9 mid-century modern exterior door styles from Simpson Doors

Mid-century-doorsIf you are on the hunt for an appropriate front door for your mid century home, we’ve got some more goo news for you. Reader Mitch has clued us in on another source for retro styled front entry doors — new from Simpson Door Company — whose Colonial ranch style doors we recently profiled. Thanks to Mitch Towes for this tip — his company Alliance Door Products, wholesales these Simpson Doors — and several other mid-century modern style doors — under the banner Mid2Mod Doors.

modern-door-stylesThe doors are available in a multitude of sizes, wood species and glass options. In addition to their mid-century style doors, Simpson also offers several styles of modern entry doors, for those looking for a 21st century look – shown above.

From the Simpson Doors website:

We are proud to offer this new collection of Contemporary Doors that draws the best of modern design into the Simpson heritage. Our Contemporary Doors deliver clean lines and distinctive styles, all with the quality and craftsmanship you expect from us. So embrace the bold architectural features of modernism without sacrificing the warmth and durability of wood.

Like their other doors, Simpson’s Contemporary line is made in the USA. The company also has a helpful design tool to allow homeowners to test drive their new front door by uploading a photo of the front of their home and virtually install doors they are considering – similar to Crestview Doors Door-o-Vision. In addition, Simpson Doors also offers a Glass Taste Test — similar to the door test drive — which allows customers to see how various glass options will look on different door styles.

It seems the more popular mid century decor becomes, the more sources there are for important design elements like entry doors — great news for those of us who are trying to restore a retro home.

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  1. says

    Thx for the mention, Kate! Simpson is an iconic door maker and we feature their doors – interior & exterior – in our new *Mid2Mod* brochure. http://bit.ly/Mid2Modbro The collection includes doors by Simpson, Therma-Tru (entry) and Lynden Door (flush wood & molded panel interior models). Contact us at info@alliancedoorproducts.com for a dealer in the US or Canada. Social Media: http://bit.ly/Mid2ModPinterest, http://bit.ly/Mid2Modhouzz, https://twitter.com/alliancedoor

  2. Jen says

    We have the original door for our ’58 but my husband is concerned about the glass allowing break ins. I was wondering if we put in reflective metal in place of the glass..

  3. Jennifer Rynders says

    On screen door options, I put in retractable screen doors and love them. They disappear when not in use, cause I got a color that matches my trim perfectly. Also they don’t block your door if you like to hang seasonal decorations on it. I have a extra wide newly painted orange front door that I wanted to see in all its glory.

  4. Dominique says

    Well, prices have certainly gone up at Simpson. Just got a quote on the 1st door in the 2nd row of the photo — $3000. Are you freaking kidding me? We received quotes from more than one of their dealers, all were around $3k. Preposterous!

  5. Brooke says

    Looks like Crestview is no longer in business. First their massive price jump and now closed. Not sure what happened.

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