years and I love that it is machine washable.

  8. Janet in CT says

    I had one in a limey green, kind of a light chartreuse, in 1972 when we first got married. I wish I could remember the name of the company – they made beautiful real bedspreads that were the best quality but they were very expensive. I thought it was long gone but now that we are moving and I am dragging many boxes out of the closets just recently, I actually found I still have it! The main problem with vintage bedspreads, whether chenille or fitted like these or even my beautiful Abigail Adams bedspread from the Vermont Country Store, is that they just don’t fit the bedding. I just put a twenty year old bedspread from Country Curtains on my full size bed and it is really way too short. Mattresses were more in the eight to ten inch height, not the fourteen inch thick or more stuff these days. So unless you have a low profile boxspring, or even a bunkie board, the vintage bedspreads don’t work. Or, as in the case this week to resolve this problem, my husband cut the legs down four inches on my white iron bed, and it is still high!

    • pam kueber says

      I wonder if putting a very simple bedskirt — no frills, super boxy — underneath would solve for the drop problem?

    • Chicago Char says

      I had a pillowtop (both sides) mattress and boxspring made for my antique bed by Verlo which is considered a double, less than a queen but more than a double. When it arrived I felt like it was too high for someone of my height and Verlo suggested the half size height boxspring. (Both are made to order but arrived quickly.) Over the years, I have used shorter bedspreads as coverlets because of the frame’s footboard and added a dropskirt like Pam suggested.

      • Chicago Char says

        I meant to write less than a queen but more than a full. The double pillowtop works well with deep pocket fitted sheets.

  9. Jeanne says

    I’ve been eye-balling these fitted bedspreads for several years now. I love them! Hoping to get one some day soon. I’m glad someone is still making them.

  10. chutti says

    These are pretty. And not cheap.
    For those looking for inexpensive retro style bedding, you may be pleasantly surprised at Brylane Home.

    Here’s a link to their bedding:

    A few semi fitted, some chenille. Some tailored bed skirt options.
    For those of us who like kitsch, some truly wild frilly satin stuff…with matching priscillas. Could actually be really retro.

    Also-I have some LOVELY pastel 40’s/50’s towels with my auntie’s hand crocheted trim that I like to display in my vintage bath. But they are teensy by today’s standards. I found matching solid color bath sheets by Brylane Home Collection to coordinate. That way I can see and wipe my handsies on the pretty old ones, and have something more realistic for the rest of me.
    The quality of these is surprisingly good for the price, and they do matchy rug sets…


    Mine have gotten daily use for 3 years and still feel/look fine.

  11. Jackie says

    The next retro challenge: finding those plain corded cotton bedspreads.

    Does anyone else remember these? They were a plain, matte cotton with a regular “stripe” pattern of larger, raised threads. Not mattelasse, plisse or seersucker. The sort of thing Wally and the Beaver would have–very plain and simple, in solid “manly” colors.

    • Maggie says

      I know just the kind you mean, and I love them. Simple, corded, often with a thin plaid-ish stripe pattern. They can be repurposed into great bedroom drapes, too. My mom always had them, bought at Sears, I think.

      I found the one I have now at an eBay seller who deals in vintage linens. Her stuff isn’t real cheap, but there are bargains to be had. Her store name on eBay is Judy Chenille’s Vintage Linens. Try searching on that name. She always had hundreds of items available.

  12. says

    This is my dream bead spread. I have always wanted one. I made one for myself once, then I got a puppy,,,, he ate it. and I could never find that shiney quilted fabric again.

  13. Lindel Salow says

    Awesome, thanks Pam for sharing this. I was just talking to my spouse and saying our vintage quilted bedspread (Harvest Orange) is looking very sad and needs to go away…but we haven’t done anything yet as we weren’t sure what to put in it’s place…Voila! Now here’s exactly what we are looking for….the only decision to make is color. Let’s see…orange bedroom, with blonde furniture and World’s Fair posters (64-65 NYWF of course!)…could do nearly any of the colors except the pink. Decisions, decisions.

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