479 photos of readers’ homes, projects, decor & more: Uploader is “on”: Share your photos, too!

vintage stoveUpdate: Uploader is now closed, and wow! Readers uploaded 479 photos. Grab a cuppa, sit back — and enjoy! Thanks, everyone, for uploading! Howdy hudee, it’s our first photo uploader of 2014. No narrow focus for this one, I say: Just strut your stuff! No particular topic for this one — reader’s choice. Let’s see your latest completed projects… your thrifty finds… pulled-together rooms or lovely vignettes… the architectural features in your house… whatever feature or fixture or furnishing inside your house, or out, that has you giddy, at this moment. Above: Pat’s vintage stove. She says, “Hubby repaired my 1950’s stove, almost wasn’t able to fix it, am I glad he did, I love it!” We, too! 

Tips to view slide show: Click on first image… it will enlarge and you can also read my captions… move forward or back via arrows below the photo… you can start or stop at any image:

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  1. says

    Love the “cookie monster” groovy round blue velvet bed. But that out-of-sight graphic “do your thing” “not now darling” basement bathroom wallpaper is pure mod-dreamy-retro-love!

  2. amy pie says

    So much fun to see my own photos amongst everyone else’s, but somehow, the caption under my dinette turned “wish list” into “wuss list”. I’ve never heard of a wuss list! Danged auto-correct! Wish I had that red car!!!

    • pam kueber says

      I was wondering about that! When I get a moment, I will go find the photo in the database and fix it. Hey, Amy Pie, you got it goin’ on! LOVE that dinette! LOVE LOVE LOVE

      • amy pie says

        Thanks Pam! I spotted that dinette on Etsy last spring and had it shipped from Seattle, along with the brasilia hutch, table and chairs from a seller in Tacoma. I got the Brasilia cart from Becky at Circa Berkshires. There is a 4th chair for the dinette missing a screw that held the back on so I pulled it out of the room before taking the photo, and the table came with 2 leaves. It reminds me of the ladies in the apartment building I grew up in and their Friday night Mah Jong games. So far all the furniture in the house is vintage except for 2 occasional tables, a desk and a chair. And isnt it amazing what auto-correct does to a sentence? In one of my photos it changed “flokati rugs” to “floating rugs”. I guess it knows better than we do :).

        • linoleummy says

          Hee hee, wuss list! Def had me scratching my head, and floating rug I thought was prob in MCM lingo that everyone but me understood. Love yr kitchen Amy-pie!

          • amy pie says

            It sure made me giggle, linoleummy! I’d kinda like to get on one of those floating rugs and float on out of this office sometimes ;). When the kitchen is done-done I will share photos. However, I need to buy a pool robot first so I think my “wuss list” will have to wait a bit longer to be fulfilled, lol.

  3. Jonny says

    So much radness, my mind isn’t able to process it all! Tube TV’s my favorite!

    I’m not seeing the MidModMitch railing that everyone seems to love so much, what picture is it?

  4. Lauryn says

    Been so busy, I’ve been missing out on all the fun, but oh my word, Pat, is that a 30″ vintage stove??? I would love to find a stove that size for our kitchen, but they are so hard to find. Tell me, tell me what is the model and where ever did you find it?

  5. Julie says

    I’m dying to know the melon accent wall color in Lynn from St Louis’s 1960s ranch living room (photo 156)! Gorgeous :)

  6. Kelly Wittenauer says

    Love all those T-birds – partial to the ’66, as my parents had one in turquoise. My fave of several cool cars they had thru the years.

    Erik, the surfboard coffee table is gorgeous.

    Lynne, your breakfast room is stunning.

    MidModMich, you have a most excellent house.

    Roundhouse Sarah, If my dentist office looked like that, I wouldn’t mind waiting. Do you seek out services with round buildings to do business with?

    • Roundhouse Sarah says

      Haha no not quite : ) There just happens to be these 2 other awesome MCM round buildings in town and I figured why not. I mean, I kind of have to. It was funny explaining to my previous dentist that I was leaving for ‘architectural reasons’ but she thought it was funny enough. Now why are there 3 retro round buildings in lake charles? I guess it goes with our new city slogan ‘keep LC quirky’ (pretty much ripping off Austin’s slogan). But it fits lake charles is quirky like that, always has been. We’ve been getting bad press this week in the media with True Detective’s recent portrayal, but it’s far from the truth. Just a quick look at our wiki page shows that we are far far far from poor desolate swamp hicks in the middle of nowhere.

      • pam kueber says

        Best line of the month: “… It was funny explaining to my previous dentist that I was leaving for ‘architectural reasons’….”

        • Kate says

          I wish I had the option of seeing a dentist in a round building with a waiting area like that! All the dentists up here are in square buildings. Lame.

  7. JP says

    I love the Eisenhower Kitchen. I really want that birch pantry.

    BUT, I was just watching HGTV,,, why oh why do I do that…flip it to win it…Mike and Manly in San Jose…and they ripped out an Eisenhower kitchen…

    Can we start an adoption service for HGTV demos. Seriously, I want to claim my own piece of IKE.

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