479 photos of readers’ homes, projects, decor & more: Uploader is “on”: Share your photos, too!

vintage stoveUpdate: Uploader is now closed, and wow! Readers uploaded 479 photos. Grab a cuppa, sit back — and enjoy! Thanks, everyone, for uploading! Howdy hudee, it’s our first photo uploader of 2014. No narrow focus for this one, I say: Just strut your stuff! No particular topic for this one — reader’s choice. Let’s see your latest completed projects… your thrifty finds… pulled-together rooms or lovely vignettes… the architectural features in your house… whatever feature or fixture or furnishing inside your house, or out, that has you giddy, at this moment. Above: Pat’s vintage stove. She says, “Hubby repaired my 1950’s stove, almost wasn’t able to fix it, am I glad he did, I love it!” We, too! 

Tips to view slide show: Click on first image… it will enlarge and you can also read my captions… move forward or back via arrows below the photo… you can start or stop at any image:

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  1. pam kueber says

    Retro Corning: WHAT AN AMAZING FIND behind your drywall. Oh my goodness — send me photos of the complete project and I will feature here on the blog! Amazing!

    • RetroCorning says

      Thanks Pam! We couldn’t believe someone would cover this stuff up. Not that I advocate knocking holes in your walls to find what’s behind them but without taking that leap of faith knowing I could always patch a hole in drywall we would have never found it.

      We should be finished up in a couple of weeks and I’ll provide some before and after photos, thank you for the offer. We just continue to love our home more everytime we do a project. I bet like a lot of other people we would have loved to see the house when it was built.

      Such amazing homes and items in the pictures already! That custom railing MidModMich is UNBELIEVABLE. I need a small railing for my parents to climb our stairs and that gives me some design inspiration.

      • says

        Thank you so much for the kind words about our railing! It was one of the final “big pieces” to the design puzzle when we renovated. My husband is super Type A, so it’s perfectly measured out and precisely welded together. He did a glorious job – certainly a piece of “art” we will have most likely forever!

  2. virginia says

    Great and inspiring photos. Love them all — Especially the 30s bath
    room and the turquoise vinyl buffet. My kingdom for both! Or either!

    • Janeet in CT says

      Virginia, since you love my turquoise buffet as much as I do, I have added a few more photos of it. For some reason, I hadn’t taken any with the etched glass in the open part yet. It has aluminum feet that look stacked and we call them the Jetson rocket ship feet! The top is cracked ice and the vinyl is really neat – silver and pink streaks. It was covered up in storage in a garage for ten years and I was horrified to find it had black mold on it a foot up. My husband thought it was ruined but I said it is probably boat vinyl and mold won’t hurt it. I was right but I still have to clean it a little better at the bottom by the trim. You can still see it is a bit discolored there. The sides are really neat and swing out. We got it up in Maine, hauled it to Connecticut and now it is back up in Maine in our retirement home. I saw four of them at the same place in different styles and color combinations. One was light chartreuse and lemon yellow, one was dark green and ivory and the last one we saw was cowboy style, red and gray with saddle type tacks in it. I think it is just marvelous and we searched a long time for a fifties original ranch to put it in. My husband has to cut down our baseboard heating so we have a roomier wall to put it on! Labor of love for sure.

      • Janet in CT says

        Oops, I goofed. The top on the turquoise vanity is the gray linen look. The original kitchen cabinet countertops are gray cracked ice.

    • Sara says

      Robin, they tore Getchell Library down??? I am a UNR alum, class of 1995, then some grad school. I recognized it immediately, even in the small thumbnail. This makes me SO sad! I knew they built a new library but I didn’t know they were going to tear down Getchell. It was a classic! Although it didn’t really “go” with the rest of the campus so I can see there being a lot of people out there who wanted it to go. What a shame. And darn it, I wish I could’ve come back to visit the campus again before the demolished it. I spent many hours in that building between 1992 and 2000.

      • Robin, NV says

        Sara- yep, torn down in December. They’re also busily remuddeling the Church Fine Arts building. I was a student at UNR at the same time as you – 91 to 97. I spent many, many hours in Getchell. I was very sad to hear of its demise.

        • Sara says

          We must’ve crossed paths on campus many times! Heck, we could’ve been in classes together! Funny how they save and retrofit the old brick buildings, but didn’t appreciate the MCM architecture of Getchell. I’m sure it was built to last more than a mere 50 years! What a waste! Of course when I was a student there, I thought it was the worst looking building on campus. But I didn’t appreciate MCM style back then.

          • Robin, NV says

            I was an anthropology major so spent a lot of time in the Ansari building next to Getchell. UNR painstakingly preserves the brick buildings on the quad but the MCM buildings don’t get much love – and there are some cool ones. The Mackay School of Mines was closed during most of my years at UNR but they made it seismically stable and reopened it (it’s listed on the National Register for no good reason other than it’s old). Getchell was a much more interesting building, imo. A few of us who work in historic preservation in Nevada are trying to raise awareness of MCM architecture but it’s a tough row to hoe in a state that only wants to glorify the 19th century. Personally I think they should capitalize on Nevada’s Rat Pack past but the powers that be don’t seem to get it.

  3. Gretchen from Greenwood says

    Can I borrow a couple of your husbands? Particularly need my kitchen redone like the lady from Durango and a clever fabricator like that snazzy stair-rail builder in Michigan. WOW! I love to see all these great projects and finds. Love the uploader!

  4. Donna Mixon says

    Recently we visited my daughter in her college town of Rexburg, ID. We stayed in a recently built Springhill Suites hotel that had beautiful retro mid-mod furnishings! I was so surprised to walk into the lobby and see blue sheer curtains and orange molded wall decor–a lovely discovery.

  5. mary wyatt says

    Derp! Loaded my living room pic 1954 ranch, forgot to add my name. D’oh! Didn’t want to double upload so I thought I’d see if it was something you could fix?


  6. vegebrarian says

    I was already thrilled to see that someone had a poster from my favorite Cary Grant movie (and in a snazzy frame no less) and then I noticed the XYX blocks and the awesome squirrel/chipmunk spice rack! Swoon!

  7. Jennifer, PA says

    Stephanie, love that you posted a pic of Mamie’s linen closet! fun.

    I also forgot to add my name to the Brayton Laguna figurines. so groovy but can’t find them on any website.

  8. tammyCA says

    Like the Legos movie sings, “everything is awesome!”
    I zoomed right in on Janet’s terrific turquoise vinyl buffet and Lori T.’s, super turquoise couch/chair..oh, my!
    And, thanks to the people who posted the Eisenhower and Sinatra houses…neat to see those.

  9. Beth, Atlanta says

    I LOVE this random uploader, Pam! It’s like trolling a museum and not having to leave the comforts of my bed! We have some really talented people in this county, with a great eye for real style. Thanks for making this uploader available!

  10. Dwight says

    This uploader has been fun to watch, and thanks to our host. It’s cool to see “un-varnished/real time” pics of what folks are doing. We found a much loved 1955 one owner ranch in Mableton, GA three years ago and moved in. After pulling back five decades of “updates” in the form of Sears plush carpet and poured marble vanities, we found a preserved, well built home. This home is by MCM standards Mid-Century Modest, but the level of detail, quality, and care it exudes is anything but modest compared to todays stapled together McMansions. It cracks us up when friends come by and marvel at the “revelation” of living so comfortably and with style in a home without a two story foyer! Everything old really is new again, and it’s great to see so many others out there with passion for houses with laugh lines.

    • pam kueber says

      Yes, this is true about SO MANY mid-century modest houses: “…This home is by MCM standards Mid-Century Modest, but the level of detail, quality, and care it exudes is anything but modest…”

  11. Diane in CO says

    Pam, one of my photos from my home office renovation apparently didn’t upload. I’ll try again – can you position it with the others?

    LOVE looking at all these photos. What a range of material!

  12. Michelle says

    Forgot to add my name to the avocado canister set… it’s not with the pictures yet, but it’s mine! :-)

  13. Susie Q. says

    Sorry, but some of the captions on the photos are so long that they run off the bottom of my screen. I can’t scroll down to read them, and I really want to!

  14. Karen says

    North TX 1955 ranch is me, Karen! First time uploading, so I didn’t realize we were supposed to include our names. Doh!

  15. Pam Quinn says

    This is so awesome! I love seeing people’s finds and creative ventures! The funky wallpapers are fabulous!

    My pictures titled, “1962 Kitchen and the Birthday Cake” Were supposed to depict baking a cake and making coffee and then eating the cake and drinking the coffee and then cleaning everything up. They got out of order so I wanted to explain. :)

  16. LisaB says

    Wow! These photos are so inspiring.
    Wish I had Lynne’s breakfast room!! That atomic shadow box mirror is to die for, and I’m swooning over the Sinatra room….

  17. Sara says

    I’m enjoying the pictures so much! Although, I must admit, that scary pink Easter bunny is going to give me nightmares!

    • vegebrarian says

      tee hee! that is exactly what I thought when I first saw it at the thrift store, but I kept walking back over to it. It was just so weird I had to take it home. :)

  18. Stacia says

    I LOOOOVE that mint green toilet and Crane sink and what a fabulous and beautiful tile floor in that same bathroom. <3

  19. says

    I LOVE the weekend uploaders! This one has so much great stuff.
    Julia B., that’s my dream hamper!!! Nick Armadillo, all I can say is that I’m insanely jealous! Diane in CO, I love your office re-do! What a great space. Also, MidModMich, you have a beautiful home. Thanks everyone for sharing. 😉

    • says

      Stephanie from Columbus, OH – I’m in OH, too, and I love the pictures your posted. What a gorgeous space! Elisabeth from Canada – ditto!

      • Stephanie says

        Thank you! House was marketed as a tear down! This site has been a great resource to me. Steered me to VCT and pionite laminate for the kitchen. Plus, the courage to go against the conventional ‘updates’ and simply freshen up what is already here.

  20. MCM J. says

    I bought a 1969 3 bedroom 1-1/2 bath raised ranch 4-1/2 years ago and have been looking at this site for inspiration to restore it. The previous owners did a horrible job with a number of renovations. I grew up in a house similar to it and I love the flow.

    Although the main bathroom is a beige brown, the style of the pink vanity is exactly the inspiration I have been looking for to replace the mismatched vanity and sink.

    Thank you everyone for sharing!

  21. TappanTrailerTami says

    Oh my….so much FUN in this uploader! And in no particular order…

    1. Jodi B: I have the same kitchen cart, LOVE the swoopy curvy sexy chrome! I paid $90 for mine at an antique shop and about died doing it, but have never regretted it since!

    2. I could die and go to heaven in the Rice Museum….what a place, love the kitchen cabinetry – that wood is beyond swoon worthy! Thank you to whoever posted those pictures! Same with the Eisenhower photos!

    3. Ms. Turquoise Buffet Owner (Janet I think): turquoise is the new green, as in serious green-ness with envy-ness! GREAT piece!

    4. MidModMich – just WOW. The whole house, but the railing takes the cake!

    5. I need the Annenberg Estate yard and pond – amazing! Thank you to the poster of those photos.

    6. 1949 Brick Home Owner (exterior shot) – DARLING! Love your house!

    7. White Custom-by-Husband Cabinets – those are just beautiful, love your whole kitchen!

    8. Pam – thanks for the uploader and burning up at least a couple hours of my morning, haha! LOVE this blog!

    • Janet in CT says

      Thanks, Tami, I love my turquoise buffet too! And I too could spend all day long looking at the photos. So much to look at and enjoy, and the kitchen redos are just wonderful! Pam, the uploaders sure are alot of fun!

    • says

      Thank you so much, Tami! We have loved almost every aspect of the renovation, and look forward to many years here :) I keep telling my husband he missed his artistic calling – the railing really is incredible!

  22. Mikey says

    The Lambretta, Home in Dallas and 1958 Philco record are mine. Sorry I forgot to put my name on them.

  23. linoleummy says

    You guys are a GOLDMINE here! You have SO much super cool to-die-for stuff, providing way more ideas & inspiration on this one page than I’ve seen in the last couple years anywhere!

  24. Candice Everage says

    Elisabeth from Canada, LOVE your awesome thrift store find! Your chairs match our barstools we got for a steal at a garage sale last summer-do you have any info on your table or chairs? Brand, style #, etc? Any info would be greatly appreciated! What a sweeeeeeet set! 😉

    • Elisabeth says

      Hi Candice,
      I have to ask my husband for information (I’m currently not in Canada). I’ll keep you posted anyway !

        • Elisabeth says

          My info : for the chairs, written on the tags under the seats is “Liberty Furniture Industries Limited, 241 Snidercroft Road, Concord, Ontario”.
          For the table, stamped under the table top is “Samton Metal Equipment Company, Montréal, Canada”.
          Hope it ‘ll help !
          Using these chairs, I found out how convenient swivel chairs in a kitchen can be !!

  25. mrspetunia says

    Brian Landreville, love your simple kitchen redo! It looks so fresh and inviting. Hannah, that quilted bedspread is to die for and at only 50 bucks, a complete steal! It’s been so much fun gawking at everyone’s photos. What a hoot!

    • pam kueber says

      Everything that’s come in has been approved. Can you try again – be sure to put your name ‘rach’ is fine in the description, and I’ll reply back here when I approve it. However – it’s late here, I’m going to sleep now! I’ll watch for it in the morning!

      Also, try clearing your cache – it may be in there and you just aren’t seeing it because of caching…. Can’t wait to see — mint & pink, yum!

  26. says

    Love the “cookie monster” groovy round blue velvet bed. But that out-of-sight graphic “do your thing” “not now darling” basement bathroom wallpaper is pure mod-dreamy-retro-love!

  27. amy pie says

    So much fun to see my own photos amongst everyone else’s, but somehow, the caption under my dinette turned “wish list” into “wuss list”. I’ve never heard of a wuss list! Danged auto-correct! Wish I had that red car!!!

    • pam kueber says

      I was wondering about that! When I get a moment, I will go find the photo in the database and fix it. Hey, Amy Pie, you got it goin’ on! LOVE that dinette! LOVE LOVE LOVE

      • amy pie says

        Thanks Pam! I spotted that dinette on Etsy last spring and had it shipped from Seattle, along with the brasilia hutch, table and chairs from a seller in Tacoma. I got the Brasilia cart from Becky at Circa Berkshires. There is a 4th chair for the dinette missing a screw that held the back on so I pulled it out of the room before taking the photo, and the table came with 2 leaves. It reminds me of the ladies in the apartment building I grew up in and their Friday night Mah Jong games. So far all the furniture in the house is vintage except for 2 occasional tables, a desk and a chair. And isnt it amazing what auto-correct does to a sentence? In one of my photos it changed “flokati rugs” to “floating rugs”. I guess it knows better than we do :).

        • linoleummy says

          Hee hee, wuss list! Def had me scratching my head, and floating rug I thought was prob in MCM lingo that everyone but me understood. Love yr kitchen Amy-pie!

          • amy pie says

            It sure made me giggle, linoleummy! I’d kinda like to get on one of those floating rugs and float on out of this office sometimes ;). When the kitchen is done-done I will share photos. However, I need to buy a pool robot first so I think my “wuss list” will have to wait a bit longer to be fulfilled, lol.

  28. Jonny says

    So much radness, my mind isn’t able to process it all! Tube TV’s my favorite!

    I’m not seeing the MidModMitch railing that everyone seems to love so much, what picture is it?

  29. Lauryn says

    Been so busy, I’ve been missing out on all the fun, but oh my word, Pat, is that a 30″ vintage stove??? I would love to find a stove that size for our kitchen, but they are so hard to find. Tell me, tell me what is the model and where ever did you find it?

  30. Julie says

    I’m dying to know the melon accent wall color in Lynn from St Louis’s 1960s ranch living room (photo 156)! Gorgeous :)

  31. Kelly Wittenauer says

    Love all those T-birds – partial to the ’66, as my parents had one in turquoise. My fave of several cool cars they had thru the years.

    Erik, the surfboard coffee table is gorgeous.

    Lynne, your breakfast room is stunning.

    MidModMich, you have a most excellent house.

    Roundhouse Sarah, If my dentist office looked like that, I wouldn’t mind waiting. Do you seek out services with round buildings to do business with?

    • Roundhouse Sarah says

      Haha no not quite : ) There just happens to be these 2 other awesome MCM round buildings in town and I figured why not. I mean, I kind of have to. It was funny explaining to my previous dentist that I was leaving for ‘architectural reasons’ but she thought it was funny enough. Now why are there 3 retro round buildings in lake charles? I guess it goes with our new city slogan ‘keep LC quirky’ (pretty much ripping off Austin’s slogan). But it fits lake charles is quirky like that, always has been. We’ve been getting bad press this week in the media with True Detective’s recent portrayal, but it’s far from the truth. Just a quick look at our wiki page shows that we are far far far from poor desolate swamp hicks in the middle of nowhere.

      • pam kueber says

        Best line of the month: “… It was funny explaining to my previous dentist that I was leaving for ‘architectural reasons’….”

        • Kate says

          I wish I had the option of seeing a dentist in a round building with a waiting area like that! All the dentists up here are in square buildings. Lame.

  32. JP says

    I love the Eisenhower Kitchen. I really want that birch pantry.

    BUT, I was just watching HGTV,,, why oh why do I do that…flip it to win it…Mike and Manly in San Jose…and they ripped out an Eisenhower kitchen…

    Can we start an adoption service for HGTV demos. Seriously, I want to claim my own piece of IKE.

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