Timeless design toilet paper debate — over or under?

retro starburst toilet paper holderOoooooh, Kate just sent me a photo of her new, installed atomic starburst toilet paper holder — one of the last remaining stock from Rejuvenation’s current supplier. I thought it looked lovely but frankly, I found it very difficult to focus, as I was so OCD-alarmed that the toilet paper was hanging the wrong way. It needs to go OVER! Talk about a timeless design issue: What is your view on this  importante topic, dear readers? I invite you to vote and to comment, too.

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  1. Elizabeth Creighton says

    I solved the under-over TP dilemma. I have a freestanding TP holder…it used to have a bar extending out from the top. The bar broke so I just store the tp on the pole. Works very well!

  2. CarolK says

    I have cats ever since junior high and none of my kitties has ever attacked the toilet paper roll even though we hang our over. Of course, our cats will probably start now! I like it hanging over because the end of the paper is a little further from the floor.

  3. benr says

    Under is the way to go for me. In my opinion, it looks neater and makes a better presentation. It’s also easier to take what you need from the roll using one hand.

  4. Leslie says

    On a Oprah episode, Once Upon a Time, this debate was there and one of the big TP companies said “it is designed to go OVER”
    Thank Goodness because that is soooo OCD for me! (in my Pink and oddly blue bathroom)

  5. vintagesister says

    it really doesn’t matter BUT as many of may recall, toilet paper used to have colored printed patterns on them…(tiny flowers, etc.) You would HAVE to put the roll going OUTWARDS not under, in order to see the pattern.

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