1965 round house with 360 degree wrap around screen porch

round-house-exteriorTour-a-Time-CapsuleIt’s Time Capsule Tuesday and today: An unusual, original-owner round house built in 1965. The house was recently listed for sale by Atlanta realtor Jason Morris. Reader Anika spotted the fresh listing and tipped us — thanks! This home was built specifically for its hilltop site by Atlanta architect Ike Saporta, with the idea that the home’s views should be visible from every room. See that screen porch? It runs around the entirety of the house. You could do… laps!


From the listing:

  • Price: $1,699,900
  • Year built: 1965
  • Square footage: 2,475
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 2 full

A perfectly positioned contemporary home on top of 6.7 acres in Sandy Springs. A beautiful drive takes you to this masterfully planned home with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. Famed Atlanta Architect, Ike Saporta, selected and designed this home and setting for the current owners almost 50 years ago. The site has endless possibilities. The focal point to this home is the central fireplace which is opened on all 4 sides.

Pam notes: Yup, this house is on an expensive piece of property — and the listing information and other marketing materials acknowledge the potential market for use as a larger estate. As much as well all love original homes here and hate to see a tear down, please let’s all be kind in comments regarding this possible outcome. If that is what ultimately comes to be, I am grateful we have these photos to archive here.

retro-round-house-covered-pathwayThe home has a screened porch that extends all the way around its exterior. Some parts of the porch are used for relaxing, while others like the photo above seem to be just a place for plants and walking by to enjoy the 360 degree views.

round-living-room-retroIn the home’s main living area, a long curved built-in banquette wraps around the room. The additional small table and chair sets that gather around the central piano suggest there may have been a few parties in this space over the years.

retro-floating-fireplaceThere’s that four-sided fireplace mentioned in the listing — complete with a themed mural that wraps around the upper section.

mid-century-kitchenThe home’s kitchen is simple — we love the grey/green irregular shaped slate floors. The restrained design looks current — proof that good design has staying power.

retro-kitchen-double-fridgeHave you ever seen so much cabinet space in one kitchen before?

retro-hidden-vanity-sinkIn one of the bedrooms, a dressing table hides a fold-out mirror and sink — complete with hudee ring, of course!.

mid-century-bathroommid-century-bathroom-ceramic-tileThis bathroom, while it looks typical of the era, has a few unique touches. We haven’t see this tile pattern before — nice! Another unusual aspect of the space — the faucet for the hudee rimmed sink is mounted directly into the laminate counter top instead of through the sink itself.

Link love:

More round houses:

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  1. Trish Larson says

    Oh my. This is a dream house. Believe me it’s a steal if it were in San Diego. Not only is this home beautiful but it resolves my fantasy of 2 fridges side by side!

    • Mary Elizabeth says

      Yes, Doug, that’s something we’re eventually going for in our master bedroom, as it is small. We got the idea from houses on this site and from our camp trailer. We decided we liked the look of a room where everything is stowed away in the walls.

  2. Caitlin says

    That is the same tile as in my bathroom. White fired over bisque. I have a love hate relationship with it, but this post has made me appreciate it a bit more. Bisque is not my favorite mid century color. Now if it was pink…..

  3. Mary Elizabeth says

    Not sure where you see updates. I don’t really see any. If you follow the link Amber Rhea left in her comment and read the article about the owner, you’ll see that she says she kept it pretty much as is. It must have always had the white laminate counters and two refrigerators in the kitchen, for example.

  4. Joyce Wagner says

    I just love this house!!!! We looked at a round house in NC but decided against it. I would love to share those pictures with you though if you would like to see them.

  5. Rick says

    This is cool and, sparsely furnished, helps give a feel for the space itself. It’d be great to have the house and not as much land. It’d also be great to give keys to Pam and Kate and see what they ‘Retrocreate’.

  6. Dennis says

    I do love this home – I also have an interest in dome homes – does anyone know whatever happened to Jan Hornas, author of the famous “Dome Home” book years ago?

  7. Brenda Martin says

    If I owned and was selling this house, I’d hope someone would buy it that would recognize it as the great piece of art that it is. Someone who could afford to save it then turn around and sell all but an acre at the most of the land around it. Maybe that’s something the owner even now might consider!

  8. Alex says

    I wanted to update. As of today 2/27/15, the site is still for sale. I refer to as a site, simply because the new owner of the property wants to break the land into 2 lots. This house sits on 7.2 acres in literally the most expensive zip code and neighborhood in the state. They’ve omitted all the pictures of the home itself in the real estate listing. Just google 935 Crest Valley Drive, 30327. SO..it hasn’t been torn down yet, but I get the feeling it’s not far from it, sadly.

  9. David in Marietta says

    As of this date, 6/23 it is still for sale with the seller appearing to be holding out to sub divide as Alex stated in previous comment.

  10. Shirley Bondy says

    I really enjoyed those pictures. I also have a 1/2 mile long by 149 ft
    pice of property. Almost 4 acres. I have a 22 x33 ft house . I have no trees on the property and on the flat country in Manitoba Canada. So I see the sun rise in the back and the sun set in the front. I can not build on the front. Most beautiful view. Just looking for Ideas to add more living space to the house. Love you house.
    If you have any ideas I would appreciate them.

    Yours truly,

    Shirley Bondy

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