Folding accordion tub and shower doors

accordion-style-folding-shower-doorOne of the most awesome things about our Retro Renovation community is how readers pull together to help each other find resources to get the job done. We constantly get tips from readers sharing their discoveries —  like Carol’s recent comment on our story about vintage style shower doors — sharing her source for folding accordion shower doors.

Yes, Shower Solutions USA, Inc. still produces folding shower doors. This product today seems to mostly focused as a solution for those with mobility issues. But these folding shower doors also were a “thing” in postwar America — so they are great if you need a replacement for an existing system — or if you want this retro look!

Folding shower doors have vintage provenance:

We’ve seen these twice (at least):

folding shower doorsAbove: Carrie has a folding shower door in her time capsule Cinderella ranch house.

folding shower doorsAbove: And Mary Deluxe spotted this beauty in a time capsule house that she featured on her blog in 2009.

Where to buy folding shower doors today:


Shower Solutions USA, Inc. offers several models and sizes of folding shower doors. The doors are all made in America. The company has been in business since 2003 and has three employees.

retro-shower-doorFrom the Shower Solutions website:

retro-shower-doorMF Elite – this enclosure can be stored in either the open or closed position, allowing full and complete access to the bathing area… fanfold. Plus, its construction is easy to clean!

  • Rigid PVC panels with integrated flexible hinges
  • Full-length magnetic latching system
  • Full access to bathing area
  • Can be utilized on various radius units
  • Spring-loaded roller system insures smooth, quiet operation.
  • Ventilated for quicker, worry-free drying

Frame is made of high quality aluminum and the folding panels of a high-impact, shatter-proof plastic.

Our Shower Doors are very Safe. If a person were to slip and fall against a Shower Solutions USA door, it would flex to cushion the fall, helping to prevent more serious injury.

Available in Silver, Satin, and White Frames.

accordian-fold-shower-doorMore stories about shower doors:


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  1. Lori T says

    Hi Pam/Kate! Love this article on the shower doors. Our 1957 home has the original Tub-Master Shower Door made in Orlando Fla. It’s an opaque white very heavy plastic type material and it’s trimmed in Aqua to match the Aqua shower enclosure. We need to replace two of the rollers on the bottom and thanks to your “sleuthing” we’ve found a resource for them. I appreciate all you do to help us in our never ending but fun quest of renovating our homes. Thanks again!

  2. Rudy says

    I don’t recall ever seeing these things. They are so cool! I have to figure out a way to possibly use these. I wonder how they “feel” when they slide open or closed. Are they really solid and smooth feeling?

    • Carol Elliott says

      Referring to your comments about the accordion shower door enclosures. These are ideal in small bathrooms where access into the tub / shower would not work with a swing out door, or room would be limited with a slider. I had one of these in my home that was destroyed by a fire in 9/14. It was original to the home built in 1972, and still operated well and looked good. The opaque plastic curtain material was easy to clean and remained flexible its entire life. I intend to put this same style back in, due to it not restricting movement in the small area where the tub and toilet are located. A slider would restrict arm movement while towel drying, while this collapsible style opens up area and makes it feel larger! My builder said he didn’t think you could still buy them, so I am having to find and purchase one for him. Hope this helps!

  3. JKM says

    When I was a child in the 1960s, my parents’ bathroom shower had this type of accordion door and, well, let’s just say I clearly remember it and my mother fighting constantly. It would sometimes stick in the tracks when opening or closing, was a mildew magnet, and hard to keep clean. Let’s just say she would have preferred something else.

  4. Nancy says

    My folks had one installed in 1969 and took it with them to their new house a few years later. We inherited the house. But the vinyl is now discolored and stiff.

  5. Marie says

    We have these in our in our 1968 house and I love them. Ours operate very smoothly and haven’t collected mildew. I prefer them to glass or acrylic. They get completely out of the way if needed, though we do leave them mostly fully extended, which probably helps keep them clean. Glad to know they are still manufactured. Thanks.

  6. Robin says

    My mother-in-law still has these in her home in Geneseo, IL. They are not in the best of shape, so thanks to you and your article, I know what she’s getting for Christmas!

  7. LauraRG says

    We have one in our 1961 house. It’s original to the house – translucent white vinyl with gold flecks. I don’t have a problem keeping it clean; I squeegee the walls and the doors after showering and every once in awhile I run a rag in the tracks, just as you would a glass shower door. I don’t use commercial cleaners on it, because I worry the vinyl might discolor. The only drawback is that the folds of the door do cut a couple of inches off the width of the shower. Very small price to pay for something this cool!

  8. bob dumigan says

    I wish to replace my folding shower door. The chrome finished aluminum frame is 39.5 ” wide x 70″ high. the existing shower door is transparent plastic69″ high, it admits about 75% of the light passing thru it. I prefer a door that will admit some light since the bathroom is not well lighted. the existing door has rollers top and bottom and consists of three panels that fold in the middle. I hope you can help me.

    sincerely yours
    bob dumigan

    • pam kueber says

      Bob, we do not sell anything here. Refer to the vendor in this story and contact them for more information. If you are looking for other styles, use the search box to find our stories about shower doors – contact the companies profiled in them. Good luck.

  9. rick says

    need accordian shower curtain/
    frame—(old) is 71 1/4 hgt—22 1/2″ wide (narrow).
    curtain hgt 69″


    Let me know!

  10. charlotte gossman says

    Can you put these accordian style shower doors on a regular shower door frame, or do you need to replace the frame?

  11. James Gleeson says

    We have the exact same shower enclosure that Mary Deluxe showed in her picture with very similar tile arangement only the tile and tub are green and date from the late sixties

  12. New house gal says

    I recently purchased a house with these in it. The house was built in the 60’s, they had a disabled child. So I don’t know if they are original or came after the child?
    Anyway, I think it was left folded for some time and now it won’t got straight/flat. Do you(or anyone) have any tips to straighten it?

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